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On October 14, in Kobe, in a solemn atmosphere, the first Japanese submarine of the new class, the Taigei, was launched. In total, a series of three such submarines is planned, which will significantly increase the naval power of Japan in opposing the gaining strength of the Chinese Navy.
# ing0 #. The US Air Force Command, as part of the Skyborg program, signed a contract with four companies to supply relatively inexpensive drones, which will become unmanned wingmen for F-22 and F-35 fighters, which will significantly expand their combat capabilities. Talk about such driven
The British company Drone Defense introduced its new development - the "pistol" Paladyne E1000MP, designed to combat drones. Its main means of damage is an electromagnetic signal of the same frequency as a drone, at which it maintains communication with its operator. As a result of electronic
In the UK, a new i9 strike drone has been developed to support soldiers fighting in urban settings. In particular, it can move in closed rooms, detect and identify targets, and at the command of a remote operator open fire to kill from an integrated shotgun. Cleaning buildings is one of the most
In the late 60s, a meteorologist whose name still remains classified suggested that the CIA leadership use lightning discharges as a weapon. This would almost completely exclude the possibility of identifying those who use it - that is, US operatives. Physically, this was quite possible, but,
The main difference between the US Navy missile destroyer USS Kidd and its many brethren is that it sometimes sails... under the pirate flag. And this is by no means the whim of the captain or crew of the warship, but an almost 80-year tradition that The Drive recently reported. The destroyer is
The US Special Operations Command adopted the first of a series of new heavy landing helicopters MH-47G Block II. It is a deep modernization of the obsolete work horse of American commandos - CH-47 Chinook, created during the Vietnam War. The developer and manufacturer of the new helicopter is
Half a century ago, Boeing began developing the concept of flying aircraft carriers, as which it was supposed to use the largest Boeing 747 passenger aircraft at that time. The concept is based on the idea that with the help of flying aircraft carriers, the US command will be able to respond much
Rosatom State Corporation presented a declassified documentary about the tests of the most powerful Soviet hydrogen "Tsar Bomb," which took place on October 30, 1961. In July 1961, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N. S. Khrushchev ordered the creation of a 100-megaton hydrogen
In the 1940s, Wehrmacht troops already controlled most of Europe and the inhabitants of island Great Britain were desperately looking for a way to delay the inevitable reprisal against them. To this end, the British actively supplied weapons to numerous rebel groups throughout the continent. It
The US Marine Corps is testing a completely new electric shock weapon - SPECTER (Small arms Pulsed Electronic Tetanization at Extended Range). Its range is 100 meters. For comparison, modern Tasers hit targets at a distance of about 8 meters. The striking element, developed by the US Department
The Israeli electronic sight SMASH 2000 Plus is used mainly for the destruction of armoured vehicles. Currently, U.S. Army specialists are adapting it to shoot flying drones with full-time assault rifles (for example, M4A1). SMASH 2000 Plus is attached to the top bar of the rifle. The shooter
At one of the leading U.S. defense research centers, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LALN), developed a replacement for traditional Tomahawk cruise missile fuel. It is produced on the basis of corn bran. Tomahawks are the most numerous type of cruise missiles in the U.S. military arsenal, and
Soon, foreign U.S. Air Force bases will be reinforced with energy weapon systems to protect against enemy drones. These are three systems - laser HELWS and high-energy microwave guns PHASER and THOR. The HELWS laser weapon system was developed by Raytheon, a defense contractor based on Polaris
The U.S. Army has reduced the number of participants in the Future Attack and Rehabilitation (FARA) competition to the right to obtain a contract for the production of a multi-purpose helicopter of the future from five to two. Bell Helicopter (model 360 Invictus) and Sikorsky Aircraft (model
As part of the Manta Ray program, DARPA has contracted with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Navatek LLC to develop a new generation of long-range unmanned underwater vehicles, the Unmanaged Underwater Vehicles (UUV), capable of operating for several months without human maintenance. DARPA
The adoption of combat lasers by the world 's leading armies has become a mainstream of recent years. For example, the United States had already installed the AN/SEQ-3 Laser System (LaWS) on the USS Ponce marine platform in 2014 and the ODIN combat laser on the USS Dewey missile destroyer. Lasers
The United States Air Force intends to start saturating potential conflict zones with hundreds of strike drones hidden in sea cargo containers in the near future. Thus, the drone manufacturer Kratos Defence offers to "pack" its new drones XQ-58A Valkyrie into containers, which will then be
U.S. Army Research Laboratory employees Hao Kang and John Gerdes patented the GLUAS drone, which is launched from a 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher. The drone itself is packed inside the capsule housing. After firing, the body, having reached the specified height, opens and falls, releasing
The military confrontation between the United States and China is coming to a new level. This time using modern technologies. On 28 February, the United States Navy reported that the electro-optical sensors of the P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft had recorded a laser target from an unknown destroyer
The US Defense Ministry plans to adopt a new type of 155-mm artillery shells with the function of independent target search in 2020. The development is known as the Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munition (C-DAEM) and is created by Raytheon. Technically, the munition is an evolutionary development
According to Reuters, last year 49 people died from tasers (electric shocks) in the United States. They are often used together with pepper spray and other non-lethal means to apprehend criminals. However, the number of deaths they cause causes police in many countries to seek an alternative to
Forbes magazine published an article putting forward the theory that the Russian Navy will be the first in the world to receive hypersonic weapons: the first launch of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile from the submarine k-561 Kazan is scheduled for next year. Speed of "Zircon" — 5 to 10
The only photo of the acoustic gun available to date. Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a portable sound gun for police officers involved in the suppression of mass riots. A shot from such a gun is a focused wave of sound that has painful effects on the eardrums, eyes
The new Mark 21 Mod 0 system, developed by Norwegian defense company Nammo, allows you to connect how much of a grenade into one. It is designed for use by attacking units in storming enemy positions and has already interested the United States Marine Corps. As is known, there are two types of
This may not seem plausible, but the US Army, which has been allocated $716 billion this year, is still using some weapons that are decades old. The fact is that they have not yet been created a worthy replacement. In the three leaders in the number of years of seniority heavy machine gun m2,
During the NATO planning event, the Portuguese Navy presented several robotics and unmanned systems. Jane 's Defense Weekly magazine noticed that the models included two remote-controlled toy machines converted for rocket-propelled grenades. As it turned out, in the Portuguese armed forces there
Camouflage is currently being developed on two very different technologies - static and dynamic. The first involves the use of paints or textiles that do not change after application. The second technology allows the camouflage material to adapt to the environment in real time. It is the second
In 2017, the United States Army created a group of multifunctional teams (CFT), whose task is to quickly advance promising technologies for the creation of new types of weapons. One unit is developing Long Range Precision Fires, a long-range artillery system to destroy important enemy objects.
As part of the US Army Association 's 2019 annual conference, the prototype of the first robotic tank, the Ripsaw M5, was unveiled. It is expected that he will work in association with a guided tank or BMP as a slave, performing particularly dangerous tasks. M5 was developed by Textron Systems
Conventional rockets are known to be launched by jet engines that use fuel and oxidant. In turn, artillery shells are ejected from the barrel of the gun by the pressure of powder gases. Norwegian company Nammo proposes to increase the speed and range of missiles and howitzer artillery shells by
In the near future, the U.S. Air Force plans to create a group of manned and unmanned strike tactical aircraft. This combination, according to the command, will help reduce possible losses among pilots during the war and will ensure air superiority. To implement this program, the Pentagon