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For the first time, LG introduced its novelty - the winding up Signature OLED R television at last year's CES-2019. And now, almost two years after the presentation, it went on sale in the retail chains of South Korea. It is immediately worth making a reservation, this miracle of modern
In honor of its decade, the Chinese company Xiaomi has released a bright, noteworthy novelty - a huge monitor with a completely transparent screen. It is called Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition, is positioned as an exclusive product only for the Chinese market and serves as a demonstration of
Sony has announced plans to sell new Crystal LED displays not only to cinemas, but also to private customers. This means that anyone can now collect a video screen at their home in the 16K. However, this will require about 20 meters of free space and almost $6 million. The Crystal LED display is
The next novelty of LG Electronics – the TV with the unusual 65-inch screen which can be curtailed into a tubule as the poster. It is supposed that it will be turned by pressing of the button, like a garage door. It will be the OLED screen on the basis of organic light-emitting diodes which
The majority of the TVs which are now in sale are the "smart", integrated with the Internet electronic devices. However, despite modern functionality, the prices of them are quite available to users with middle-income. A characteristic example of that – hi-tech smart TVs of the TCL and Vizio
According to market researches, more 70 % users millenials are not turned by the smartphone screen when shoot and watch video. And it is unimportant that the picture can be adapted for a horizontal format – youth all the same more habitual to see the events on the vertical screen. Taking
Many owners of dogs and cats quite often notice that their pets with interest watch TV. Both the American and Israeli TV men who have decided to start the first full-time channel specially for for dogs know about it . The channel which has received the name DOGTV , has been developed by the
Now at all very famous displays with permission of Ultra HD or as they are called still 4K is presented. At the beginning of a year the read price tags on TVs with support of Ultra HD didn't please most of users as began from 5 thousand American dollars. But already in soon time there will be an
The other day started the LG company has started sales of the first-ever curved TV under the name of LG Curved Oled TV . The first to get a novelty residents of the USA have had an opportunity. Meanwhile it is possible to buy the new TV only in retail network of the largest American retailer
The South Korean company LG announced LG the beginning of sales in Germany of the first-ever curved OLED TV. Earlier only residents of the USA where it is already on sale in retail network of retailer Best Buy could get him. As the German representatives of the LG company have reported, sales of
You Think that HD video of a format 16:9 it is rather wide? And here the Panasonic company so doesn't think — the famous producer of electronics has presented the new video system of the 64:9 format . With a viewing angle in 120 degrees, the system will be able to take the uniform picture
Within the international IFA 2013 conference which is taking place these days in Berlin, the South Korean company Samsung has presented not only the smart watch Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note III phone tablet, but also new generation of curved TVs. Samsung has presented a series of Samsung F9000
the Japanese company Toshiba start I have held in Russia a special event within which officially I announced new TVs with support of permission of Ultra HD or 4K. It is expected that in the Russian retail of their sale will begin already from tomorrow. The producer positions the new TVs as
What occurs when old meets slightly less old? Correctly, Gifoskop turns out . The device which allows to show the animated GIF files without computer and the monitor. Gifoskop's idea consists in an opportunity to show work of GIF artists alive as usual photos or drawings. Eventually, the device
At the beginning of January in Las Vegas the annual international Consumer Electronics Show 2014 exhibition will open. Producers, famous in the IT environment, including the South Korean company LG will take part in her. Within the action she will present several new devices. Among novelties
Development carries the name "technology of peer-to-peer television". Her main feature – an opportunity to use television everywhere where there is an Internet. To coauthors of the joint project there were scientists of the Tomsk university of control systems and radio electronics and specialists
Many owners of flat TVs have for certain experienced some difficulties when fixing them on a wall. However to the superthin TV of Wallpaper TV it has no relation to a perspective novelty of the Korean company LG any more. Thickness of "telewall-paper" of all 1  the mm, and weight falls
Display technologies don't stand still and this week we have seen the first mirror and transparent OLED screens of production Samsung Display. They have been presented by the Korean giant at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 conference which has come to the end in Hong Kong today. The Samsung company
Fortunately there have passed those times when projectors represented exclusively heavy and bulky devices. The future – behind compact LED projectors that was confirmed the other day by the South Korean company LG. LG announced the smallest and easy LED projector from all which ever were issued
Popular service of stream multimedia of Netflix at home has offered new service. Now, sitting at home, it will be possible to look at any film premiere. Sometimes even earlier, than the novelty will appear at movie theaters. The coauthor of the project – the Prima Cinema company provides the
At the Mexican University Morelos is created the smallest is developed in the world the television antenna, reception of a signal not of a lower quality full-size analogs. It looks as a compact rectangle the size 11  h  6,5  h  0,6  the cm also weighs only 12 grams. In the
At first sight this usual transparent glass pressing of the button of the panel or on a hand wave instantly turns into the television screen. The Panasonic company has presented the improved version of the transparent TV after the presentation at an exhibition of consumer electronics, having made
Already remember TVs of the 50-60th years of the last century which reminded a piece of furniture more, than the electronic device as had massive wooden cases. Japanese electronic the Doshisha companies I have decided to make a peculiar digression to the past, having created the TV in retro
to One of world leaders in the field of consumer electronics the LG company starts release of a new line of super-TVs with permission of UHD which screens will consist of nanocells. It is one of types of displays on quantum points with very high precision of a color rendition and viewing angles.
Completely deployed B display 2014 of LG has presented the first-ever flexible OLED TV on CES. Its users have had an opportunity to control a corner of curvature of the display by means of the remote control. But the price of such TVs was "very heavy" for the mass buyer therefore engineers of LG
The Presentation of a new flagman line of QLED TVs from Samsung has taken place in New York. Novelties have pleased and have pleasantly surprised with existence of various "frills" among which there is an interaction with smartphones, the system of "invisible connection" and some more the functions