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LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Storm Fighter Battle 71703 Ninja Playset Building Toy for Kids Featuring Ninja A...
Product DescriptionLord Garmadon's most fearsome soldier, General Kozu has stolen the elemental ice blade and is trying to escape in the Garmatron, a tracked-tire battle machine straight from the underworld. Chase after him with Zane on the ice spider and fire the ice shooter! Dodge the
Lego: Ninjago 2014 - General Cryptor
Product DescriptionLEGO Wyplash It's a battle between the Spinjitzu masters and Wyplash. Kids can ride their way to victory. Four battle cards decide the winner. Why You'll Love It: An action-packed battle is guaranteed. Age: 6 to 14 years Features 23 durable pieces Includes Ice optic spinner, 3
Kai's X-1 Ninja Charger is an awesome 2-in-1 vehicle! Set off in hot pursuit of the Nindroids who have stolen Kai's Techno-Blade. Aim the flick missiles at the Nindroid disc flyer and steer clear of its saw blades. Rotate the engine bay and fire the dual shooter to target the jet-packing Nindroid
The action at the Tournament of Elements heats up as Cole battles Slevin above the molten lava pit. Attack with Cole's staff and dodge Slevin's thrusts with his huge stone blade. Defeat Slevin and dash across the bridge before it collapses to claim the Jade Blade! Includes 2 minifigures with
Product DescriptionLEGO Ninjago 9569 SpittaFrom the ManufacturerSpin your way to victory against the Spinjitzu masters. Armed to the fangs with super cool weapons, Spitta is more than ready to take on the mighty ninjas. Customize your green transparent spinner with the purple transparent snake