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JC Toys Lil Cutesies 8.5" All Vinyl Baby Doll | Posable and Washable | Removable Outfit | Lulu- ...
You are about to enter the magical world of Lil' Cutesies! And if you are looking for doll accessories for your baby doll this Lil'Cutesies Bathtub is perfect. The bath tub features a real working shower. Just fill tub with a little water, push down on the faucet and use the detachable shower to
Looking for the perfect baby bath doll for a child age 2 or older? Know someone who would absolutely love a realistic newborn doll bath gift set? Wouldn't it feel great to enhance the oh-so-cute playtime experience with an 8-piece bath set for water fun? If you answered, "Yes!" to any of these
LOTS TO LOVE BABY dolls are 14” all vinyl dolls that are fully posable for hours of fun. To make the doll brand new again, all it takes is a simple spot wash with warm water and mild soap. The body is unscented and the only moving parts are the jointed shoulders, hips, and neck. These
Product DescriptionLooking for a lifelike baby doll? this adorable little doll is sure to do the trick! this is designed with durability and fun in mind. This realistic La Newborn doll boasts an anatomically correct design and an incredibly realistic, lifelike face, so your child will feel like a
Every dolly needs a Bath! Our NEW Pink Baby Doll Bathtub fits most dollies up to 16" and is made to last! Designed and fabricated from sturdy plastic, it will stand up to hours of play. Each bath features a cute "non-slip" design and accents. It's the perfect accessory for all your JC Toys
Product DescriptionYOUR CHILD’S FIRST DOLL!LOVE - Not many things are as beautiful as the love and affection that a child has for its first toy. The Lil’ Hugs collection of nurturing soft baby dolls is the perfect FIRST BABY DOLL for your loved one. Features an easy to clean cloth
You are about to enter the magical world of Lil' Cutesies! And if you are looking for doll accessories for your baby doll this Lil'Cutesies Swing is perfect. The swing features colorful trees with a swing suspended between them. Up in the leaves, colorful butterflies swirl decoratively around to
Dressed and ready to play! Our Striped Hot Pink Romper is perfect for most dolls 9" to 11". Quality outfits are machine washable and made to last thru all those diaper changes! Rompers are available in 4 fashionable colors for you to choose from so you can have the best dressed baby doll in the
The Perfect Toy Crib for Your Little One Modern mommies search for the Perfect Baby Doll Crib for their baby dolls, so a baby doll crib is an absolute must for any child who likes playing with dolls. This well-designed doll Crib is sure to stand the test of time with ease. More importantly, it is
FULLY ADJUSTABLE CARRIER includes a soft cloth for baby to sit comfortably in. Carrier is made out of quality plastic for hours of fun. Just adjust the handle to convert from a BABY CARRIER to a FEEDING SEAT or CAR SEAT. Carrier has curved edges so you can ROCK your baby doll to sleep. Hours of Fun