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Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology completed work on the second generation of an automatic robot boat, which was called Roboat II. It was developed as part of an order from the Amsterdam authorities, which required a fleet of autonomous multi-purpose water vehicles of small
Harley-Davidson is preparing to market its first experiment in the field of electric bicycles - the Serial 1 model. It will appear on sale in March next year. The Serial 1 will have thick white tires, a relatively thin black frame, a leather saddle, and most importantly, a belt gear, not a chain
In Sweden, the next annual contest of the most energy-efficient cars Delsbo Electric was held, at which the Eximus team already habitually won. The victory is deserved, because the engineers tried to renew the world record. They do this every year, but this time they almost failed due to a missed
Most modern drones (not counting purely military models) with electric traction have a very modest flight resource - as a rule, it does not exceed 30 minutes. Their hybrid "brethren" have a much higher rate. For example, the quadrocopter HYBRiX 2.1 of the Spanish startup Quaternium, equipped with
# ing0 #. As a result of a study initiated by the Institute for Road Safety (IIHS, USA), it was found that most injuries to electric scooters are sustained on sidewalks. As the main problem objects, they indicate the irregularities of the roadway, pits... and pointers. IIHS officials
NASA, referring to the SpaceX statement, announced the official reason for canceling the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, which was scheduled for October 2 of this year. A month-long investigation showed that the launch fell from a tiny drop of lacquer with a diameter of only 2 mm, which disrupted
The "money for old cars" scheme is simple and not new. The Lithuanian government decided to give it a second breath, inviting car owners to invest in the purchase of environmentally friendly two-wheeled electric vehicles - bicycles and scooters. The initiative of the state received the support of
NASA has just introduced a four-wheeled rover-transformer DuAxel, which, if necessary, can be divided into two independent two-wheelers. In the future, he will go to Mars, where he will survey the most complex natural landscapes. Such a scheme has a number of serious advantages over traditional
Engineers at the University of Tokyo have developed the Poimo inflatable electric scooter, which is created individually for each owner. Just send the authors your photo - and for you will collect a personal optimized model. The scooter is designed by a special program for the size of the body of
According to the Norwegian news network NRK, it is possible that soon the former Norwegian naval base in Olavsvern will become the base of nuclear submarines of the US Navy. It is located on the Norwegian Sea coast inside a hill, where it leads a canal designed for the passage of ships and
The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video in which you can see how a test pilot of the State Flight Test Center named after V.P. Chkalov (GLITZ) flies a 5th generation fighter su-57 (according to NATO classification "Felon") without a protective canopy. The Russian Air Force did not
Visitors to the beach of the Scottish island of Tiri recently discovered a mysterious object resembling a surfboard, which was immediately reported to the local coast guard. Later it turned out that this is the American sea drone Wave Rider stuck among the coastal stones. Still nothing is known
In English, there is an interesting idiom "Butt-Dialed," which literally means "accidentally dial a telephone number backwards when the device lies in the pocket of trousers." Something similar happened to Ali Waziri, who a couple of months ago became the lucky owner of the Tesla Model 3 electric
The American company ZeroAvia announced the successful completion on September 23 of the world's first commercial hydrogen-cell flight. We are talking about a modified 6-seat Piper M aircraft, which, thanks to modernization, has become the largest of the current "hydrogen" aircraft. The Piper M
In the UK, in the Lake District mountain region, tests are being carried out on a prototype jet wound designed for paramedics of the rescue service. The customer is Great North Air Ambulance Service, a jetpack developer - the famous company Gravity Industries, founded by pioneer in this industry
Independent industrial designers from the Iberian region of France, Claire and Joel, have developed the SNOCA bicycle, which makes life much easier for its owners. Now they do not need to waste time and effort to pump the lowered wheel or use disposable air cartridges. The fact is that the
At the end of last year, Segway announced several new products, including the electric bike eMoped (later called C80), which the company put on Indiegogo. s80 practically no different from the usual scooter, and only the presence of pedals indicates that this is still an electric bicycle.
In Italian Genoa, the 2020 Genoa Boat Show has opened - an exhibition of new products in the field of yachts and boats. One of them was the MAMBO boat, the brainchild of the Milan company Moi Composites, which is called the world's first fiberglass boat that can be printed on a 3D printer.
This year, the famous motorcycle manufacturer, the Chinese company CFMoto, presented at the Chingqing Moto Expo the most powerful motorcycle in the history of the country - 1250TR-G. CFMoto has been producing engines and motorcycles for many years for the Austrian company KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.
One of the main indicators of the effectiveness of rescue services is the speed of response to an emergency. It was for this that Sonin Hybrid (Atlanta, USA) developed the Recruit quadrocopter, capable of reaching speeds of up to 225 km/h and being in the air for up to three hours. For such a
After a promising presentation last year of the next brainchild of Elon Mask, the Tesla Cyberquad double quad bike, there was a not completely understandable pause. And some enthusiasts did not wait for the spectacular Cyberquad to be put into production, and took matters into their own hands.
British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin, together with Curv Racing Simulators, released an ultimatum racing simulator AMR-C01. Be prepared for shocks - the price tag for this work of high-tech art starts from 74 thousand dollars. The system is released in a limited series - a total of 150
Last weekend, reports appeared that at the European charging stations Tesla Supercharger, owners of electric vehicles of other brands were "refueled" for free. What is this, a "hole" in Tesla software or a cunning move? The new Tesla Supercharger electric stations use a CCS charger, which opens
This week, the head of the procurement department of the US Air Force, Will Roper, in an exclusive interview with Defense News, said that in the United States, in a situation of deep secrecy, the development and testing of a prototype of an absolutely new fighter, NGAD, was completed. According to
An international team of geologists, glaciologists, cavers, geographers and biologists conducted an expedition to study the deepest known mulenas in Greenland. So called narrow and very deep failures in the ice sheet of this island. The nature of mulenas has not been practically studied, ice at
Last year, engineers at the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) introduced the concept of a V-shaped Flying V aircraft, on the basis of which an absolutely new type of aircraft will be created in the future. And this summer, the team conducted successful flight tests of the first large-scale
Few people know - but the NASA Perserverance rover has a twin brother. His name is Optimism and he is here on Earth. And on September 1, he made his first test drive. Optimism has successfully passed the test and is now preparing for adventures at Mars Yard, a special NASA training ground that
During the Second World War, 250 unusual twin P-82 Mustang fighters were produced in the United States. To date, one single, which was recently put up for sale at a record price of $12 million, has "survived." After the introduction in World War II of the U.S. Air Force began to bomb regularly
The first armored multi-purpose vehicle (AMPV), which came off the conveyor of the British defense concern BAE Systems on August 31, will soon enter service with the US Army to replace the obsolete predecessor - a Vietnam War veteran American APC m113, developed back in the late 50s. AMPV will be
From Yale Hospital New Haven (New York, USA) reported the successful completion of the second stage of testing the POC MRI device - the world's first mobile version of the MRI installation. The device was used in an intensive care unit in a "dirty zone" with COVID-19 patients who showed acute
The more intermediate stages when using wind force, such as wind generators, batteries, transmission lines, etc., the more losses and more expensive final energy - for example, for vehicles. This is wrong, very costly and dangerous for the environment, so in Sweden they proposed to return to the
Motorcycle owners, in addition to driving skills, often have to act as mechanics, since long-distance trips pose many technical problems characteristic of this mode of transport. One of the most sensitive places of the motorcycle is the chain. Without regular cleaning and adjustment, it wears and