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Hazard 4 Second Front Rotatable Backpack
This Velcro-backed i.d./card holder is a perfect size to place on one of our packs, bags, or apparel products. It fits most identification cards such as a driver's license and has a moulded-in loop for attaching to lanyards or carabiners. This extra security means that the i.d. holder can't be
Use this medium-sized modular (molle-compatible) pouch to expand the carrying capacity of larger packs and bags such as the Hazard 4(R) Plan-B(TM) sling-pack. Its zippered top holds contents securely while a front velcro-closed flat-pocket is provided for quick-grab items. Front molle and velcro
Being jammed in confined spaces for hours is an unfortunate part of the business for many professionals we serve. Whether it’s a military unit in a personnel carrier, a pilot in a cockpit, drivers in a HumVee, or a journalist in the back of a goat truck, they all have to bring their gear, and all
Product DescriptionOur long-awaited accessory for the Evac(TM) series of sling packs, these stiffened, padded, fuzzy, velcro-mounted dividers augment the ones included with the packs. They allow you to add divisions and/or protective wall areas inside your Evac(TM) sling for items such as cameras,
Our thoroughly modernized version of the classic military poncho has more in common with technical sport jackets than the old vinyl camping stand-by that usually comes to mind. An industry first, it should reintroduce a generation to the functional benefits that having no sleeves affords. The
Tactical operator's cap in coyote One size fits most; Velcro-adjustable Built without a top-rivet so it can be used with hearing protection/headphones without digging into the top of the wearer's head High-quality embroidery of the Hazard 4(R) logo Main Material: Cotton Twill
An exclusive, totally custom-designed operator's tactical cap with multiple loop fastener areas inset into the pattern. It also features the Hazard 4(R) exclusive retainer-lanyard which can be clipped to one's collar. It can be removed in seconds and adjusted for length. It is invaluable for the
A classic ball-cap pattern version of the Privateer. Has side loop fastener strips/light-loops. Also has our exclusive retainer lanyard which can be clipped to one's collar and can be removed in seconds. This edition adds a long sought after feature - softshell fabric. This means a water-shedding
Product DescriptionThe newest version of Auto World's best selling Dukes of Hazard slot set is the Curve hugger set. Good old country fun, rolling curves, and ravine jumping cars trying to avoid a crash while racing through the hollow. It's easy to set up and race. Comes with 14' of track with jump