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Snow Peak Titanium Backpackers Cup
FEATURES of the Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset Ideal for camping or backpacking this cookset comes with two pots with lids These stackable pots have folding handles, rounded edges for easy cleaning and heat distribution This set comes in either aluminum or titanium Perfect for the mid-size party
This mid-ranged forged steel stake is foot long. Our #30 stake is a good size for holding down larger tents and tarps. No need to worry about breaking these stakes you'll drill right down through rocks.
This is the largest of our forged steel stakes at twenty Inch long and can be hammered into asphalt if needed. Our #50 is big enough and strong enough to hold down your largest and heaviest tent or tarp.
Made from forged steel we've made the most durable peg hammer. Specifically designed for our tent stakes you can pull and twist with the pointed in.
This is the smallest of our forged steel stakes at eight Inch long. Our #20 stake is good for staking down smaller tents in rocky areas next to rivers and streams.
Stow your Tent Stakes & Peg Hammer all in one place. Protecting your gear from getting punctured by your sharp stakes.
You don't want your dining fly or other large tarp or tent blowing away while you're off on the singletrack for the day. Pound in the Snow Peak Solid Stake #40, and have your gear on lock down in a rock-solid way. This forged steel stake is nearly 16in long and can penetrate all kinds of tough
Two small lightweight poles for holding up your tent awning or your tarp. These poles are designed specifically for our Ponta Tarp but can be used with our other tarps or tents as well.
This classic Backpackers cup made from sturdy stainless steel make for a great cup or small bowl. This versatile cup can easily hook to your pack and be used to cook over the fire.
snow peak Titanium Stacking Mug Double Wall Ware Combo Sets TW-137 Set contents TW-128 + TW-129 [Storage size] П†76 Г— 62mm [Weight] 103g [Material] Titanium [Accessories] mesh case