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Harry Potter Icon Print Ravenclaw Backpack
Product DescriptionMagic and mystery haunt the halls of the Hogwarts(tm) Castle! The Dementors have the Hogwarts(tm) School of Witchcraft and Wizardry surrounded, and an epic battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort is looming! Harry and Dumbledore face He Who Must Not Be Named while
Product DescriptionWith the help of Harry Potter(tm), free Dobby(tm) from his master Lucius Malfoy(tm)! Trick Lucius Malfoy into freeing Dobby, the house elf! Then use Dobby to protect Harry Potter and send Lucius flying down the hall with a magic blast as he tries to get revenge in this Harry
Product DescriptionCatch the Golden Snitch(tm) and win the match for Gryffindor(tm)! Marcus Flint and the Slytherin team are winning! Gryffindor's only chance to win is if Harry Potter is the first Seeker to catch the Golden Snitch! Beat the bludgers away, soar through goal posts, a tower or over
Product DescriptionHelp Harry Potter face Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest! In Forbidden Forest, Lord Voldemort and his followers have captured Hagrid and tied him to a tree. When Harry Potter enters the Forbidden Forest to face his destiny, Lord Voldemort attacks. Will Lord Voldemort defeat
20 mixed Lego instruction books;Great for getting ideas on what to build!;Each lot is unique- photo is just an example of what you will receive.
Product DescriptionHarry and his friends are back for the fifth year at Hogwarts and they have a new defense against the dark arts professor, the nasty Dolores Umbridge. Find the hidden book, document and envelope, reclaim the confiscated items from Umbridge's office, and re-enact the story and
A great addition to any LEGO collection. Every hero needs a villain and Lord Voldemort is just that. Add him to any Harry Potter set and watch the drama unfold.
Five inch long battery operated toy Ford Angliaв„ў drives forward and changes direction when it bumps into something. Blue & white color scheme and resembles the flying car seen in the films. It even has painted accents that look like dents and scrapes.