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In space exploration, another major conflict has emerged, which could seriously damage many projects, including the upcoming development of the moon under the Artemis program. Nokia, which won the tender for the creation of the first lunar communications network 4G, received claims from many
NASA and ESA have entered into an official cooperation agreement in the framework of the creation of the Gateway space transshipment station (Gate). This is part of the US initiative to attract as many partners as possible to this project and to the Artemis program dedicated to the return of
In the center of most spiral galaxies are giant clusters of stars - bulges. In the Milky Way galaxy, which includes our solar system, the central bulge consists of more than a quarter of a billion stars. This became known according to the results of a large-scale study with the participation of a
A new mixtape appeared on the Soundcloud service, the author of which is NASA. It was released specifically on the eve of Halloween and contains recordings of the most frightening and incomprehensible sounds of space. As specified in the agency, this is a new portion of the records, previously
# ing0 #. Scientists at the Hawaiian Astronomical Institute (IfA) have used artificial intelligence to create the world's largest 3D catalog of famous stars, galaxies and quasars. To do this, astronomers used data from optical observations of three-quarters of the sky collected by the Pan-STARRS
There are several approaches to how to define the boundaries of the solar system, because of which its size remains a subject of controversy. But astronomers have a clear criterion, called heliopause - this is the point in space where the force of the solar wind equalizes with external pressure.
Even before people return to the moon, a full-fledged local communication system based on 4G may appear there. This task for Nokia was set by NASA, which has already allocated her $14.1 million for the development of the project. If it succeeds, the network will be deployed already in 2022, two
In a recent interview with the Mars Society, Elon Musk said that he was most concerned about the colonization of the Red Planet. At the moment, there is no settlement project that would pass the test for autonomous existence. The development of Mars is possible only with the constant supply of
At 6:08 pm Eastern time, NASA specialists received a signal from the Osiris-Rex spacecraft about the successful sampling of soil from the Bennu asteroid. After 6 seconds of contact with the surface of the celestial body, Osiris-Rex again rushed into space with a precious load on board. The
At the initiative of the United States, eight states approved a document called "Artemis Accords" (Artemis Agreements), which lays the foundations for the future architecture of the Gate space base (Gateway project) and the principles of moon exploration. The name of the agreements is a direct
An international team of astronomers under the NSF NOIRLab program captured the western "wall" of the Karina nebula in details that were previously impossible to imagine. Such unique detailing was made possible thanks to the technology of adaptive optics, which made it possible to conduct
Scientists from Washington State University (USA) revised the criteria for finding habitable exoplanets and re-examined the Kepler mission archives. Of the more than 4,000 distant worlds discovered today, they have identified 24 planets where living conditions are much better than on our native
Roscosmos announced plans to create a new launch vehicle, which will receive the name "Cupid." It will use a still undeveloped methane engine. But what is especially noteworthy is that it will be the first Russian rocket with a reusable stage. According to Roscosmos, Amur will be able to lift up
Formally, the Americans were the first to bring dosimeters to the Moon as part of the Apollo project missions. But they did not share the measurement data with the rest of the world, so it is officially believed that the radiation level on the Earth's natural satellite was the first to be measured
With the advent of the space age, scientists have the opportunity to take various tools to other planets in order to multiply the accuracy of measurements and obtain new types of data. One of these devices is a surprisingly simple laser reflector - there is nothing more accurate if you need to
NASA has launched a new project called Planet Patrol. As the agency admits, they have accumulated a lot of information about distant worlds, exoplanets, including potentially inhabited ones. And to analyze it is not enough either specialists or time, so you can not do without the help of
Despite the presence of a huge number of stars in the Universe, among which supernovae often appear, it is still rare to observe this phenomenon in the optical range. Such events occupy honourable places in the annals of the peoples of the world, and today another record has been added to them.
An international group of astronomers discovered the previously unknown exoplanet LTT 9779b, belonging to a completely new type of "super-hot Neptune." The first part of its name is explained by its proximity to its star, which is why the temperature on the surface of LTT 9779b exceeds 1700 & nbsp;
Astronomers warn: a mysterious space object is moving towards the Earth, and although it is not dangerous for it, it is likely to fall into the zone of Earth's attraction, enter Earth orbit and become for a short time its "mini-moon." The object, apparently, an asteroid measuring from 6 to 15 m was
The European Space Agency (ESA) has decided to contribute to protecting the Earth from asteroids that could threaten life on our planet. The agency signed a $153 million contract with a consortium led by the German aerospace company OHB. As part of the contract, the company undertakes to develop
The private company Origin Space from Beijing announced the launch of the first spacecraft in this country for the extraction of mineral resources outside the Earth. It is called NEO-1 and will be launched into space in November this year. This is not a mining apparatus, but so far only a scout,
The production studio Space Hero, claiming to be the "first space media company," said that it had booked one place in the SpaceX mission to the ISS in 2023. Her plans are to send the winner of the reality show to the ISS, in which everyone can take part regardless of the country of residence.
In a recent interview with Forbes, Hollywood director Ridley Scott confirmed rumors about filming a new film on the cult universe of alien monsters - Aliens. He immediately voiced that you should not expect anything to do with past films, 2012 Prometheus and 2017 Alien: Testament. The new film
An international team of astronomers from China and Germany managed to detect the most powerful magnetic field in the history of astronomical observations. Its source is the neutron star GRO J1008-57, an accretion X-ray pulsar. During periodic flashes (one of them was recorded exactly three years
Mankind has studied the moon quite well during its existence. We know that there is practically no air on it, there is water ice, but there is no liquid water. The more surprising the scientists were when they found traces of hematite on our satellite. It okisl gland which in normal conditions
An international team of astronomers has mapped the Andromeda galaxy's gas halo. They used 43 quasars of radiation in it to use a spectrograph on the Hubble telescope to analyze the deviation of light when passing through gas flows. It turned out that this shell of our neighboring galaxy is huge
The world is entering an era of commercial space flights, which means that more people will expose their health to weightlessness. This is an extremely hostile environment that, even in the short term, can cause serious damage - for example, if blood and other fluids concentrate around a person's
In the relativistic Universe, travel between star worlds is extremely slow, as it is limited by the speed of light, while distances are measured in hundreds and sometimes billions of light years. On the other hand, even the attempt to reach sub-light speed itself is fraught with so many problems
On July 30, a rocket with a Perseverance rover set off from Cape Canaveral to Mars. The rover will deliver to the Red Planet a whole set of advanced equipment, including high-resolution cameras and the first Martian helicopter. Many of these tools are designed to explore the possibility of
On February 24, 1987, an unexpected space explosion shook the astronomical community. This event, called the Supernova 1987A (SN 1987A), has become the closest observed supernova to Earth since the invention of the telescope. SN 1987A exploded in the Great Magellanic Cloud, located about 170,000
The sun emits powerful electromagnetic winds that shroud the planets of our solar system like a giant bubble. This magnetic bubble is called the heliosphere and protects planets from dangerous cosmic radiation. Scientists have long believed that the heliosphere is in the form of a comet - with a
The specifics of the return to Earth of the Crew Dragon spacecraft from SpaceX are such that the astronauts locked on board have quite a lot of free time. This was told by Doug Hurley, a participant in the first commercial flight to the ISS. And he talked about how he and colleague Bob Benken