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Wood is the oldest building material, it still remains in demand today. True, traditional skills for carpenters and carpenters are no longer enough to create complex modern structures. And here new technologies come to their aid. Researchers from the Department of Creative Informatics at the
# ing0 #. Despite the presence of excellent cameras and various sensors for scanning space in smartphones, today there are still few tools for quickly transferring objects from the real world to the virtual. As a rule, to do this, you have to process the snapshot in the editor to highlight the
Skylum introduced a graphic editor based on artificial intelligence called LuminarAI. It is positioned as a revolutionary tool, against the background of which other editors will look almost like tools of the Stone Age. AI can analyze pictures in such a way as to organically add the most complex
Adobe reacted very quickly to the appearance of the LuminarAI editor and released its own update for Photoshop in response. The main innovation was the tools called "neurofilters" (Neural Filters), created on the Sensei AI platform. Of the eight filters presented, six are still in beta testing,
Microsoft released a video that describes the history of the iconic flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator. It began in 1982, when the first version of the game was born, which was available for IBM PCs. Thanks to it, users were able to make virtual flights on the Cessna 182 over New York,
Huawei announced the development of a second version of its own operating system HarmonyOS. The Chinese manufacturer plans to significantly expand the range of devices on which it will be able to work, primarily smartphones. The company has opened access to the SDK of its operating system for
For the first time, Google launched the Lookout app for the visually impaired in 2019. It allows blind and visually impaired people to navigate the world using a smartphone - but previously it was only available on Pixel phones and supported only English. Now the company has added support for
Chelsea Football Club, together with its subsidiary Chelsea Digital Ventures, has developed an application for training newcomers to the basics of professional football. In fact, they transferred the training methods of their own football academy to augmented reality. The trainer is a smartphone,
Australia is known in the world not only for its unique nature, but also for the presence in it of a large number of deadly creatures. However, not all residents of the country and, especially, its guests will be able to distinguish the harmless pet spider from killer spiders of the Australian
The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a permit to use the computer game EndeavorRx as a drug. Already this summer, patients will be able to receive an appropriate prescription from a doctor. Its main users will be children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Game EndeavorRx
On February 2, the Microsoft hosting service - GitHub took a snapshot ("instant snapshot" of the file system, a copy of files and directories at a certain point in time - approx. Ed. Of all public repositories - directories in which the project files of its users are stored. Then
Voicemode PC software has gained popularity among participants in virtual conversations and conferences, making them more interesting. Now smartphone owners have also gained access to it. According to The Verge, Voicemod developers have launched a new free application for iPhone and an Android
Apple introduced a useful feature in iOS 14 that shows a special indicator on iPhone or iPad every time an application uses a microphone or camera. This lets you know exactly when your gadget records photos and videos - even if it shouldn't. In the Android ecosystem, there are many applications
The Google Arts & Culture project has released a tool that will allow you to grab friends in a completely new way. This is the Fabricius machine learning system, which is capable of translating modern words into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was created for linguists, but it is quite suitable
The Snapchat mobile application received a new unusual feature. Now users will be able to get additional information about some objects from the real world by simply pointing the smartphone camera at them. For example, it will be possible to find out the breed of dog, the type of plant or
Old programs, and especially video games, can be a valuable source of lost knowledge. The developers of the Atari 2600 era constantly rested on hardware restrictions, so they had to apply relish, creating unique software solutions. Some are so paradoxically simple and at the same time
Microsoft has launched a new software tool called Money in Excel, which is designed to process user financial data. This is the second official attempt in history to gain access to such data and become intermediaries in the financial operations of individuals. The first was the Microsoft Money
Data security is very important when working on the World Wide Web. And today, the issues of their storage reliability are given the utmost attention, since it depends on the productivity and efficiency of the Internet. We are talking about the same viruses, the mention of which worries all users
Mathematician David Strutt of EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland developed a game based on the Minraft engine to teach children mathematical ideas that are not usually taught at school. It was based on the "Eilers Cycle," a classic puzzle from which the most important graph theory for electronics is
A number of US states have begun a hasty search for anyone with COBOL programming language skills. The reason is balancing on the verge of paralysis of public services, the work of which is based on ancient mainframes, some of which are 40 years old. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the old
Developers of numerous Internet applications are increasingly included in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A fresh example is Snapchat, whose authors offered users a new set of two filters or, as they are called in the application itself - lenses created in collaboration with the World
There are many applications that use special filters to turn user photos into works of art. For example, you can give your selfie a refined watercolor appearance or change the color and composition. And now, thanks to Google, you have the opportunity to take photos in the style of your favorite
Microsoft Vice President Liat Ben-Tsur spoke about the complete rethinking in the company of the concept of the browser of tomorrow. With new features, Microsoft Edge is now not just catching up with Chrome and Firefox in comfort and functionality, but is also able to break forward in this
According to a Gartner study, by 2024, the development of low-code applications will reach 65 & nbsp;% of the total share of orders for new software. About 75 & nbsp;% of business structures will switch to the use of digital tools of their own design, for which programmers will not be involved.
The University of Perdue (USA) introduced the software product FileTSAR, which is a set of tools for conducting investigations on the Internet. The project was sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Justice and is intended for law enforcement. Private cheese agencies can also access it - if
Good news for the future owners of the legendary Harley-Davidson: starting next year, all Touring, Trike and CVO motorcycles equipped with Boom! Box GTS, will be offered with Android Auto already installed. Also, according to Engadget, all those who have become owners of the above models with Boom
A shelf of dipfics has arrived - Jason Mace, a machine intelligence specialist from Google, has developed a new tool for retouching a picture on the screen. It allows to completely remove the image of a person from the frame, create the illusion of his absence. The tool is created with Javascript
Microsoft 's new Edge Canary and Dev browser assemblies have an Easter egg available to any savvy user. It was originally part of the dynamic component of the complex Edge logo, and now it has become a game about the surfer hidden in the browser itself. With another update it will reach the
Android is adapted to almost all phones, watches, TVs and other gadgets. The only exception, of course, is Apple 's products. The purpose of Correlium 's Sandcastle project is to correct this "misunderstanding." The result of their work is the possibility to install the beta version of the
Talespin has developed a highly unusual virtual reality learning app. It is a digital character named Barry who plays the role of an employee to be dismissed. The task of the training manager is to build interaction with the virtual friend so as not to disrupt the procedure. Barry can reproduce
The whole world hardly noticed it, but patients of hundreds of American dentists had to postpone visits to a doctor. Because the modern dentist does not treat teeth without X-rays and other technological tricks, access to which was suddenly blocked. And the fault is hackers and holes in
A few days after it appeared in the Chinese segment of the AppStore, the Zao app became a leader in iOS injection. It is not available outside the country, but China itself is hugely popular, albeit overshadowed by a number of scandals. Looking at absolute indicators, in the last three days more