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At the same time, from several sources it became known about the visit to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on October 22 by a group of scientists at the University of Bristol. The purpose of the visit is to test robots in an exclusion zone. One of them is Boston Dynamics' well-known Spot
Boston Dynamics (BD) has reported selling more than 250 Spot robops worth $75,000 each since June. According to BD founder Mike Rybert, an updated version of the famous robot will receive a manipulator arm that will expand its capabilities many times. The Spot hand has six degrees of freedom, so
Agility, established at the University of Oregon, announced its readiness to sell its robots to everyone who needs them. Her humanlike Digit was designed as a robot for physical labor - for example, he knows how to take boxes from the shelves and transfer them to a truck. Its price is $250,000.
In recent years, fires have become a real nightmare for the state of California, where damage is measured by billions of dollars, thousands of burned houses and hundreds of dead. However, despite the tremendous efforts of local and federal authorities, it is not yet possible to cope with the fiery
The American engineering company Edge Innovations has developed a robot dolphin, which outwardly is almost no different from its living brethren. It was created with the goal of once replacing them in dolphinariums and water parks. The company hopes that over time, animatronic robots, commonly
The configuration of a group of robots of the "swarm" type can be used not only for military purposes or for search work. Engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) used a swarm of miniature wheel robots to paint the picture. They compared their project with a "smart brush," when
Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, built a robot that uses a full copy of the squid's hydroreactive movement mechanism to move. This creature, although it does not have a rigid skeleton, is able to develop maximum speed among invertebrates. Engineers achieved the same result -
A joint German-Korean robotics team developed artificial intelligence, which was trained in curling. Especially for him, they designed a mobile platform with two modules, a camera on the bar to assess the situation on the field and a mechanism for launching a stone on a target. The whole system
Already, older persons aged 65 and over constitute the fastest-growing age group, creating care problems in many countries. Toyota's division - Toyota Robotics - is currently developing a robotic home assistant for this category of people. Given the very limited space of most Japanese houses, the
In Japanese Yokohama, a warm-up presentation of the Gundam robot, built in the image of a popular manga and comic book character, took place. With a height of 20 m and a weight of 25 tons, this is the largest humanoid robot in the world. He will also move almost like a person, which was shown
Robots are increasingly used in stores to perform simple functions - assisting customers, controlling the availability of inventory in the warehouse and mapping the location of goods. The Japanese company Telexicity went further and began testing the Model T. robot product. It is controlled by a
Today's robots are capable of performing many tasks that seemed incredible five years ago. However, their capabilities can be further expanded if you find a way to turn part of their structural elements into energy reservoirs - just as fat is an energy storage in the bodies of living beings.
A team of scientists from the University of Southern California (USA) built a tiny robot that works on methanol. The robot, named RoBeetle, weighs less than a tenth of a gram and does not need any external power sources. According to scientists, the energy density of modern batteries is so low
Boston Dynamics' Robopes Spot has gained worldwide fame for its unique achievements - for example, helping doctors during an epidemic and working as a sheep shepherd. Now, thanks to interactive connectivity and Formant software (USA), any Internet user can, if desired, walk with a robin without
Famous engineer and youtuber Shane Wighton, author of the Stuff Made Here channel, created a robot hairdresser. And he became his first voluntary client. The reason that prompted Wighton to develop such a device was quarantine and fears of COVID-19. For example, in May in American Springfield,
This week, representatives of Amazon's largest online trading platform announced the expansion of the scope of their autonomous delivery system. It already showed itself well at the beginning of the pandemic, allowing the corporation to safely serve customers. And since the second wave COVID-19
The presentation of the Hadrian X robot bricklayer took place in 2015, when its creators - robotics of the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) for the first time demonstrated the capabilities of its giant arm-manipulator. Today, he can already independently lay bricks and supply
The German company Festo showed two new models of unique robots, in the best traditions of this brand already ready for use in production. The BionicSwifts bird robots, created with the Bionic Learning Network, received a new ergonomic wing and the ability to fly "blind." The BionicMobileAssistant
Developed at the University of Liverpool (UK), the new robot serves as a laboratory assistant, it can independently plan and conduct experiments. It was created to help scientists perform routine work, such as finding the optimal reagent for a specific reaction, when hundreds of options need to be
Often, the process of rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke takes many months or even years. This situation is intended to change the SHR robotic upper body exoskeleton developed by Harmony Bionics (Texas). The exoskeleton is used in a sitting position. Its two articulated arms are
Founded by veteran visual effects industry Walter Conti, Edge Innovations (San Francisco) has developed a prototype robot dolphin, which may eventually replace its living "relatives" in aquariums and marine amusement parks. The model when creating the robo-dolphin was the dolphin of athaline. The
Hollywood has just approved a major role in the new science fiction film Beta, a robot with artificial intelligence. Her name is Erica. Beta tells the story of a scientist who invented a program to create ideal human DNA. However, it failed and the program became dangerous. Therefore, the
Robotics from the University of Linz (Austria) under the leadership of Martin Kaltenbrunner have found a new application for soft robots... making them edible. By mimicking real organisms, they can, for example, deliver drugs to animals. Kaltenbrunner and colleagues created a biogel from safe
In the Botanical Garden of Atlanta, a new very slow robot inspector was earned, the creators of which were inspired by living lazy people. SlothBot, created by Georgia Institute of Technology engineers, works slowly but with high energy efficiency. He will observe animals, plants and
Researchers at Sherbrooke University (Canada) have developed a robotic limb whose functionality copies the capabilities of a human hand. It will not be possible to massage or raise the bar above your head with its help, but to break through the wall with a sledgehammer or carefully collect apples
The robotics team of the South Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed an unusual robot, the prototypes of which were the European mole and the African gopher. To dig tunnels, the mole uses its powerful forelimbs, throwing the loose earth back, and its distant African
A group of engineering students from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) managed to brilliantly solve the fundamental problem: how to teach a wheelchair to climb the steps? Their development, the second generation Ascento robot, has two limbs crowned with wheels. But at the same time they can work like legs
Walking robots are very agile and mobile - they are able, for example, to climb stairs. At the same time, their wheeled brethren are faster and not so difficult to arrange. The new Ascento robot took the best of both classes - it has two powerful legs with a wheel on each. Ascento was developed
One of the problems of using robots off-road is that it is not possible to predict in advance the relief of the surface on which they will have to move. The best option so far is walking mechanisms, but the problem is also relevant for them, only on a smaller scale. First of all, it is about the
Engineers of Fraunhofer Italia (IEC) Innovation Engineering Center in Bolzano are developing software that will allow the robot assistant to work effectively on the construction site. Based on the Husky A200 platform, the mobile robot uses new navigation software to independently solve logistical
Australian company Fastbrick Robotics reported that its latest model of robot masonry is ready to compete with human builders in brick masonry in the construction of buildings. They significantly optimized algorithms and reached record speed. If before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic it
Apple invested millions of dollars, but failed to replace people with robots on assembly pipelines. It all started in 2012, when Apple 's main contractor, Foxconn, presented an automated assembly line to management. Specifically for her, new manipulators, called Foxbots, were created, with the