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The Apex 15 laptop by German company XMG was unveiled on CES-2020 earlier in the year. It became the absolute champion among its numerous competitors thanks to the unique 16-nuclear processor AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, which supplemented SSD-drive on 250 GB and discrete video card Nvidia GForce RTX2060.
Gaming laptop manufacturers have rushed to master the new Intel Core H series chips, which are of the 10th generation. Previously, they were available only for desktop PCs, and now you can assess what a processor above 5 GHz can do on a mobile device. Intel believes that this year will release at
Intel has launched a small marketing revolution in the laptop segment. Her Project Athena initiative is not a brand, not a campaign or a new standard &# 8212; The authors themselves refer to this as a "visual identifier." This is an icon labeled "Engineered for mobile performance" that will be
ASUS unveiled the world 's most powerful laptop this week as part of the IFA International Exhibition &# 8212; ProArt StudioBook One. It is an extremely powerful device with 24 GB of video memory on board. Its target audience is data specialists, professional animators and engineers. The ProArt
PC users remember the time when tablets have replaced rapidly growing netbooks. However, following a trend towards the revival of some retro gadgets, Chinese company Magic Ben released a new device called Mag 1. Despite a size of 20 x 14.6 x 1.8 cm, which is commensurate with the a5 format sheet,
A model of the X1 Fold computer from Lenovo, whose prototype was shown last May, is officially on sale this year. Formally, it is a laptop (with corresponding characteristics), which is folded in half, to the dimensions of a large smartphone. The use of light alloys and carbon fiber reduced the
In a century of violently developing technologies it is difficult to surprise us with something, but the handyman and the enthusiast Paul Klinger, perhaps, managed it. Its creation is called ThinkTiny - it is (over) the tiny gaming version of the popular Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. To operate this
The Chinese company Lenovo does not need representation: every fifth personal computer made in the world falls to its share. Its laptops differing in high quality and reliability enjoy special popularity. The next novelty from Lenovo – the Yoga Book C930 transforming laptop (further development
The laptop under the name The Persistence of Chaos is sold by an auction for the record sum of $1. 345 million. Formally, it is just the Samsung NC10 laptop on which the selection of computer viruses is stored. But not accidental — and the most glorified in the history because of damage
Earlier when the conversation came about game laptops, the image of the big, heavy, hooting laptop was at once represented. However now it is possible to claim safely – the era of these monsters has passed. MSI  laptop ; GS70 weighs all 2.6  kg at a thickness 2.15  cm . GS70
The Japanese company Toshiba has officially presented the unique laptop differing in record time of autonomous work. The novelty has received the name Toshiba Dynabook Kira V634 . The new Dynabook Kira laptop is based on the Intel processors Core i5 with architecture of Intel Haswell. It is
Thanks to modern smartphones, tablets and laptops we can work and connect to the Web in any place and at any convenient time. And the portfolio of La Fonction No. 1 will allow to organize a tiny office outside office . La Fonction No. 1 represents a bag for the laptop which because of a unique
In the USA the first-ever game laptop with support of a format of high resolution 3K (WQHD) has gone on sale. The novelty has received the name MSI GT60 and is issued the MSI company (Taiwan). The laptop is equipped with the 15,6-inch monitor with support of a format 3K (2880x1620 pixels) and
Rather known company FINsix Corporation officially announced the new development – a laptops charger. She differs from the food adapters which are nowadays presented at the market in the compact sizes. The compact size became the main difference of new charging. All the matter is that the
Very few people know gram, but Lenovo in 2014 possessed the right to be called the producer releasing the easiest laptops in the world. Traditionally, this merit attribute Apple with her MacBook Air weighing 1,3 kg. However the last year's Yoga 3 Pro ultrabook had 1,2 kg and rather quite good
to the Razer Company announced the beginning of release of the gaming Project Valerie laptop providing full immersion in game process. Three 17-inch displayed the screen with the sector of the review in 180 degrees will allow players to get inexpressible feelings. The unusual laptop – the
by Expanded screen space very existence of the bulky peripheral device — is useful in work with the laptop, and here; on the contrary, will cause inconveniences. Duo accessory from Mobile Pixels startup – the compact display which is mounted near the basic screen when in him there is a need