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Guide for choosing how to use virtual communication, varieties of VoIP devices and SIP applications, the advantages of IP phones and softphones. < h2 > How to Use VoIP The virtual numbers from Freezvon used by the business do not require a cable or SIM card purchase. Instead, the connection is
According to researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, smartphone owners using Knock Code to unlock them can easily become victims of intruders. Knock-on codes allow phone users to select templates to click on the lock screen. In 2014, this unlocking method popularized LG.
The authorities of the Japanese city of Yamato have just adopted an unusual law at present prohibiting the use of smartphones during walks. The basis of this decision is the recognition of the public danger of using smartphones while walking through the streets. For all the apparent strangeness
Samsung Electronics America introduced a special version of the Galaxy S20 smartphone designed for the needs of the Army - Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition. Despite the specific Army design, this is essentially the same with some additional S20 features in the stronger Juggernaut Special Hull. In
Samsung and South Korean operator SK Telecom introduced the world 's first 5G smartphone with quantum random number generator (QRNG) - Galaxy A Quantum. It differs from other smartphones by the QRNG system, which will make it much more difficult for hackers to hack it. As a rule, random number
Based in Hong Kong, the Chinese company Blackview offers users its latest development - the Blackview BV9100 smartphone, the main feature of which is a battery with a unique capacity of 13,000 mAh, which is four times more than the Apple iPhone 11. Such characteristics allow the BV9100 to be used
The process of mining crypto is still not available to everyone. An attempt to solve this problem was made by the creators of the smartphone HTC Exodus, who ordered for it a special application DeMiner for mining the crypto Monero. The Canadian company Midas Labs is involved in the development of
Samsung has launched an unusual program aimed at enabling the owners of the Galaxy S20 flagship to return it within two years from the date of purchase for 50 & nbsp;% of the original price. The main condition of return is the good condition of the smartphone. In case of performance of this
Two-screen smart phones are becoming increasingly popular. There is a simple explanation for this: the second screen turned out to be and really not unnecessary. The startup company castAway offered a somewhat unusual option to get a cherished second screen, the function of which is taken over by
Can you trust the brother of one of the most famous drug lords in history? Roberto de Jesus Escobar, founder of the Escobar Inc. brand, insisted - not only it is possible, but also necessary. For the criminal past is behind us, and his company plans to make as many people happy as possible. In
LG has published a short intriguing video with the announcement of a new smartphone model. It is distinguished from others by the presence of three functional screens at once. In the video, each screen is used for different tasks: video game, routing on the map and message output. The official
The situation in the smartphone market is rapidly changing: the newly emerging folding models already have a competitor &# 8212; Introduced at IFA 2019, the LG G8X ThinQ smartphone, consisting of two separate, hinge-connected displays. Experts immediately outlined the advantages and disadvantages
Enthusiasts studied the APK of a future version of Google 's 10.61 search engine and discovered a new feature there. It is probably based on the same AI module as the old What 's on my Screen option. The new feature is called Smart Screenshots and extends screenshots. When you create a
With the release of a new version of the iPhone OS, many users were surprised to learn how many applications in their smartphones use Bluetooth without their knowledge. For example, Snapchat, ESPN, and Dunkin 'Donuts (an app of the popular fast food network in the United States &# 8212; editor's
The Korean Institute of Advanced Scientific and Technological Research (KAIST) developed "Knocker," an object recognition system to analyze the specific vibrations that arise in them during tapping. The impact tool is a conventional smartphone, and the gyroscope, accelerometer and microphone
Ex-president of Google, and now head of Essential, Andy Rubin posted on his Twitter photos of the future smartphone Gem, which attracted universal attention. This is not a presentation, but rather a deliberate data leak to attract interest in the novelty. Officially, this model is only undergoing
Mara Group has secured its place in history, becoming the first purely African smartphone manufacturer. This week, it introduced two models &# 8212; Mara X and Mara Z. From the words of Rwandan President Paul Kagame &# 8212; This is a huge step for the country and the whole continent. Both
HTC introduced an upgraded version of the Exodus smartphone with an index of 1s, adapted to work with crypto currencies. The base software allows transactions with Etherum-based ethers, lightcoins, and steelers, as well as Etherum-based ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. And for Bitcoin, the smartphone
In the iOS version 13 appeared the long-demanded "Dark mode," the most discussed property of which was not the reduction of eye fatigue, but the saving of battery charge. To test the effectiveness of this option, the PhoneBuff Portal conducted a visual test using two identical iPhone XS
In honor of the premiere of another series of epic saga Star Wars - "Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise "and one of its main characters Kylo Ren, Samsung together with Disney Corporation released a special version of the smartphone Galaxy Note 10 Star Wars Special Edition. The smartphone is "packed"
Google announced a triumphant event - the completion of the first round of the fight against American mobile operators to replace outdated SMS and MMS standards with a new universal RSC (Rich Communications Services). It is designed for Android devices and, in fact, implements all the functions of
Otterbox (USA), which specializes in the production of protective cases for mobile devices, has developed an antibacterial lining for the smartphone Amplify Glass. The results of the studies clearly show that any gadgets and especially mobile smartphones are a real breeding ground of microbes and
The company Pine64 started collecting applications for the supply of the first, trial batch of a new smartphone of its own production. The model received the catchy name "Brave Heart" and works on the basis of Linux, but the user is free to choose which software will be in the memory of the
After months of uncertainty, Motorola (now owned by Chinese manufacturer Lenovo), began accepting pre-orders for Razr 's new folding smartphone. The gadget will be sold for $1500 from February 14. As is known, there are many rumors about the fragility and unreliable of flexible displays, so
As convenient as modern mobile phones are, many users still have a desire to dial a cherished number using an old good phone drive. The engineer of the Brookheiven National Laboratory (one of 16 laboratories of the United States Department of Energy, located in Upton, New York - ed. TechCult.
There passed only a year since subsidiaries of the Chinese electronic giant BBK Electronics – Oppo and Vivo began a race of "full-screen smartphones". Now the first of them is ready to present already absolutely new type of the frameless curved display. So far Orro presented only a prototype: it
Apple presented three models of smartphones which together have to occupy a niche of leaders of the company. All of them are identical visually and use iPhone X stylistics (all front panel is the continuous touch screen). A difference, first of all, in sizes – iPhone XS diagonal 5. 8 inches,
Various cards – credit, visiting and other – are still an integral part of life of most of the working Japanese. Taking into account it the famous Japanese producer of hi-tech products from ceramics and consumer electronics the Kyocera company developed "card phone" KY-O1L which finds room in a
In March California became the 18th state which granted the right to users on independent repair of smartphones that assumes existence of the corresponding instruction from the producer and a set of necessary spare parts. The problem consists that millions of Americans who became owners of
CEO of Xiaomi — Lei Juan presented a sign novelty of the — company in Beijing; Mi Mix 3 smartphone. Version 4G will become available in domestic market at once, and version 5G will come to Europe in the first quarter 2019. 93,4 % the front panel occupies the display – big AMOLED
After the expectation which dragged on more than for a year, the holographic RED Hydrogen One smartphone will go, at last, on sale on November 2 at the price of 1295 dollars. As sellers two largest American telecommunication Verizon companies and AT&T will act. To alleviate so solid financial
The idea that the smartphone has to receive a folding design and to become more compact, already whole decade soars in air. But except several concepts and prototypes of attempts to realize it was not yet therefore the Royole Corporation company has a chance to become history. It released the