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Canadian synth-pop singer and partner Ilona Mask Grimes (Claire Alice Boucher) teamed up with startup Endel to create a special musical ambient using artificial intelligence. The AI Lullaby project combines the vocals and original Grimes compositions with the unique sound effects that AI creates
In social networks, the trend is rapidly spreading to redraw avatars in zombies for the upcoming Halloween. The main work is performed by a neural network based on StyleGAN2, which developer Josh Brown Kramer adapted for his socio-humorous project "Make Me A Zombie." He made a site with a picture
According to Google, over a billion people use its search engine every day. But despite the fact that the Internet giant has been working on its search engine for more than 20 years, every day it receives about 15 & nbsp;% of requests that it has never encountered before. To cope with the
YouTube asked some owners of their own channels to mark the goods that they present in their videos. Thus, video hosting intends to link them with the trading and analytics tools offered by Google. The ultimate goal of the project, according to Bloomberg, is to turn YouTube into a universal
The American company Gaze Seed Company was at the center of the curiosity when the automatic content filtering system Facebook took the image of onions for something too vulgar. Company manager Jackson McLean told reporters that the other day he received a warning from the social network. It said
It is no secret for a long time that some hacking can lead to incredibly serious consequences. According to Air Force News, the prosecutor's office of Cologne (Germany) launched an investigation into the death of a patient at the Dusseldorf University Hospital, which was caused by hacking and is
Former Facebook monetization manager, Tim Kendall, spoke in the US Congress as part of a hearing on how social networks and other platforms affect the spread of extremism. The person who from 2006 to 2010 managed the development policy of the largest social network in the world, explicitly stated
Today, Microsoft is launching the Project xCloud cloud game service. The platform does not yet have an official name and is still distributed as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate set. At the time of launch, the xCloud will have more than 150 games. For comparison, the Google Stadia project
In the United States, the time of the landmark presidential election is rapidly approaching, in which the further political fate of Donald Trump will be decided. On the eve of this event, the popular Snapchat messenger released a set of election-related tools, among which is the opportunity to
# ing0 #. Chinese video hosting for creating short videos TikTok is one of the most successful Internet projects of recent times, as evidenced by the huge number of its "clones" - Reels, Likee, Kwai, Vigo Video and others. Soon, a new service from YouTube - Shorts will join this company. Beta
Wikipedia remains one of the most popular sources of information among Internet users, and almost anyone can take part in its content. However, here sometimes it is not without casues. A few days ago, a Reddit user spoke about an unusual discovery that he made while studying the Wikipedia section
The earth with all the familiar outlines of the continents did not always look like it is now. Before, land was collected into supercontinents, which in time immemorial split and went into independent drift. This leads to a funny result: many modern cities in their history traveled more than the
Logitech G, the gaming division of Logitech, has launched the Playmaster cyberattack training program. The program was created in cooperation with professional eSports associations and, according to the developers, "has a scientific foundation." The first game to hit Playmaster sights was the
In the official blog of Bethesda, a message appeared about adding a wide-angle screen mode to the cult games Doom and Doom II. The company's developers rewrote the rendering mechanism to ensure optimal image quality. This is fundamentally different from past attempts to stretch the picture in the
Last week, a game was released that fans have been waiting for for many years - a detailed flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The game uses a real world model and exact copies of various aircraft. MSFS 2020 is trying to reliably comply with the details of real flights - for
The epidemic Covid-19 delays the production of the second season of the sensational series "The Witcher" from Netflix - so CD Projekt studio decided to please fans of the universe Andrzej Sapkowski with a new offer. The company announced the development of a mobile game in augmented reality around
TSM, the leading organizer of e-sports competitions, has signed a contract with the famous international chess player Hikaru Nakamura. Nakamura is not the first to demonstrate his talents in the online space, but TSM will probably be able to offer him something more. Hikaru Nakamura at the age of
Half urban simulator like SimCity, half Tower defense, Factorio is probably the most iconic game to date for fans of technology and industrial development. And she just left Early Access on Steam. It took no more than 8 years to create a masterpiece. The development of Factorio began in 2012.
A team of engineers from Britain and Japan set an absolute record for Internet speed - 178 terabits per second. This is enough to download the entire Netflix movie in less than a second. They managed to achieve such a fantastic result using new methods of light modulation. 178 TB/s is an
Coca-Cola, Intel, Samsung and dozens of other large companies that have historically sponsored sporting events have dramatically changed their strategy in 2020. Since real stadiums are empty due to quarantine and COVID-19, corporate money has already been used to support e-sports. Professional
Soon, the Google Stadia cloud game streaming service will become available to users of 4G and 5G connections. In order not to be unfounded, the Internet giant invited everyone to take part in testing a new opportunity. The function can be connected by downloading the Stadia application on your
The famous annual Lollapalooza rock festival, like most mass events this year, will be held on YouTube from July 30 to August 2. The broadcast will begin at 6 pm Eastern Time. And the most pleasant news is that it will be completely free. In fact, Lollapalooza over the past decade has already
Some of us are lucky - we have a house with a beautiful view from the window, which helps to more easily endure the hardships of self-insulation. Someone's less fortunate. But for them there is salvation - a new project WindowSwap allows you to look out of the window of other houses scattered
# ing0 #. According to many laptop users, for all its unconditional advantages, the Chrome browser is incredibly "sparkling" in terms of energy consumption - mainly due to the many unnecessary JavaScript trackers and timers on the background tabs. To the credit of Google experts, they finally
Ten years ago, producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin McDonald joined forces with YouTube to shoot a newsreel of one day from Earth's life - July 24, 2010. And now they decided to make a sequel to this epochal film. Scott and McDonald are asking all the inhabitants of the planet to take one day
Electronic Arts launches The Sims Spark's reality show, the idea of which sounds like the dream of millions of gamers. All you need is to go through various trials in The Sims 4 in the fight for the top prize of $100,000. The show starts next week, 12 players will take part in it. The main
The Google Stadia gaming service was inaccessible to many gamers due to various restrictions. Among them were some users of Android smartphones, whose gadgets are incompatible with Stadia applications. Now all these restrictions have been lifted. Google as an experiment opens support for any
A few days after the official announcement of Star Wars: Quadrons, the first trailer appeared on the network, revealing the details of the gameplay. You can play at once on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and virtual reality support is announced for the last two platforms. EA emphasized that they took into
Last Wednesday, June 17, KFC Philippines opened a new restaurant - but it's not exactly what you might expect. Now the world-famous chain has its own restaurant in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons! In the "gaming branch" there is everything that can be found in an ordinary KFC institution.
YouTube blogger Funk Turkey, as a result of experiments with artificial intelligence, into which he previously "uploaded" the lyrics of Nirvana, received at the release a completely new song in the style of a cult group. One thing can be said about her artistic and musical merits: on an amateur.
# ing0 #. A mini-game called TitleRun, developed by the user under the nickname Janniks, is a kind of continuation/development of the well-known Chrome Dino Runner. The same accessibility, simplicity and unpretentiousness, but even simpler and more modest. To become a member of the game, you
On the YouTube channel of the famous director David Lynch, a new video appeared, called "Rabbits 1" (Rabbits, episode 1). Apparently, this is a reprint of the creepy series 20 years ago. Then the general public managed to see eight episodes, after which the web series disappeared from the network