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Universal sight pusher tool for handguns - easily remove/install sights on Glocks, 1911, sig , and o...
Material: High Quality Polymer Type: 7/8" 20mm Picatinny/Weaver Upper with 7 slots ,other with 3 slots Finish: Matte black Finish
The GEN 2 tool comes with standard blocks "ONLY" and is made for handguns with square sided slides. If you need a tool to fit slides with notched or angled sides please look at our other listings. This tool, like all of our products, is designed, built and supported by D.D.Machine we are not a
The TRUGLO Glo-Dot universal dual color shotgun sight is our original wing and clay sight in dual color. Fits all ventilated rib shotguns regardless of width or tapering. Extremely low profile. Fiber diameter is .120". Endorsed by Ducks Unlimited.
Includes the straight sided standard blocks or grip inserts. The standard grip insert is for straight-sided slides that can be found in some of the most popular firearm makes and models such as Glock handguns, the various makes of the 1911 pistol, and many others. Professional, advanced, versatile.
The 3rd Generation (Mk III) Universal Field Sight Pusher is the do-it-all solution for the home gunsmith. Not it only changes the dovetail sights of your guns (both front and rear), it also compacts as to fit a thin pocket of your range bag or a corner of your gun case. This helps you to always be
UM Tactical has created a universal pistol site mount that will fit most hand guns with a 1913 picatinny rail, tactical rail or accessory rail. This high quality piece is constructed from CNC machined aluminum and is finished in an attractive anodized matte black color. The piece is easily
VIRIDIAN GREEN LASER: This compact green tactical laser utilizes a precise 532nm wave length for a more visible targeting dot in day or night, indoors or outdoors. Class 3R Laser Product (Does not exceed Class IIIA emission limits), ≤ 5mW power output RADIANCE TECHNOLOGY: 100 Lumens of bright
Official product of Ultimate Arms Gear & ncstar, brand new, • adjustable top brace with plastic insert to secure the slide's vertical placement on the base platform. • Adjustable side braces with plastic inserts to secure the slides horizontal placement on the base platform. Includes two sets
• Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool designed for: Removal, Installation, and Adjusting windage of dovetailed rear sights for most Semi-Auto Pistol slides. • The Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool works with many types of semi-auto slides: full, compact, sub compact, & pocket sized semi-auto
The Rail Master Pro Universal Red Laser Sight & Tactical Light combines two tactical tools in a single compact unit. The versatile unit is designed to fit most modern pistols, rifles and shotguns with an M1913 Picatinny or Weaver-style accessory rail. A powerful red laser anchors the unit and