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Monster Stun Gun Rechargeable Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, 18,000,000-Volt
MONSTER STUN GUN: Delivering 25 million volts and alarmingly loud zapping sound, the stun gun deters and disables potential attackers. BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: Single powerful LED flashlight allows for quick identification or increased visibility in small areas. SAFETY & PROTECTION: Disable pin
Buy One Get one Free Two Shipped for the price of one. OEM Stuns R Us same as the one that comes with each Stun Gun Stun Gun Charging Cord - Universal for Several Models Fits Most models TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
MONSTER STUN GUN: Deploys a 16 million volt with dual sparks, with a hugely audible zap that stops any attacker dead in their tracks BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: Feel safe and seen in the dark with an ultra bright LED flashlight DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The heavy-duty aluminum body weighs just 0.35 lbs,