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Red Dot .308 Winchester Laser Boresighter/Boresight/Bore Sighter Hunting 308 243 REM Laser Bore Sigh...
Spent Shells Bore Sight .308 Winchester/7.62x51 Unlike other laser bore sighting systems that insert into the muzzle of the firearm, these are precisely engineered to fit into the chamber, ensuring exact and consistent laser alignment with the bore. Save time, money and frustration. You'll be bore
Excellent Performance The Micnaron bore sights features versatile tool to ensure an accurate aim and it is great ideal for hunting -Works good when sticking to pistols and rifles Compact Engineering -Help you sight in a new gun or check the zero on your scope after a turbulent flight or other
Just insert the batteries and screw the cap, so easy to installation and removal 5W Powerful red laser beam aligned with the bore axis for sighting to the point-of-aim without firing a shot Material: High Quality Brass LED Type: Visible Red Laser Weight: approx 26g Size:approx 5.2cm*1.3cm Package:
No more wasting ammo and money sighting or zeroing in your iron sights, red dots, or scopes. A common misconception that the rifle is sighted from the factory. Dead accurate sighting and zeroing your scope at 100 yards.