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Midland AVP8 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Packs for LXT Series GMRS Radios - Pair
Reliable Quality - EBL Replacement Rechargable Batteries EBL, since 1998, professional on batteries and chargers more than 17 years. More relible and professional. Safety Ensured, effectively profection over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, over-current & short-circuit protection Lower power
Arama B108L02 Pro D Shape Earpiece with PTT & Mic for Midland Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS Radios Alan Midland: G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G12, G225, G226, G227, G300, G300M M24, M48, M99, ALAN 421, 441, 443, 445 Sport, 445 BT, 451, 456R Marine Radio: MIDLAND Ocean, MIDLAND Pacific, MIDLAND
The Midland AVPH10 Shoulder Speaker Mic attaches to your Midland X-Talker radio and then attaches to your shoulder with a rotating clip making it easy to use while it’s mounted on your shoulder. Just plug it into the microphone-headphone port on your radio, and it’s ready to use. There’s an
Arama A600L02 Rainproof Lightweight Handheld Shoulder Speaker Mic with PTT for 2 PIN Midland GMRS FRS GXT LXT Two Way Radios(2Pack) Compatible Midland/Alan 2-pin Models:

Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS Radios Alan Midland:
G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G12, G225, G226, G227, G300, G300M
The Midland 21-406 is a high performance 4-Ohm extension speaker. The 20-Watt extension speaker can be used with CB or Marine Radios with a 3.5mm speaker output. The 21-406 features a swivel base and includes a cable with a 3.5mm plug.
Pair of Rechargeable Batteries for some GXT series radios Nickel metal hydride
2 Pack - Midland GXT710 Battery - Replacement for Midland BATT-5R Two-Way Radio Battery - Compatible with Midland GXT710, AVP-7, AVP7, BATT5R, BATT-5R, GXT-300, GXT-325, GXT-400, GXT-444, GXT-450, GXT-500, GXT-550, GXT-555, GXT-600, GXT-635, GXT-650, GXT-661, GXT-700, GXT-710, GXT-720, GXT-750,
Product descriptionProfessional style headset with boom microphoneFeatures rugged headset with an adjustable band Switchable PTT/VOX functionsBoom microphone flips up out of the way when not in useFor PTT Models 73-005A 73-030 75-400 75-501 75-785 75-786 75-810 75-820 75-822. VOX or PTT operation
Compatibility GXT Series: GXT250, GXT255, GXT300, GXT325, GXT400, GXT444, GXT450, GXT500, GXT550, GXT555, GXT560, GXT565, GXT600, GXT635, GXT650, GXT656,GXT661, GXT700, GXT710, GXT720, GXT735, GXT740, GXT750, GXT756, GXT757, GXT760, GXT771, GXT775, GXT785, GXT795, GXT800,GXT808,GXT850, GXT860,
The midland is a wide straight-brim felt fedora. It features a custom band and a faux-leather sweatband with Brixton logo.