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Hornady A308 Lock-N-Load 308 WIN Winchester Modified Case
Product DescriptionSpeed and efficiency save time and money. With the introduction of the Hornady Lock N Load Auto Charge, we have combined both in one extremely accurate system. This unit is quick to setup, easy to use, and exceptionally precise to within 0.1 grains, and has a scale capacity of
Cleans your brass inside and out Cleans small gun parts 80 watt Ceramic Heater Tank dimensions 7.25"X6"X3" Stainless Steel Tank
Shell plates for Lock-N-Load AP and Pro-Jector are available to fit most calibers. Each shell plate will also hold additional calibers with the same case head dimensions. Current shell plates are designed to fit Lock-N-Load AP (both EZ-Ject and wire ejector models) and Pro-Jector presses. #1. Fits:
The HORNADY TOOL lock-n-load shell plate would be a great addition to your reloading collection as a beginner or an experienced reloader.
The addition of a smooth radius to the mouth of each shell holder around the shell plate ensures smooth functioning-especially when the shell plate is used with the Lock N Load Case Feeder(sold separately). In addition, the bevel on the retainer spring groove helps keep the spring in place when
Auto-progressive reloading press for quickly switching dies and loading other calibers 5-station bushing system lets you change from 223 to 45 in less than 5 minutes EZject system reliably ejects every cartridge, every time, without adjustments Quick-change metering inserts; universal case retainer
Powder Through Expanders (PTX) are designed to work in conjunction with the Case Activated Powder Drop. These Expanders eliminate the need for a separate case mouth expander die on the AP progressive press, freeing up an extra station on your progressive press for a taper crip die or powder cop.
The Lock-N-Load powder measure offers the most flexible operation and the widest range of any measure on the market today. Not only can you switch powders and settings with a single button push, but add the proper accessories and the Lock-N-Load Powder Measure lets you meter charges from .5 to 265
Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Tube
Hornady Lock-N-Load Shell Plate #1 (22/250 Rem, 22/25 Ackley Imp., 5.6X57, 6MM Int., 6MM Rem Br., 6MM Creedmoor, 243 Win., 244/6MM Rem, 6MM/284, 240 WBY, 257 Roberts, 25/06 Rem, 25/284, 260 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5X57, 6.5/284, 6.5/06, 270 Win., 7MM Rem BR., 7MM/08 Rem, 7x57-7MM Mauser, 284 Win.,