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Uncle Mike's Deluxe Canvas Shell Pouch (Brown, One Size)
The Butler creek hot lips steel lips loader easily helps you keep hot lips and steel lips magazines full by pouring fifty. The field portable design makes transport easy, and the loader loads in line magazines. A fast and easy way to load in line magazines. Will work with all 22 long rifle
The Butler creek shotgun plug fits most gauge pump and automatic shotguns chambered for shells. It can be cut to the desired length to limit the magazine capacity to 2 rounds. The durable plastic will not collect moisture and possibly rust your gun like wooden plugs.
The unique quick detachable (QD) design stops the metal swivel body from contacting the gun. The close Machining tolerances provide smooth and silent operation. SPECIAL full band fore end stud installs on magazine tube of gun. Fits Winchester and Marlin Centerfire lever actions. Includes 1-full