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8.5 Native American Indian Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife Damascus Feather
Feature: Size: Approx. 26cm/10inch; deviation exists due to different measuring way. Weight: Approximately 1lbs Material: Soft Vinyl for life-like feel Vinyl Arms - Full Vinyl. Vinyl Legs - Full Vinyl. Eyes: Her eyes are vivid and bright. Hair: Hand painted hair, the color will not fade.
What Does UPF 50+ Mean?UPF, or, Ultraviolet Protection Factor is a rating system for measuring the degree of protection that a certain fabric provides. Ultraviolet rays represent a spectrum of sunlight energetic enough to harm human skin. A fabric with a UPF of 50 is dense enough to only let 1/50,
OMAВ® Indian Inspired Headdress Native American Style Headdress Real Feathers - LARGE SIZE 32"- 34"
Handmade - Please allow for minor variations in color and style. Price Per Piece. For hygenic reasons we cannot accept used Headdresses back. Damaged and used items are not returnable
This 41" high performance board is perfect for both "bombing hills" or just free riding & cruising around town. This board also features a unique laser etched graphic that is handcrafted to distinguish your board from all others. The deck is shaped in an open wheel "drop down" style which lowers
<span class=btitle>Description:</span><span class=btext>The 23" NEC MultiSync P232W joins the next generation of MultiSync P Series desktop monitors with key benefits for the areas of web graphics, online video and photography. This model's widescreen, IPS panel delivers great