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HIVIZ Spark II Fiber Optic Sight (Green)
HiViz Springfield Armory XD Interchangeable LITEWAVE front sight - Skeletonized sight body. Fits all Springfield XD, XDS and XD-M pistols except the XD 5.25 Includes three Lite Pipes in Red fiber optic family Lite Pipe, green and white and key to change Lite Pipes. The new LITEWAVE sight design
Ruger SR22 interchangeable style front sight, includes three LitePipes in green, red and white, carrying case and key. No fitting required sight locks in place with two set screws on the sight dovetail.
HiViz handgun sights have been redesigned. With an all-new square profile, sight picture acquisition time is reduced. Serrations on the rear of the sight base combine with a slightly recessed LitePipe to eliminate the "halo effect" common to many sights and increase the durability of the toughest
Ruger GP100 Wheel guns are one of the popular revolvers in the holsters of American Shooters. Hi-Viz has a front sight to make this iconic pistol look and perform better. Better, brighter sights make for better bullet groups. Durable and easy to install with minimal tools. Includes interchangeable
This competition sight system is made to replace existing beads. It features eight LitePipes in a variety of colors and diameters, and a quick-access carrying case to allow rapid LitePipe changes to match varying light conditions.
Hi-Viz Bird Buster Sight fits vent ribs from 1/4" to 3/8". Holds fast with the strength of a powerful magnet. Kit includes both round and triangular interchangeable LitePipes in bright red and bright green. Shoot better in the field, shoot with a Hi-Viz.
Hi-Viz Remington ETA-Easy Target Acquisition Magnetic Shotgun sight fits all Remington shotguns with 9/32" wide vent rib. Shoot better with your Remington scattergun! Kit includes six interchangeable LitePipes in red and green and round and triangular.
Hi Viz is very excited to offer a front sight for the new Ruger LCR with a steel base and our exclusive clear overmold design making it durable enough for the most extreme use. This sight has two unique features: the Litepipe has a square profile instead of round and the base is pre-drilled for the
"HiViz M300 Magnetic front shotgun sight. This magnetic base, shotgun front sight fits ribs from .218"" to .328"" (7/32"" - 21/64"", or 5.5mm - 8.3mm). It comes with two red, and two green, fiber optic family LitePipes. It fits the Remington (All field models), Browning (Gold 10-gauge, BPS,
Hi-Viz AR15 Front Sight fits the popular rifle in the U.S., is the AR and MP4 platform rifle. This sight helps make this iconic rifle more accurate with a super bright Hi-Viz sight. LitePipes are made of a chemical resistant material and injection molded to achieve maximum brightness and a