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Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born Grease 12cc Syringe
Our durable 8mm drill attachment for our Shotgun Cleaning Kit is constructed of anti-corrosive, high-grade stainless steel and easily attaches to a drill for a high-speed cleaning of your shotgun bore.
Non-toxic, Non-staining, Odorless, Non-flammable (Flashpoint of 150F) Removes all fouling, Leaves absolutely no residue behind Truly pH neutral, which means its safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydroprinting Made in the USA
Battle Born Grease is designed to be the highest quality, most advanced, lubricant available on the market. Our firearm grease is formulated with pure synthetic oils, shear stability additives and Sub-Micron size PTFE to protect against wear and corrosion from friction and moisture while
none Made in USA Withstands extreme temperature range, Rust and corrosion protection, Reduces friction and wear Water and steam resistant, Bio-degradable, Odorless Non-flammable, Non-toxic, Non-staining 100% Synthetic, Made in USA
Has the most extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, rust preventative, anti-foam and anti-wear additives to protect your firearm Non-toxic, Non-hazardous and non-staining, giving you the freedom to lubricate and protect your gun, knife, bow and fishing reel anywhere Nearly odorless formula perfect
Get everything you need for a simple and superior clean with our basic gun cleaning kit. It contains all the necessities for a quick and superior clean. Our Basic Kit contains three of our top rated cleaners and lubricants: Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent, Battle Born High Purity Oil, and
The new Breakthrough® Clean Battle Ropes™ are available in a wide variety of caliber widths, to cover all of your firearm cleaning needs. Designed to better clean the bore of your firearm, the Battle Rope’s integrated bronze brush and detachable hard bristle nylon brush provide twice the
Breakthrough Clean Bore Brushes feature stiff nylon bristles that easily attack heavy fouling, rugged brass core, and #8/32 thread for attachment to Breakthrough Clean stainless steel rods.