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IPSC & USPSA and 3 Gun Shooting Competition High Speed Belt
Designed by a World Champion for the equal balance of accuracy and speed required in all realms of Practical Shooting. The wider and also deeper rear notch combined with a fiber optic that sets in the very top of the front sight makes them unique and desirable for 'calling your shots' during high
Features: 100% high quality and brand new. Light weight, ABS Polymer strong and durable material. Designed for the Competitive Edge Expected by the Best. Fits Single Stack And Double Stack Magazines. Ambidextrous design for Left/Right Handed user. Fits mags for STI, SV, Para, Caspian, Bul M5,
The Super Ghost IDPA IPSC USPSA 3 Gun High Speed Competition Belts are very comfortable, yet rigid enough to securely carry any accessories that you require

1.5″ x .25″ Thick.
Note:Comes with both Inner & Outer Belt.

Black, Blue, Red &