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BOG-POD Rapid Shooting Rest Bog Pod Rapid Shooting Rest
INCLUDES: RLD-3, XSR and USR, three of our most popular items RLD-3 tripod has insulated, non-slip red hand grips, Xtreme Shooting Rest provides an extra steady rest for firearms, and the Universal Shooting Restв„ў is rubber-covered and won't damage firearm stocks Easily switch between accessories
3 Section Lightweight Aluminum legs Rubber retention Strap to attach bipod to gun Weighs approx. 19 oz
Three-section, telescoping legswith height markers for quick, exact length adjustments plus leg stops to prevent over extension Rapid adjust lever locks Can be used in sitting, kneelingor standing positions with legsextending from 22” to 68” Insulated, non-slip hand grips True tripod head for
The BOG-POD SSA clamps securely to a vehicle window to provide a steady viewing platform. The twoВ way rotating camera head allows you to tilt up and down and pan left and right. The adjustment handle allowsВ the SSA to glide smoothly and can be locked down securely. The accessory plate is 1 5/8" x
The SSM mounts directly to your rifle sling swivel stud. One end of the SSM can be mountedВ to any switcheroo compatible BOG-POD. The other end is a sling swivel stud, allowing youВ to mount your sling while the SSM is attached. Once the SSM is mounted to a BOG-POD itВ will stay mounted even if you
The Bog-Pod Xtreme Shooting Rest is designed to fit on any BOG-POD tripod. It allows a user to get a steadier rest in the field and have the firearm in the ready position eliminating extra movement.
The BOG-POD HD Series tripods feature larger leg tube sizes than standard BOG-POD shooting platforms providing the steadiest rest in the field. Perfect for use with high-end cameras and spotting scopes - steady yet still lightweight. The Switcheroo interchangeable head system which allows you to
The Bog-Pod CLD Series builds upon the standard for shooting sticks. Decked out in camouflage with black cushioned grips, Rapid Lock Leg adjustment, and screw out spike feet, the CLD-3 is ready for a rock solid performance even in the toughest environments. Whether you're prone, sitting or