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Practice Handcuff Lockpicking Clear Cuff Cutaway
SABRE practice canisters help you to maximize your effectiveness with SABRE products when tasked with deterring and escaping a threat. These situations can be stressful which increases the importance of product familiarity and experience. This SABRE tool prepares you which increases your safety!.
The keychain is very simple to use. This unit has a safety actuator. When you slide the red actuator to the left it is on safety and can not be fired or misfire on you. Sliding the red actuator to the right takes the unit to what I call hot position and ready to fire. The red actuator must be FULLY
Dimension: Knife Size: Length: 23.2cm (unedged), Blade length: 9.5cm (unedged), Blade thickness: 0.3cm, Shank length: 13.5cm, Blade width: 1.8cm. Comb Size: Length: 22.7cm (unedged), Blade length: 9.5cm (unedged), Blade thickness: 0.3cm, Shank length: 13.5cm. Weight:180g. Hardness:56HRC. Surface
440C Stainless Steel Practice Folding Dull Blade Butterfly Trainer Knife/ Black This Butterfly Training Dull Blade Knife is perfect for learning how to use the real thing with out all the cuts and bruising to the hands. No loctite required, just tighten the pivot screws until they stay in. This
MAKE SHOOTING MORE FUN These Kenley self-healing, bouncing targets make shooting more fun. Set these 6 targets up like bottles on a rail, stump or table or hang them up with the rope included in the set. NO SHARDS, NO MESS These self-healing targets won’t shatter or break, so you can have all the
The Eagle Claw Practice Casting Plug is great for children to practice their casting skills in the backyard. It is also great for practicing with baitcasting reels to develop proper techniques. The Eagle Claw Practice Casting Plug is constructed of rubber and weighs 3/8 ounce. Each package contains
The Form rod offers beginners and veteran fly casters alike a fun way to practice their casting and improve their form. Redington worked with the folks at RIO Products to custom design a 30’ fly line with integrated leader that matches the action of the Form exactly, allowing casters to
Product DescriptionStart LANDING skateboarding tricks at any age. Bummed on your progress? Don't know where to start? You have to see this simple and innovative skate tool. Mobile users click on the arrow to see the video. If you are on desktop, scroll down. • Skater Trainer is great for kids of
Product DescriptionThis exciting activity book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. Use the pen to fill in each activity, from coloring in counters to tracing numbers, and see hidden colors and pictures appear with every stroke! Then simply let the page dry to erase the pictures
Learn the art of poi spinning with flowtoys crystal poiв„ў! This fantastic art form is great for kids and adults, integrating dance and creative exploration of movement with skill-based prop manipulation. Crystal Poi: A pair of all-new revolutionary flowlight-full spectrums in crystal cases -