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Dead Down Wind Wind Detector
The only triple action laundry on the market. Enzyme ScentPrevent technology cleans, deodorizes & even helps extend the life of garments. Advanced enzyme formula removes even the toughest stains, like blood and grass. Broad spectrum odor elimination protects you from both organic and inorganic
These Dryer Sheets knock out the residual odor in dryers coupled with antistatic performance. The only 100% biodegradable sheet in our category. Use one sheet for medium loads and two sheets for larger loads.
An exceptional 10 piece kit for the outdoorsman includes: 8 oz laundry detergent, 12 oz field spray, 16 oz field spray Refill plus 3 pac-it refills, ambush 5-color face paint, 4.5 oz bar soap + travel case, SPF 30 Lip Balm.
Knocks out body odor and a broad spectrum of residual or contact odors with a skin positive Enzyme formulation. Continues working on the body's Major scent areas even after showering. Did you know some bacteria do not produce an odor until they die or you kill them a common example of this is
The Grand Slam kit is everything you need for a successful hunt! kit includes: 12 oz laundry detergent, bar soap, 2 oz hand Sanitizer, 12 oz Evolve 3D field spray, Pac-it field spray refills, 22 GM wind checker, and a an embroidered fleece skullcap.