Comments about Hardware

The US Department of Energy's National Acceleration Laboratory took the first test pictures to test the new camera and set an unprecedented record. The fact is that the received frame has a fantastic resolution of 3200 megapixels. For example, if you take a picture of the earth's surface from the
Japan, following South Korea, has every chance of becoming another densely populated country where the issue of quarantine in major cities will have to be urgently addressed. The Chinese authorities have managed in large part thanks to developed communication and transport systems, which allow
Samsung, the leader in the SSD market, has further strengthened its position with the release of the new SSD Series PM1733 and PM1735. 19 modifications are presented at once, covering all categories, from HHHL to 2.5-inch U.2. Memory ranges from 0.8 TB to 30 TB, but most importantly, these drives
by At the SIGGRAPH conference the Nvidia company has presented several novelties at once. Of them the eighth company platform with the name Turing which is distinguished by deep study of trace of beams is already called main. The new architecture of GPU which is realized in three Quadro RTX
It seems that times of spray paints and bright graffiti on walls can sink into oblivion. To spoil walls, much more technological means has appeared. Also it is called of FireWriter .
Many modern users complain of the shortage of the built-in memory in the computers and mobile gadgets. But the German scientists have found the solution of this problem. They have developed the way allowing to increase the capacity of the hard drive in 20 times . New development of scientists
The Dutch scientists have developed the smallest autopilot in the world . He is intended for use in tiny robot planes. Engineers from Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory from the Delft University of Technology (Delft, the Netherlands) have developed the tiny autopilot which has received the name
At the moment the most powerful mobile processor consists of eight kernels. It is Samsung Exynos 5 Octa which includes four kernels of ARM Cortex-A15 and four kernels of ARM Cortex-A7. But the American scientists have already outdone the South Korean producer, having developed the 110-core
Has presented the new development – ultrathin loudspeakers . As expected, they will be used in tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops and TVs. New loudspeakers have received the name Smart Sonic Sound. They consist of the piezoelectric actuator and a special thin film. The Smart Sonic Sound
Researchers of the University of Vienna of technologies have developed the system of game virtual reality realizing interesting model of movement. The player who is on the special platform will be able to take steps on the place diversely. And the virtual character, repeating his actions, will move
The Unique chip developed in NASA will allow to increase significantly operating time of the mobile devices using technology of communication of Wi-fi. The employee of Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA Adrian Tang and professor of the University of California of Los Angeles (UCLA) Frank Chiang have
According to many scientists, optical quantum computers will succeed current electronic in the nearest future. Work of the joint team of the scientists representing the University of Bristol and the Nippon Telegraph & Telephone company became break in this direction. They have developed the
Modern smartphones have a high computing capacity. Most of them have separate processors for graphics. It does them by more productive, than there were desktop computers 10 years ago. However specialists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to develop the microchip which will make
From within Every year cooling systems of electronic devices become more effective what opens opportunities for scientists to create more powerful and difficult chips. Within the research ICECool program organized by DARPA, the military corporation Lockheed Martin develops new technology of cooling
the Known expression of Voland from "Master and Margarita": "Manuscripts don't burn", alas, isn't true. The fires, floods, dampness and just time are ruthless not only to books, movies, sound recordings, but also to more modern carriers and stores of information – to CD disks and their younger
To reach the next to us Alf Zentawr's star present spaceships need 18000 years. Calculations have shown that for commission of this travel to acceptable time limits, years for 20, not the huge spaceship, but the tiny nanochip is necessary. It is much simpler to disperse him to the one fifth
Architecture of the personal computer where information is stored in one module, calculations happen in another, and there are tires for data transmission between them, has become morally outdated last century. However effective commercial devices "all-water" became available only recently. The
the Intel Corporation has presented to new type of computer memory which can make a revolution in the industry of computer technologies. Innovative development has received the name 3D XPoint. She combines functions of two types of memory and will allow to create storages of information which