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# ing0 #. The company 3Doodler updated its lineup by releasing a new Pro Plus handle. The main goal of the developers is to get rid of associations with toys, entertainment, change the image of the pen for 3D printing and present it as a professional tool. At the same time, the essence and
Most users of iPhone latest models with iOS14 do not even suspect that their smartphone has replenished with another - invisible - "button," which is called Back Tap ("Touch from behind"). Thanks to Back Tap, one solid "button" becomes the entire rear panel of the smartphone. To activate certain
One of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers, China's Xiaomi Corp. announced work on creating new wireless chargers. In turn, an 80-watt model that is able to charge a battery with a capacity of 4000 ma┬Ěch by 50 & nbsp;% in 8 minutes and completely in 19 minutes. Xiaomi's previous
Another novelty from Sony is the spatial reality display, first presented on the CES-2020 as "Eye-Sensing Light Field Display." Its current name is SR Display. True, not all holographic content lovers will receive such a device - its price is $5,000. SR Display consists of a 15.6-inch 4k LCD
Termenvox - a unique electronic musical instrument created by the outstanding Soviet scientist Lev Sergeyevich Termen, turned 100 years old. In honor of this event, the famous music synthesizer manufacturer Moog introduced its modern version - Clarovox Centennial, named after the virtuoso of the
Studies show that the virus is COVID-19 able to stay on smooth surfaces, like screens of various mobile devices, paper and metal money, much longer than the flu virus. Researchers from the National Science Agency of Australia have found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus remains viable on the surface of a
In September, Apple officially updated the iOS to 14 versions, and many users had a question - what do the orange and green dots that appeared at the top of their iPhone screens mean. There were rumors that these points are somehow related to spyware and show when Apple eavesdrops and looks at
Good news for fans of the World of Warcraft universe - Blue has released a new model of the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition microphone. It is aimed at avid gamers, professional streamers and just lovers of high-quality acoustics. The main feature of the microphone is that it allows you to speak
The light swords used by the Jedi and Siths in the Star Wars universe are built on technologies that are inaccessible to us. But that doesn't mean we can't do anything like that. Engineer and blogger James Hobson, better known under the pseudonym Hacksmith, designed the most advanced version of
C-Face - this is the name of unusual headphones developed by scientists at Cornell University, which, in addition to the main function, have the ability to "peek" at the expression of the user's face. At the same time, even the protective mask that has become familiar does not interfere with them.
The use of compost box is an ideal way to dispose of food waste, but the process of compost formation can last up to several weeks. At the same time, as a rule, it is accompanied by a persistent unpleasant smell that attracts harmful insects. The Kalea artificial composting device, developed by a
Due to unprecedented fires in California and throughout the West Coast of the United States, local firefighters are in short supply. For example, at present they do not have a single free drone with fireballs, and their operators work around the clock. These machines performed well last year, but
Many bicycle owners prefer to do without protective helmets while riding, considering them clumsy and bulky. Newton-Rider's Danish helmet intends to completely refute these established ideas. From the inside, Newton-Rider is lined with a flexible stretch insert connected to external parts, which
Today, dog owners have a huge assortment of feed that meets the most demanding requirements. The Kibus device, developed by a group of Spanish engineers, will help prepare a heated appetizing dish from dry food, which will be enough for several days and will be served strictly at certain times.
# ing0 #. When a user receives an unfamiliar word when reading electronic text, it is enough to select it, and the rest will search Google, sending to the desired source. The developers of the Googstick device went further - they adapted this process for texts printed on paper. To bring
Startup Virtuix is currently developing the Omni One home VR treadmill. It is a full fitness controller that gives the user the opportunity to run, jump and squat without leaving the place. The creation of the device is expected to be completed by mid-2021. Omni One is different from regular
Everyone knows the feeling that when we left home we left the iron on or forgot to turn off the water. Amazon introduced a solution to this problem in the spirit of time - the Ring Always Home Cam flying camera, which will allow you to quickly look at what is happening at home at this very moment.
Games in virtual reality cause a lot of positive emotions, but moving in them involves certain problems: a virtual character can move rapidly, while the player himself remains in place. Such a discrepancy leads to pumping, and for those who move in the real world there is a real danger of
Full-frame mirrorless cameras, with all the undeniable advantages as an image, still remain very expensive and heavy due to bulky lenses, which, often, exceed the size of the camera itself. Sony has just proposed a solution to this problem - a compact full-frame mirror-free Alpha 7C camera,
Canon launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a point-and-shoot handheld camera PowerShot Zoom. The chamber has the shape of a small monocular, which is convenient to control with the help of a thumb. Its dimensions are 33x50x103 mm. Inside is a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and a combination
To date, there are many sets on the market that allow you to turn a regular bike into an electric bike. Most of them involve the installation of a motor wheel, but there are also unusual solutions. One of them is the Elevate system, which is installed on top of the rear brake disc. Elevate was
Facebook Reality Labs chief researcher Michael Abrash spoke about the development of "perceptual superpowers" technology, which will be implemented in the company's future smart headset. He emphasized the function of improving hearing through augmented reality methods. In some ways, it is an
Researchers at Northwestern University (USA) and the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), led by Josiah Hester and Przemyslaw Pavelczak, developed the ENGAGE manual game console, which does not have a battery, since its sources of power are solar energy and the movements of the user
Human curiosity sometimes brings unusual and also useful results. So a Twitter user under the nickname Foone Turing once dismantled an electronic pregnancy test, suddenly realized that he had a nearly full-fledged computer in front of him, with much greater capabilities than a PC 30 years ago.
Regular blood sugar checks throughout the day and timely insulin injections are not such a simple task even for a disciplined diabetic. What to say about those cases when the patient who needs them is a small child. But soon the situation may change. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The fame of JAXJOX was brought in 2019 by the Kettlebell Connect smart weight with adjustable weight, which is able to track user activity. Next was a Foam Roller Connect massage roller with five levels of vibration intensity. Another novelty of the company is an interactive home fitness studio.
Startup Auctify has launched a fundraiser for a smart glasses project called Specs. Their key feature is the ability to observe the actions of the user, determine periods of his inactivity and demand to stop idling. But all this is in a soft form, not as a overseer, but as a friendly helper who
Researchers from the American University of Purdue have developed a new technology that can turn any sheet of paper or cardboard into a waterproof keyboard that does not require a power source. During the development of the keyboard, a special water repellent and anti-dust coating was used, which
The young inventor Mars Kapadia from Gilbert, Arizona (USA), is only 16 years old, of which he spent the last year and a half developing his own version of smart glasses. The source of inspiration for him was the intelligent system E.D.I.T.H. from films about Tony Stark, but the teenager
Polaroid launched the Hi-Print handheld photoprinter. With it, pictures from a smartphone in less than a minute turn into 6 x 9 cm stickers, which can then be pasted onto lockers, laptop covers, backpacks or photo albums. With the departure of film photography technology in 2008, the history of
Nostalgia for cassette players is still alive in the memory of several generations. And although no one uses film cassettes, from time to time various startups make attempts to revive the format of the player itself in one form or another. One of the latest developments in this area is the Pl8ty
LG Electronics has adapted its air cleaning technology into a face mask PuriCare equipped with a power supply, an air cleaner with two n13 HEPA filters, multi-speed fans and a UV sterilizing case. The wearable air cleaner is PuriCare attached to the face with ear belts, like a conventional mask,