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The RS80 is a Phase Lock Loop digital AM/FM Tuner designed and built for professional applications such as remote radio station trucks and repeaters, church and school installations, as well as night clubs and restaurants. Up to 40 FM and AM stations may be stored. RDS ( Radio Data System) Display.
Product descriptionSamsung SIR-T451 High Definition Terrestrial Tuner - Many large-screen TV models that are HDTV compatible do not usually include a TV tuner capable of receiving free HDTV broadcasts. This is the ATSC tuner that you need to do so. Samsung is the leader in manufacturing these
One Box - Two Digital Tuners - Anywhere on Your Network/Dual Digital Network Attached Tuner Device/Watch - Pause - Record Digital and HD Content from Over-the-Air and Cable from any computer on your home network system. Cross OS Compatible with Windows/MAC/Linux. Total Media DVR software included.
Product DescriptionTerrestrial HD receiverAmazon.comWhether you're upgrading your PC or your HD-ready TV to full high-definition status or paving the way to buy an HD-ready set sometime soon, Samsung's SIR-T351 digital TV receiver is a cost-effective and versatile component for your entertainment
Product DescriptionHDT-1 HD/AM/FM Radio component Tuner adds HD Radio Technology to your Home Theater System with graphic LCD display, Program Associated Data Services, Display indicates call sign, channel frequency, data rate, radio text, audio mode, service mode, signal quality, signal strength,
Description 1.BSTUOKEY 3X1 HDMI Switcher 1.4V with ARC,3D and high Fidelity function can connect multi HD sources with one HD display can switch any one of the four HD sources to one HD display or HD projector very eassely.also the signal can support extra audio out by the optical
The LDG AT-100ProII is the next step in the evolution of the automatic tuner. This desktop tuner covers all frequencies from 1.8 – 54 MHz, and will automatically match your antenna in no time. Updated features include an LED indicator for antenna selection and an LED to indicate when in bypass.
Create an artificial ground with the MFJ-931! It effectively places your rig near actual earth ground potential even if your rig is on the second floor or higher with no earth ground possible! It electrically places far away RF ground at your rig. Hows your RF ground? Do you have RF "hot spots"
The MFJ-941E gives you a 300 Watt antenna tuner that covers everything from 1.8 - 30 MHz -- plus you get a lighted Cross-Needle meter with on/off switch, antenna switch and a 4:1 balun! (The light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D * Not included) MFJs lighted Cross-Needle meter shows SWR,
Product DescriptionThe Yamaha T-S500BL Home Theater AM/FM Tuner is a user-friendly tuner that provides convenient tuning functions and a high visibility, two-line display, all with Yamaha's new HiFi component design that matches other new products in the latest Yamaha home theater line.From the
The Fishman Ft-2 Digital Chromatic Tuner Provides Quick And Accurate Tuning For Most Instruments With A Simple Flip. Clip It On, Flip Up The Display And The Ft-2 Powers-On. Flip It Back Down When You'Re Done Tuning Shut If Off. The Large, High-Contrast, Backlit Display Is Easy To Read And Shows
S-ciing:AV to HDMI Converter This converter works great with either 720p or 1080p TVs, and the output mode is easily selectable with a switch on the device. This converter's advanced processing allowing you to get the clearest picture quality possible with optimal color and detail reproduction.
More Hams use MFJ-949s than any other antenna tuner in the world! Why? Because the worlds leading antenna tuner has earned a worldwide reputation for being able to match just about anything. Full 1.8-30MHz Operation Custom designed inductor switch, 1000 volt tuning capacitors, Teflon insulation
Product DescriptionThe Polk Audio XRT12 Reference Tuner is the first component XM tuner and it is the performance reference standard for all XM tuners. It is specifically engineered to complement your current audio components with digital and analog outputs and a full featured remote control. It
* iPod compatible USB input allows for direct connection with an iPod* Records .wav files onto USB Flash Drive or SD Card from Tuner & RCA inputs* 128 kbps/44.1 KHz sampling rate on .wav file recordings* Track title, track number & elapsed time will display for USB/SD Card inputs* Bluetooth
Product DescriptionUp to 30 FM and 30 AM Programmable Station Memories/Digital Tuning/Multifunction Screen/Clock and Timer/Remote ControlAmazon.comIdeal for audiophiles who like to build their systems piece by piece, the Teac TR-670 offers precise, high-end AM/FM tuning so you can enjoy your
Amazon.comSignature Series(tm) by Harman Kardon represents the finest expression of Power for the Digital Revolution(tm) product design. Each Signature component is engineered for maximum versatility and visual and operational elegance. Most importantly, each Signature Series component delivers
Product DescriptionReceive your FREE local over-the-air high-definition programming broadcasted in your area using the Digital Stream HD1150 HDTV receiver. With a HDTV monitor, off-air/terrestrial antenna, and our HD1150, you can receive the best high-definition picture available today! All for NO