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The U.S. Government has huge amount of secretion, but only the true adherent of conspiracy theory could assume that one of these secrets is "psychoelectronic" weapon. It became known from information which was obtained by the MuckRock non-profit organization specializing in giving of requests in
To Marines of the USA performance of the missions requires the compact flying UAV which can not only conduct investigation of the area or keep in contact, but also if necessary turn into the shock drone kamikaze supplied with a powerful charge. After nearly two decades of the conflicts, mainly
The Gremlin Project which by request of the DARPA agency is carried out by the Dynetics company, has passed into a stage of flight tests now. We will remind that within this project development of small drones which will be started from a board of the strategic V-52, V-1V bombers and the transport
by the PEARL System developed by the French company Metravib is equipped with acoustic sensors which can define a source of shots during fight. The device is very compact that allows to install it on Pikatinni's level or on a helmet. PEARL fixes the shock waves arising in the course of
Of Third Arm – the next ambitious project of U.S. Army which purpose – to create "the third hand" for the soldier by means of which he will be able to distribute more evenly the weight of heavy weapon, reducing physical activities. The predecessor of Third Arm – M56 Smartgun, additional
by the American military industrial complex didn't develop new a gun machine guns since World War II — that is, more than 70 years. Within the Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) program the Pentagon has bought at the same time from 10 leading American and European weapon companies prototypes of
The Commander of US Navies admiral John Richardson has reported about intention to transfer functions of missile defense from the fleet to ground forces because of physical wear of the ships and importance of performance of other missions by them. As reports online edition DefenceNews,
Places where use of UAVs is strictly forbidden Exist. The airports, prisons, government and military facilities treat them. But even the most strict bans don't stop violators. Then UAVs fighters come into effect. DroneCatcher – a child of the Dutch company Delf Dynamics, created with assistance
The Amfibiyny park of US Marine Corps considerably has become outdated: the samples of the equipment which are adopted nowadays have been developed in far the 70th. The floating AAV car was the main transport fighting unit of the case of nearly 40 years (crew — 3 persons; capacity – 21
France and Germany start development of the new fighter. So ambitious project will demand considerable financial investments and the most advanced technologies. It is supposed that it will be taken advantage in the early forties. In an arsenal of the perspective car – the ample opportunities
According to the program of rearmament, shock helicopters of U.S. Army will be equipped with anti-tank missiles of JAGM (Joint Air Group Missile) instead of the well-known AGM-114 Hellfire taken advantage in the 80th years. The Hellfire rocket has been developed for destruction of the Soviet
is developed by While the USA prepares for star wars, the Chinese engineers develop the most modern land weapon — laser. One of their last developments – the laser ZKZM-500 assault rifle capable to set fire to flammable objects and to cause heavy burns. As the Hong Kong newspaper South
Emergence of a new prototype of the fighter of the 5th generation – one more confirmation that work on his creation is close to end. Most likely it is about finishing touches in shape of already almost ready fighting vehicle. For the first time T-50-9 has flown up from airfield in
with Already shortly possibilities of Russia in the field of radio-electronic fight will increase, thanks to the special helicopters UAVs representing the flying antenna. With their help the range of the REB earth-based stations will repeatedly increase. At the moment there takes place
the Ruthless logic of war is in most cases directed by to causing to the opponent of the most irreparable injury. Rapid development of military technologies and creation all of new means of mass destruction is explained by it. The special cruelty from them distinguishes the expansive bullets now
By convention to the new aircraft carrier the name of one of U.S. Presidents – Gerald R. Ford has been appropriated. About fighting opportunities of the ship to speak so far early, but nevertheless one record is broken by it – he has cost the American taxpayers 13 billion dollars. Construction of
The Scheme of joint stock company is a peculiar bicycle (removal of powder gases on the piston putting the system of a perezaryazhaniye in action) which already precisely you shouldn't invent, but it is possible to improve in the spirit of the times, using the most modern technologies. The Israeli
Specialists of the Russian RTI concern have developed the unique radar for detection of the pinpoint land targets. With his help, for example, now it is possible to find the soldiers of the alleged opponent who are taking refuge in the dense wood. The device has received the name "Multipurpose
T-50 — not the just modern warplane. His emergence speaks about two very important events: it is the first production fighting vehicle which is completely developed during the Post-Soviet period; still it is the first Russian fighter of the fifth generation. Background In the
to Authors of development – engineers of TsNIITochMash. It became logical continuation of the fighting Ratnik equipment which is already created and taken advantage. According to many foreign and Russian experts, the novelty something reminds equipment of characters of legendary series "Star
Now officers of US Navies test the 30 kW first-ever fighting laser intended for destruction of land, sea and air targets. By estimates of participants of tests, the laser hits the targets with velocity of light more precisely than a bullet. Tests take place in the Persian Gulf onboard the transport
At modern shock types of arms new very important characteristic – existence of artificial intelligence has appeared. The head of Tactical Missile Armament corporation Boris Obnosov has reported about work on creation of "clever" cruise missiles within the MAKS-2017 air show. Rockets are intended
have begun As the representative of Management of naval researches of the USA (ONR) has reported, laboratory researches of an electromagnetic relsotron have come to the end, and after a number of serious completions his developers are ready to start polygon tests of new type of weapon. It is
Rumours about "A great underwater wall" which will seal the South China Sea from unfriendly the People's Republic of China of the Navies, have received indirect confirmation. It is about the new quantum magnetometer – it finds submarines for hundreds of kilometers. Magnetometers find submarines
Not only luxury cars and engines – this week the British company Rolls-Royce announced construction of completely autonomous naval vessel. It is the UAV of new type which on dimensions and functionality isn't inferior to the regular ships of the royal fleet. And it can become his part in 10 years.
In May of the 2016th the Lockheed Martin company has reported on use of a grant of $8 million for development of experimental system of automation of control of helicopter. The device of the Sikorsky S-76 model has successfully flown up, has taken several detours and has landed without pilot in a
Using the practices in the sphere of fight against UAVs by means of the laser, the Lockheed Martin corporation is ready to go further – to learn to destroy ballistic missiles on the initial site of flight. Has allocated 9,4 million dollars for this program calculated for 9 months, the missile
South Korean military have allowed deliberate information leakages to journalists about plans to ship the northern neighbor in man-made darkness. The plan under the name "Deadly Chain" is based on mass blow to the territory of DPRK ammunition like "bomb for blackout". They will kill nobody (unless
In the research center of the Bell Helicopter company in Amarillo for the first time rotors for a new konvertoplan of Bell V-280 Valor have been tested at full capacity. In comparison with the power plant of his predecessor, V-22 Osprey, here engines are taken out out of limits of rotor gondolas
K U.S. Army plan to deploy 2020 in Europe crew from 80 Abrams M1 tanks which are fully completed by the system of active protection "The Trophy". She is from Israel – completely automated means of interception of everything, than the opponent can shoot at the tank. Her purpose – destruction of an
Research division of the U.S. Air Force — AFRL invested 26,3 million dollars in Lockheed Martin concern for development of the fighting laser for fighters. It is expected that his tests will begin in 2021. The decision has been made after successful test of the LaWS system (Laser Weapon
Japan and Great Britain have for the first time combined the efforts in development of the best in the world (according to them) rockets of the class "air-air" which will surpass all existing analogs. As expected, will take of it advantage at the end of the 2020th years to equip fighters of the 5th