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The recent blow to objects of oil-extracting infrastructure of Saudi Arabia once again confirmed an indisputable fact – UAVs became the mass weapon posing a serious threat. Just the Pentagon notified the U. S. Congress on acquisition of a system of microwave weapon of PHASER for destruction of
The Ministry of Defence of Great Britain ordered three working prototypes of laser and radio-frequency weapon for the needs. The project according to him and to testing is estimated at 130 million pounds sterling. The beginning of field tests which will pass by the ships of Royal Naval Forces and
The Australian company DroneShield expanded a line of the arms intended for fight against UAVs. Next novelty — DroneGun MkIII suppresses frequencies at which control units work as UAVs. Important feature of weapon – they can operate with one hand. Current devices from DroneShield —
When not so long ago Elon Musk put on the market a manual flame thrower very few people apprehended it seriously – the toy is a toy, let and expensive. Unlike it, the Throwflame company positions the child of TAS-19 WASP as the full-fledged tool for the solution of applied tasks. It is a pendant
The leading American mass media along with Donald Trump reported that calculation of the landing USS Boxer ship destroyed the Iranian UAV in the Strait of Hormuz, having for the first time used the system of fight against the MADIS UAV (Marine Air Defense Integrated System). The technology of
The program of development of fighting vehicles with remote control of "Carmel" was deployed in Israel three years ago, and last Sunday showed to the press working prototypes. The first impression generates associations at once with computer games as the operator operates heavy armored vehicles
As reported online edition Defense News, US Navy (US NAVY) plans to use surface vessels UAVs as an escort for escort of other fighting ships. This step can become the response to large investments of China and Russia in the similar developments creating threats to aircraft carriers of the USA.
#img0# consists in. On January 17, acting in the Pentagon, the U. S. President Donald Trump sounded the strategy of the administration in the field of missile defense. Strategy assumes a number of the new ideas — in particular, equipment of F-35 removers of ballistic missiles, use of
Information that in Russia development of the heavy shock UAV periodically is conducted appeared in media for several last years. And here, it seems, this long-awaited "baby bird" at last arose from egg: in network the first photos of the latest Russian UAV towed on a runway appeared. Is known
At all times for YouTube there were enough video topics with bright pyrotechnic effects. Also the last video of FullMag channel did not become an exception. Its participants decided neither more nor less "to check for durability" worldly-wise Land Rover LR3, having fired in it from the gun of
Media knew that on one of islands in the South China Sea there can be a heavy-duty tool of U. S. Army. In case of war with China Americans with its help will be able to destroy objects in a radius over 1850 km. Main goal — the Chinese military bases which are in this region on
As the Russian mass media reported, by frigates of the Navy of Russia "Admiral Gorshkov" and "Admiral Kasatonov" are established to the station of visual and optical hindrances 5P-42 "Eagle owl", the Rostec State corporations developed by Roselektronika holding. "Eagle owl" — non-lethal
As showed the last incident at Gatwick Airport, UAVs become serious threat to security to planes of civil aviation. In this regard specialists of U. S. Army started creation of ammunition to an under-barrel grenade launcher for destruction of unknown UAVs. The experimental 40-mm grenade was
As the legend says, in 212 the Greek mathematician Archimedes for reflection of the attack of the Roman fleet suggested to use huge parabolic mirrors, having concentrated light in which, it was going to set fire to the enemy ships. Throughout two millennia people not once tried to use luminous
From the moment of the first emergence of the latest Russian Armata T-14 tank on a parade in honor of the Victory Day in 2015 there passed nearly 4 years. Since then the date of its acceptance on arms was postponed several times – licked a tank "into shape". As reported sources from MO of
At the pilotless submarine of development Boeing several names. The first – XLUUV (Extra Large Unmanned Vehicle). The second – "Orca" ("Killer whale"). Contract value of US Navy and Boeing corporation on delivery of four underwater independent devices is about 43 million dollars. Orca is
The contract signed in 1967 forbidding deployment of nuclear, biological and chemical weapon in space did not assume that the USA will find an easy way to bypass it. The way was that from space to Earth the linking of tungsten cores by thickness about a cable column which as approaching a surface
Federal district court of Texas sent 42-year-old Eric McGinnis to prison for eight years for the fact that at it the unregistered rifle and ammunition were found. McGinnis could not and did not want to register them because purposefully deceived the law, having created a dangerous precedent. He
The division of U. S. Army which is responsible for signing of the contracts (Army Contracting Command) suggested potential industrial contractors and research teams to present the ideas which will help with creation of the advanced fighting ATLAS system (Advanced Targeting and Lethality
The new "diversionary device" Enhanced Diversionary developed by the Liberty Dynamic — company; it is full modernization of a traditional stun grenade which is run by the computer and has bigger efficiency and safety. The Flashbang stun grenades became popular in the 1970th years in
Practically along with emergence of tanks on fields of World War I means for fight against them began to be created. For many decades the arisen opposition represented the well-known scheme: the armor quicker tanks became thicker, the anti-tank artillery was more powerful. The anti-tank
Already nobody doubts that shock UAVs will become full participants of future military conflicts — and the first flight of the jet Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV which took place on March 5 on the U. S. Army ground YUMA in Arizona, to one more volume confirmation. It is the Kratos Unmanned
The high-energy laser with the integrated system of optical dazzle HELIOS is intended for destruction of small boats and the UAV. As the representative of command of US Navy reported, the first such laser will be installed on the destroyer of the class "Arleigh Burke" of the Pacific fleet in
Data leaked to the Web that else last year the Russian concern "Almaz-Antey" registered in Federal Service for Intellectual Property the patent for the UAV interceptor, something the reminding flying AK-47. From the images submitted by Rospatent it is visible that in the center of the UAV there
A few days ago it became known of obtaining by Almaz-Antey concern the patent for the UAV armed with a carbine of other known Russian concern – "Kalashnikov". Now this uncommon subject received continuation. Scientific MAI uploaded on YouTube the video in which flight of the drone created by
The Defense News edition began the publication of a cycle of articles devoted to nuclear weapons of the USA and everything that is connected with it. Among the first the well-known strategic B-2 bomber executed according to the scheme "flying wing" received the review. Its cabin, the place of
The The Wall Street Journal edition published data on the secret weapon which is adopted at the American intelligence agencies. It is about an aviation bomb with the minimum radius of defeat, but with the big destructive power which is intended for exact defeat of the opponent. For features of
The modern technique of land defense means creation of means of "counteraction of mobility" which do not allow the opponent to use the high-speed equipment or fast maneuvers for the attack of positions. These are ditches, a barbed wire, minefields and other constructions which overcoming under
The Destroyer Taytszyuproizoshlo another milestone event which is throwing down a challenge to world leadership of the USA. On the available data, Naval Forces of their main strategic rival – China already advance US Navy by the number of the fighting ships "with the account" 300 against 287.
The Turkish company Albayraklar Group just presented a novelty – a non-lethal taser in the form of a gun under the name Wattozz. Differs from the classical tasers shooting needles with the wires attached to them through which there passes paralyzing electric discharge of Wattozz in the fact that
On video which was shot by the serviceman of forces of defense of Finland Samuli Haapla by means of the DJI Phantom UAV it is possible to see results of work of systems of volley RM-70 fire. Within a minute the Finnish gunners on the set square released about 240 122-mm rockets. Samuli Haapla
Rifles and machine guns of the next generation of U. S. Army will become "much cleverer", thanks to the technologies borrowed from tank computers and advanced smartphones. In particular, with their help the small arms of the American soldiers will be able to trace the purposes and to