Monster Hunter: World - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Monster Hunter: World - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Monster Hunter: world sees players Gear up to Venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, progressively improving their hunting abilities as they play. Loot collected from Fallen foes can be used to create new equipment and armor upgrades as players seamlessly move across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems. The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role as players strategically use the surrounding environment to their advantage. Hunters must use their cunning and abilities to survive the intense and evolving fights as they battle to become the Ultimate Hunter.

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Comments / reviews:
I don't usually write reviews but the reviews here are so inexplicably salty that I had to get mine in.

First a response to comments about monsters being too hard etc... That's kind what this game is. You're literally fighting a bunch of Dark Souls bosses, sometimes multiple at once. That's kinda the whole shtick here. If that doesn't sound fun to you then this won't be your jam.

I digress.

MH:W is a great game. The combat is intense and fun. The updates to the various weapon mechanics are phenomenal (the hammer especially). The quality of life changes from the old games make it so much more pleasant to play. Yes in some regards that makes it 'easier' but really that comes from it being less frustrating in stupid ways.

Paintballs are gone, tracking now comes from finding signs of creatures and studying them. So you don't have to spend needless time roaming the map. Yes previously it was more 'difficult' and by difficult I mean 'boring and time consuming'. Now you still need to find them, and sometimes that means running across other things you need to deal with, but it's much more direct.

Whetstones are infinite now. I kind of get the complaint here, there's less punishment if you're...bad at aiming I guess? Like you hit the hard shell you can't get through too much? and so you can't run out of whetstones and screw yourself out of being able to complete a mission. But...all that really did was punish new players learning how the game works, which is dumb. And as a mechanic you still have to find time to be able to use your whetstone.

etc... etc... etc...

If you're a new player looking at reviews be careful what you're reading as a lot of the negative reviews are just people being salty that they had to walk up hill both ways when they went to school. The game is still tough, just not as frustrating.

The one major negative about the game, and I expect this is something that will get fixed, is the load times can be bad. Doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the game, but it can certainly be annoying.

And hey, if you're an old MH gamer and really hate World for not being the same exact game we've gotten for a decade wait until next month and you'll have XX on Switch/3DS

I'm a complete newb to the Monster Hunter genre and honestly didn't care much for the beta when I tried it. Only (reluctantly) picked it up when learning all my friends were getting it. After putting in around 50 hours, I'd say I'm starting to get what all the hype is about.

Most reviews out there are very positive, so I won't restate detailed gameplay info that's abundantly available. But I will highlight one note that everyone warned me about - the game takes time to learn...A LOT of time. You NEED to understand this before buying the game.

Unless you're a MH veteran, the game's first impression seems like a clunky hack n' slash RPG. Although there's lots of hacking and slashing, it's much more strategic than that. And if you don't submit to the strategic aspect of the game, you will eventually rage quit.

On the flip side, you can thoroughly enjoy this game if you're the type of gamer who likes farming materials to craft better and better loot. Amittedly, it's tough to enjoy the grind until you've invest 30+ hrs into learning the game.

I will say the process of connecting with friends to complete quests is terrible. Being forced to watch cutscenes before playing with others is annoying. You learn ways around the bizarre constraints such as launching investigations to do co-op expeditions, but this is one aspect I really hope they patch to make more intuitive.

Overall - this is a good game that can become a great game, but only if you're willing to put time into learning how to play it.

I've spent about six hours with this game nonstop ever since I got it. I know that's not an exceptionally long time, but I just wanted to give you a pretty solid idea of where I am with this game and why my review may not be as in-depth as what you may be looking for. Basically, what I'm hoping to give you here is a kind of idiots guide to Monster Hunter World with a splash of first impressions.

I want to start out by saying that I'm not a really big Monster Hunter fan. At least, not before this game. Not that I haven't played any of them, I did. I've bought several. The original, Tri, Four...uh, Generations...But none of them really clicked to me. This is a series I always wanted to get into but I found the grind to be very real and maybe at the points in my life in which I purchased this game I just wasn't the person who had the patience and understanding to know what the game was asking of me in order to really enjoy my time with it.

World kinda fixed that for me.

Not entirely. It's not a perfect game (Though I did rate it five-stars based on sheer fun factor that has held me in for six hours straight with no real signs of letting go, making me really glad this game came out on a Friday) but I find this to be the most accessible title in the series so far. Don't get me wrong, it's still very much a Monster Hunter title. There's lots of grinding, the bigger dinosaurs don't really seem phased much by your hits until you really put the hurt on them and you see them limp away, and you're gonna spend a lot of time going between quest areas to hub world, but it's honestly a great time. I don't mind any of this as much as it used to bother me in past titles. The small quests are things you can take to complete while you do bigger quests, such as collecting a few mushrooms while you're hunting down a big boss. It really feels much better than it used to.

The gameworld has also changed from little areas with loading screens between them to one big, open, beautiful area you're free to roam around in. It's amazing. It's seriously a lot of fun to ignore the missions for awhile and go on "Expeditions", a free-roaming experience where there's no time limit and you're encountering NPCs with little quests around the area. Doing small quests gets you points and upgrade runes for your armor, too, so there's a lot of reasons to do them alongside the story. The main storyline itself seems lighthearted enough, too. Not really doom and gloom so far, and not really in your face either.

Graphically the game is impressive. The open world I mentioned before is big but manageable, and the lack of loading screens is a huuuuuge plus for me. The armor and weapons are all so distinct and different that I really want to collect them all. You can even get armor for your Palico, a cute little cat that acts as your companion and helps you in battle and picks stuff up for you while exploring, too. In a weird way, the Palico reminds me a lot of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. They'll toss health and stuff your way when you need it, and they're never in the way. As an added bonus, this constant companion helps the game not feel so lonely if you don't ever plan on playing online.

Online is...strange. It's drop-in, drop-out. You'll get tossed into a hub world with other people playing, send and receive some "Guild Cards" (Though what this accomplishes I absolutely don't know. I could and should look it up.) but I've never seen anyone in my hub world itself, and maybe that's not even part of it. You can pick to put quests on a board for people to join you, which is nice, but I haven't had anyone join my quests so far, other than to answer my SOS Beacon, a menu option that you can select during tough fights that will drop other players in to help you if they go to the quest giver and pick to be dropped into one (You can either be dropped into a random SOS request or a specific one, depending on your needs or wants for monster parts, etc.) and this seems to be the best way to get matched with people as far as I can tell. For solo players I'd say everything I've encountered so far is absolutely soloable, especially since having 2-4 players on a quest raises the difficulty for the monster, but as I'm so early in the game it's hard to tell if the entire game is like this too.

Anyway, the game is pretty fantastic. World of Warcraft this game is not, so if you're after a more social experience to slaughter dinosaurs with friends or to have the social aspect be of any importance whatsoever, I'd say this game isn't for you. A few other things that may turn you off from this game are enemies that take awhile to kill with no real indication (at least early on in the game) of how much health is left as you hit them for 15hp each hit, killing the same enemies over and over, no RPG leveling system so only your gear gets better instead of your damage as a player, and a sort of Destiny-esque online system with good matchmaking but no real emphasis on online play.

But if you like:
- Dinosaurs (Or hate them, since you'll be killing a lot of them)
- A lot of armor choices with very distinct looks and abilities
- An honestly solid character creator
- Killing large enemies with a pretty good array of upgradable weapons that change look based on the upgrade path you pick
- Games that are fun with other people playing but aren't joyless without them
- Boss hunting games
- The Witcher contracts that had you slaying large enemies like the gryphon
- The big enemies in Dragons Dogma
- A cat as a best friend

Then I fully recommend Monster Hunter World to you. As someone who always wanted to get into this series and now finally can, I can say I'm honestly very excited with where the franchise could possibly head in the future if World is the first step in that direction.

Have fun!

Easily the best Monster Hunter experience to date. MH has been around since the early 2000s on PS2. The core gameplay remains, but so many new weapons types and gameplay systems have been added or streamlined. This series used to be a bit hard to get into with a high learning curve. Thanks to the new tutorial and training area, learning this game and it's weapons has become 100 percent easier and more accessible to all. Well, sure they improved it, but how is it? I describe it as one of the most addicting and rewarding experiences out there. Most my friends play MMOs.. I play this. They have about the same amount of repitition and grinding, but I find the content in monster Hunter much more engaging. This is essentially boss rush: the video game. You fight nothing but big monsters and use their hides as materials for new weapons and armor. While these make you stronger, a series of mistakes will lead to an early Cart or faint. This makes everything you do matter that much more. This is probably my favorite multiplayer game of all time thanks to the new drop in, drop out system. The graphics are gorgeous, the zone less maps are a huge improvement and there's more I find that I love everyday.

Veteran or newcomers will enjoy this entry for well over 30 hours. But if you're expecting it to be dark souls, you'll be disappointed just like all the other 1-2 star reviews here. This came before dark souls. The combat of DS was loosely based on this style, but the games are less alike then you'd expect. Get this if you want a fun and rewarding multiplayer experience where you take down massive monsters providing a big challenge.

This is a true console monster hunter experience. I will do some breakdowns for this review.

GAMEPLAY: It is true to form with new additions, like mantles that have various effects. You have 14 weapon classes to choose from and MANY weapons in each class that of course you create and upgrade from the monsters you slay. Some have different abilities and elemental damages. They all play differently, so if you don't like one kind, you can easily try another. Something for everyone basically. The character customization is spot on and has multiple ways to customize your character. The environments have more things than ever to interact with, such has healing bugs or vines that can trap monsters for a short while so you can pump out some serious damage.

CONTROLS: They are simple but can be challenging to master between attacking, dodging, sheathing your weapon, using items, etc. This is NOT an over the top high octane action game where you are basically unstoppable. You have to plan and change to multiple situations. There is a learning curve here, but that adds to the fun. You earn that monster kill and don't just button mash it. Each weapon class also has it's own way of attacking that you can use, like Dual Blades being quicker, especially in demon mode or the Greatsword being slower but dealing massive damage with charged attacks.

GRAPHICS: Gorgeous! The environments, monsters, people, backdrops, etc are all well done and look spectacular. They blend well together, especially the various effects that can be triggered in the field.

MONSTERS: Alot of them and varied in how they act and attack. You will be exposed to decently strong monsters from the beginning and have to watch out for them to pop up while you are exploring and fighting other monsters. They will even fight each other, which you can use to your advantage. Each monster should be approached with caution until you can learn how they will attack, especially when they become enraged, which makes them hit harder and faster. Sometimes it can be best to just dodge at those times or try and trap them to get in some hits.

ONLINE: Basically the whole game can be played with your friends. Up to 4 people can go on quests together. This time it's all tied together, not multiple hubs between single and multiplayer. So, you can go alone or in a group. So far, I have also not noticed any problems with the online play myself.

PALICO: This is your felyne friend. You can customize them how you want along with your character. They have visible armor you can craft for them, as well as weapons. They definitely help out and can just be fun to watch, like when they pull out a little raft for the water in the middle of you fighting a monster. They will heal you, buff you, etc and also draw aggro from the monster for you.

NOTES: Capcom has pointed out that future dlc will be free. That is how they have done all previous mh games, so here's to hoping it stays that way. Also, Poogie is here. Many said our pig companion was gone. They were wrong lol.

OVERALL: If you enjoy customization, fighting big monsters, and being challenged and rewarded for stepping up to that challenge, then this is for you. They did a fantastic job bringing this series back to consoles. 5/5 for a quality game that surpassed this ones expectations.

Monster Hunter world is a great game and for the fans of games such as Dark Souls with boss fights that are immense in size and even difficulty as well as fans of those who like gather every single item found on their exploration through this game because everything it seems from weapons to items need bits and bobs found throughout the game will be used to upgrading your hunter and expanding their bombs, ammunitions and traps. Also with 14 weapon types to use it becomes a challenge for those who like to become a master at their weapon or can satisfy someone who like to try everything and switch around a lot. For someone who is interested in this game here are somethings I think they should know:

Monsters do not have health bars. You can only know when they're close to dying from what I've seen is when they're limping around and when you've severed a tail or a wing or some horns from them.

Multiplayer can be confusing so I recommend searching the internet or through the monster hunter world reddit for multiplayer guides.

In the main town there is a lift that takes you to all the main points of interest in the town. There is also fast travel to go from town to areas to go into exploration mode as opposed to doing a quest to take you out of town. There is likely a lot I'm missing from this review but if you end up purchasing and you don't mind researching what you need to do for your next item or what are the weak spots on a certain monster then you should have no issue with playing a game that requires a bit of learning and understanding both in and outside of the game with many weapons guides as well on youtube.

I've been waiting for Monster Hunter to come back to Sony consoles for YEARS, and was excited when I finally heard it was being released. I pre-ordered months before the release and waited impatiently for the day to finally come. Now that it has I've been playing daily and am loving this game! The controls and overall format are better than my previous experiences with the series, and although some people complain that its been dumbed down too much I think they've simply made the game more accessible to a greater number of players. If you loved previous Monster Hunter games and aren't a whiny elitist you are sure to love this game as well!

I do have two complaints however, although the second was to be expected and will be addressed:

1) The multiplayer system is ridiculously convoluted with 16 person sessions and nobody seeing each other in the session until a quest is posted. There's no meeting other players in the gathering hall, just joining up on a quest and being thrown in head first.

2) There's a significant lack of large monsters in the game and very limited amount of endgame content, and the existing endgame content is too easy. Additional monsters will be released as free DLC's and eventually a G-rank will be introduced, although there's likely to be a cost associated with that. I hope they are able to release the G-rank sooner rather than later, as the game is already losing a number of people to previous MH installments that offer more endgame content with appropriate levels of difficulty.

There are some things to be addressed, but overall I love this game so much I feel it still warrants a 5-star review! The environments are beautiful, the monsters interesting and fun, and the weapon lineup contains all of my favorites! There have been a number of quality of life improvements that make the game easier, but it also decreases frustration for veterans and makes people more likely to stick with the game, so I'm all for that! Looking forward to the DLC releases and especially G-rank, and I'll see all you fellow hunters in the field!

It's been a while since I played a game for 16 straight hours. I've played older versions of this on the DS and VITA and this franchise never fails to amaze me. When I first read world, I was thinking open world like World of Warcraft, then I found out it was nothing like that. World meant to play with people globally (i think). I found out during the BETA that it wasn't open world and I was hesitant on buying it, because I haven't played this game in while and it just seems like the older versions but not on PS4 with upgraded graphics and mechanics. My friends thought the same in the beginning as well, but they were set up buying it, since there hasn't been any great games on PS4 lately. I hopped on the wagon and preordered it 1 day before release and let me say; I glad I got this game. They added so many new features. The ease of partying up with people to do quests are very easy, too easy sometimes. The only downside is that grouping up with random people are so easy that the quest doesn't bring a sense of challenge (so far). But then again, I'm only HR 12, I read it goes to HR 100. Getting to HR 12 is relatively easy, didn't even break a sweat with the new partying system. I've been matched up with many people from Japan so far, very few times I've been partied with names of people with English letters.

Having played and fell in love with several of the other Monster Hunter titles on 3DS I was wondering if this would be able to hold a match to any of them. I have to say Capcom did this game justice by staying true to the Monster Hunter universe and making it accessible to the console masses.

First off if you don't like challenging games this may not be for you. Also if you don't like complex upgrade systems (mix and/or match armor sets, weapon status, upgrades, so much more I can't put on here) then this may not be for you either. Though they simplified the upgrade paths it is still rather complex compared to other loot based games so be prepared. With that the upgrade paths once you understand them and have them unlocked are very rewarding once you have completed the set you are trying to complete. Keep in mind there is no one set or one path on any given tree so you will have to check out each bit of information on every armor to maximize your monster killing prowess.

Now if you like a challenge that gets progressively harder than this game is right up your alley. You have to spend time learning how to fight each monster and your style will depend on your choice of weapon. Many people don't bother ever changing up weapons and get frustrated because some weapons don't play out as they think they should therefore they never bother trying anything else (Play this game then go back and look at the 1 star ratings on here and you will understand what I mean.).

In the 3DS versions it was much harder to follow the story line and what was going on. In this console version the story goes along with what you are doing all the way into High Rank hunts so you are never really lost if you actually pay attention to the cut scenes. This is a big plus to Capcom.

My only real issue is that I don't believe at the time of this writing that they have the multiplayer issues sorted as of yet but I am sure they will fix that is short order as most games these days have launch server issues for a week or two. Not really an issue but compared to some of the previous Monster Hunter games they have simplified the upgrade trees and paths which makes this version less trial and error than the past but as I said this is not really an issue and helps bring the game to the masses without over complicating it.

Over all I highly recommend this game to anyone that loves a challenge in their current gaming sessions. The meaningful DLC is all free. No paywalls!! Complex yet simple systems. No leveling! If you do have to grind for a specific set it is normally great fun and you can do it with your friends or randoms plus you know what your rewards are because you have to make it yourself.

What are you waiting for? Join me in MH:W already!!

After making several misjudgements of games I bought I decided to try out a game unique and popular, an new experience basically, and I wasn't disappointed. As well, usually i don't enjoy grinding for better equipment but I did however enjoy this as each time I fought a monster it did require patience and timing with each hit and dodge, as my playstyle doesn't help gaurding at all, making even repeated fights difficult. As well there are the accuracy of hits which in my opinion adds to the difficulty and betterness of the overall game. Since as a person the player shouldn't easily land a hit on an enemy with every attempt. And because of this I think as a first time starter to Monster Hunter (Not counting time I played MH3 when I was younger) I'd recommend this to new people seeking new experience in games, worth the risk.

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