Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Product Description

Get pro-level precision with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, featuring an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization with an easy-to-use app. Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed.

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For assistance kindly reach to Xbox support team at or they may call (800) 4MY-XBOX for live help.

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Comments / reviews:
The first question you're probably asking, Is this controller worth it? depends on what you're gonna use it for, Racing? fighting? Shooting? or something else? This review is based on the FPS shooters perspective and serves as an opinion to help those who are on the fence of buying. I'm also going to assume you already know what's in the package along with the controller.

For the TLTR version scroll down to the bottom.

Right off the bat, controller feels 10x better than the standard Xbox one controller. Rubber grip feels great in hands and drastically reduces slippage if you have sweaty hands like me (yes I know, gross). From the ergonomics alone, it certainly feels like the hefty $150.00 price tag was well worth the quality. Then comes all the little gadgets you can add onto your controller to "optimize" your gaming performance. My opinion? a waste of materials I paid for that hardly ever sees usage. I've tried all the different attachments, from the 4 paddle to the 3 different sized extended analog sticks, none of them made me feel like I had in edge when playing Battlefield, Battlefront or other FPS shooters. In the end I just ditched the paddles since they got in the way of my grip and went with the standard sized analog sticks. They ONLY thing I switched was the D-Pad from the circular to the + D-Pad since I felt it gave a more positive click.

Hair Triggers; are they any good? Most certainly. I must say if there was one thing I could keep from this controller it’s the hair trigger feature. I already have fast trigger fingers as it is so giving me a hair trigger would simply squeeze out that last 8% of performance; that's just to putting it into perspective how effective these hair triggers are. These hair triggers aren't there to make you a pro gamer, but to aid you in quicker follow up shots, much like aim assist aids in your target acquisition. Of course if you're constantly playing games with full auto weapons then this feature is pointless. Hair triggers mostly apply to semi auto firing modes, much like many of the weapon in the current Battlefield 1 game.

Another important factor of this $150.00 controller... Does it hold up? Not as well as I expected but still usable without any major problems. After 1 year of usage, all buttons, triggers, bumpers and analog sticks held up good and feel just as crisp as when I used them day 1. However the controller has started to fail in certain places such as the rubber grips which appear they have lost some adhesion on the underside, as a result have begun to peel off. A quick spot of superglue should fix this problem but why should I have to on my $150 controller? Another thing, the seams of the controller are now more pronounced compared to how I first received it. Not a big deal but I felt it was worth mentioning.

So again, is it worth it for the $150.00 price tag? (now lower) as an FPS shooter and a person who is an avid gamer that probably puts more than 500 hours in games every year…..YES! but would I buy it again? Probably not, unless they lower it down around $80 to $100.00. I bought this controller with the same mentality you have when you’re buying a couch or chair. How long are you going to be sitting on it and see usage? Might as well make an investment if it’s something you constantly use. You know what they say buy once cry once. In the end you will be more comfortable with this controller that includes many features than you are with a standard controller.

Is it needed? No, and I am a testament to that answer. I can perform just as well with a standard Xbox One controller, so anyone going out buying this thinking they’re now gonna own newbs on Call of Booty are delusional and in for a big surprise. 100% of the attachments are preference and do not make any gamer “better”. The Controller is simply a tool, it’s the gamer that is behind it that matters.

�TLTR’: Based on the first person shooter experience. Best feeling controller out on the market. Good for sweaty hands, held up decently after 1 year of heavy usage. Rubber grips are starting to peel off. Attachments like the paddles get in the way of grip, and the extended analog sticks don’t make much sense for FPS. Classic + D Pad is much more positive than circular version. Hair triggers are a plus if you use semi auto weapons in FPS. Is it worth $150.00? Make the decision as if you’re buying a chair for gaming. Are you going to be using it a lot (500hrs to 1000hrs a year)? If your answer is yes then it’s definitely worth it. If you’re buying the controller to improve your gaming performance you’re going to be disappointed. So will you buy the stool or the gamer chair? Both do the same thing, allow you to sit. What matters is how comfortable you want to be, and that’s exactly what this controller is about.

If it matters to anyone, because of all the reasons I mentioned, my rating is a 3.5 but lean more towards a 4 star. Far from perfect but definitely an improvement on the original Xbox One controller.

This was purchased for a paraplegic as it allows him to remap all of the buttons so that he can use it better without full movement of his fingers. He loves it. I also own one of these, and I would have to say that if you think you can learn all of the paddles, and are smart enough to figure out what you want them to do, it will drastically help your game. You will however get all sorts of hate mail through xbox live about being a cheat, so that is fun as well.

Been playing with the control for about 2 weeks now an i am really glad i purchases it. First of all, the control has some more weight to it. it kinda just feels meatier. The paddles on the back can be mapped to any other button (with the exception of center xbox button i believe, note 100% there.). I found this helps a lot when play FPS for example, where you can map the D pad or A/X/Y/B keys to the back bumpers so you there i no need to move your thumbs from the analog sticks.

I also like using the taller analog stick for FPS to allow for more precise aiming. slight adjustments are easier. Also being able to change the triggers form full pull to hair trigger via the back switches is very nice for switching between FPS to other play style games.

- While the back paddles are nice, i find that i prefer removing the bottom right cause i hit it by mistake too much.
- the bumper and triggers are still normal plastic parts similar to standard controllers. for the price i did expect the triggers to be more heavy duty

I received the controller on release day on October 27 2015. That's over 2 years old. I play regularly about 2 - 4 hours a day. I usually play First Person Shooters like Halo and Battlefield.

Unlike the standard controllers, the buttons haven't gotten sticky or worn out and the sticks don't drift. This is a durable piece of hardware. There are some components that have worn out though. The micro USB at the top is now too weak to charge. I fixed that with rechargeable battery packs. The rubber on the joysticks has also worn off. Fortunately, you can easily remove the magnetic sticks and replace them with some from a component kit.

I really love the modular aspect so you can customize your play. Choose your paddles, stick size and height, D-pad. You can make digital customizations too. You can change how the sticks and the triggers respond for example. With the Xbox Accessories App you can make button mapping profiles. I made a profile for each game and switch them out so that each game plays in a similar way.

With the amount of control this provides, I really can't imagine gaming without it. I plan to buy a spare just in case it fails one day. Two years going, I'm not sure when that will be.

I'm not really sure why this controller gets a lot of hate. I haven't had a single problem with it in the 6 months I've had it. It comes with a carrying case, multiple different stick tips, different D pads, as well as the buttons on the underside. Beyond that the controller feels premium. It has more weight than a standard Xbox one controller and all around better build feeling.

I take off one star because for the price i was a little surprised it did not come with a rechargeable battery pack and instead commands the use of good ole AA batteries.

Really nice controller. I personally don't game, I bought this for my husband, and he's been using it for months now. I even got mad at him and threw it at a wall and put a nice hole in the wall but the controller held up awesomely (I think this is a great selling point!)

Improved my game(s). I have large hands and when I hold the OEM controller, my trigger finger trips the right bumper very often. With the Elite controller, I have yet to accidentally trip the bumper. $135 ??!? Since there is no other choice - I paid it. The controller is heavier, more solid-feeling. The buttons, sticks, triggers, and bumpers are smooth and solid. They're adjustable. You can exchange buttons - send "B" when you press "X".
There's 4 touch levers underneath representing "X,Y, B, A". You can remove the levers, or shut them off (double-click the LINK button). There are different thumb sticks (rounded top, concave top, different heights, etc.) The "D" pad is multi-directional, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

You can adjust trigger pull, and even flip switches to change the trigger pull depth. And you can save the configurations, then have 2 of them loaded on the controller. The configuration is accomplished right on-screen of the XBOX One - or you can do it connected to a PC.

And the texture of the controller is such that your hands do not sweat - it doesn't get slippery.

It has its own zippered hardcase with a pocket for extra batteries and places to hold the extra buttons & levers.

I like it. I'd give it 6 stars if it was $75

I've had my Xbox one elite controller approximately 2 years and my left button broke so that if I hold the controller with the buttons towards the floor the left one flips out and hangs there. I looked into parts and tools to go about repairing it myself and thought - this is a ridiculously priced controller so I wonder if they'll stand behind it. I called Microsoft and explained that I'd never registered it for warrantee or anything but what would it cost for me to have them repair it. Imagine my surprise (considering all of the complaints and YouTube video rants especially) when they told me they've got me covered. I pay to ship back the broken one (just the controller - I keep all the bits and pieces) and they replace it. I called to ask for an update on the process and was informed that generally they just send out a new controller. COLOR ME SURPRISED!! I'm betting a number of those unhappy with their elite controllers never bothered to contact Microsoft about the breakdown. I'm super happy with mine!

Amazing product worked perfectly with intense gaming for 1 year and 9 months. Just make sure to not apply anymore pressure to the bumpers an joysticks than what is required to use them. (Meaning don't be excessively rough and taking your anger out on your equipment.) My bumpers only broke cause of someone sitting on my Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. If your past warranty I would suggest using a torque screwdriver set an buying replacement buttons for the 2.0 controllers with the microphone jack an watching a tutorial on bumper replacement for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. I spent $20 on screw driver set and $10 on buttons and replaced the bumpers, now I've gotten another 6months out of my controller an saved $120 from buying another Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller or saved 30 from buying another standard controller... =D

Loving the controller so far. It does take a little getting used to. I find myself using the standard buttons almost as much as the paddles, but im slowly migrating to the paddles almost exclusively for bound buttons. Seems much better put together than the original controller. While a good 30% heavier than the standard controller I don't think that's a problem. Much of the time it is in my lap anyway. The rubberized grip is a huge improvement and the changeable control sticks are a nice addition. I feel the longer sticks give more precision in aiming and after several hours of gaming it's not slippery and control is still easy to maintain. The hair triggers are a unique addition. As for whether they will improve my gamelan, only time will tell.

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