amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)
Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch
Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience
Ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity
Highly durable, and scratch resistant - surface hardness 9H and topped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.
Includes: 2x GLASS Screen Protector, Wet Wipes, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth, Squeeze Card, Easy Installation Use Guide, Hinge Stickers

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Comments / reviews:
This is by far my favorite purchase for my Switch so far. The Switch's screen is very scratch prone and prior to buying this I felt like I was handling my Switch as gentle as you would handle an egg. The application process is very easy and the screen looks incredible once applying. Great quality, acceptable price.


1. Apply the screen in a steamy bathroom (as this helps minimize dust particles in the air).

2. Allow the screen protector to "set" for 24 hours prior to playing the game in the dock for hours. Several people complained about bubbles
forming, and after letting my protector "set", I've played for countless hours with no sign of bubbles.

3. Use the "dust removing strips" only to remove any dust that may get stuck to the Tempered Glass Screen Protector, NOT dust stuck to the Switch. Simply use the microfiber cloths provided to remove the dust from the Switch. The "dust removing strips" aren't designed to remove dust from the Switch itself and can leave a sticky residue.

4. Wear rubber gloves when you apply the screen to allow you to handle it properly without leaving fingerprints in unwanted places.

Got mine on release date just in time! Had great packaging and comes with two perfect sized glass screen protectors for your Nintendo Switch. Comes with 2 protectors, bubble remover,cleaning cloth,wet wipes and dry wipes for both screens. Super easy installation with no bubbles. Pro tip - I turned on the shower hot to steam up the room and installed this in the bathroom to avoid dust and it looks great! You don't even notice its on the console. 5 stars, fast shipping and great quality!

I will be buying screen protectors from this company from now on.

I ran the hot water in my shower for a minute or two to clear the air of dust as the directions instructed (EXCELLENT idea, will be doing this every time from now on), lined up the screen protector with the device (I even repositioned it 3 or 4 times, each time only roughly 1/4 of the protector was on the device so I wasn't fully removing it), put it down once it was lined up, pressed in the middle, and then the entire protecter just kind of suctioned onto the screen, no need to press it down to adhere it or anything (I did just to be sure, but it was fully adhered). There were two large bubbles (about the size of a quarter each) which were very easy to gently push out with the soft cleaning wipe and that was it.

The package also came with stickers to allow you to do the hinge method of applying the protector but the instructions didn't show this method so I didn't use them, it might've helped with lining up the protector but I'm not too worried about it.

My only complaint is I wish the protector had a matte finish, it's glossy (keep in mind it is no more glossy than the Switch screen itself) so in certain lighting it can be hard to see the screen. Other than that I am extremely satisfied with the product and I plan on coming back to these guys for any future screen protection needs.

I'm very careful/cautious in the way I use my electronics, so when I read about the Switch dock potentially scratching the screen of Switch console, I knew a screen protector was a must. I'll say right off the bat that I don't like screen protectors. They bubble, look foggy, can be challenging to apply, and just don't have the same "feel" that an unprotected screen has.

This amFilm screen protector is awesome. The value is there as it comes in a pack of two. If you have friends with a Switch, you can give one away/split the cost, or keep it as a backup. The application was straightforward and easy. I was able to apply it to the Switch with no issue at all, on my first try. I don't have the nimblest of hands, but it went right on without bubbling or issue of any sort. It's been on my Switch since day one, and it still looks brand new. I hardly notice it's there, even when tapping on the screen to perform various functions when in handheld mode.

I would recommend this to anyone who uses their Switch in tabletop/handheld mode frequently, or happens to dock/undock it more than a handful of times here or there. It's done a great job protecting my screen and helping me feel my "investment" is a bit safer.

I bought this protective glass for my Switch. I liked that it was a two pack, because I could practice with my brother's system before attempting on mine. It installed perfectly. I did take a few extra steps I'd learned from other sources. I shut myself up in the bathroom, opened the shower curtain and ran hot water till it felt muggy. This supposedly grabs any dust that may settle on your already cleaned screen. I also washed my hands to remove excess oils. I left the screen protector in it's foam sleeve till I was ready for it, because I'd have to align it with the film on and if dust got on it, it would transfer to the screen. I'd read reports of the microfiber cleaning cloth shedding, so used one of my own. I used their wet wipe to break down the oil he'd left on the screen. The recommend to wipe in circles. I did this over the whole screen and then wiped up the excess in straight lines. I dried with the microfiber. I did this twice and hit the one or two spots that were totally clean. I didn't use their drying cloth for the same fear of shedding.

Once my screen was perfectly clean, I removed the protector from it's foam sleeve and lined it up. There are two simple ways of determining orientation. One is that the "Step 1" tab is clearly one side and it allows you to remove the protective film from the screen protector. The other way is that there are (3) asymmetrical notches to align with the bottom of the switch screen.

Here is the second way I deviated from the instructions. I used the tape hinge method. I used masking tape I had on hand, but I think painters tape would have been better. Don't use duct tape as I think it would be hard to remove and leave a residue. I put a strip top and bottom, approximately 1.5" wide and 4" long. You have to put them on the right side, because you'll need to remove the protective film starting from the left. Have the tape on the screen protector, but not on the system. Align the protector to the best of your ability and then, while holding it in place with your left hand, use your right to press the tap onto the system itself and make sure it's firmly attached to the system and the protector. I used a thumbnail to make sure it was pressed down well into the corner formed by the protector and system. Once this is done, lift the left edge of the protector, being careful not to touch the clean screen. Grab the "Step 1" tab and peel it away gently. Again, don't touch the backside of the protector once the screen is removed. Once the rear film is removed, you can set it down on the system. The tape on the right hinges and insures that it falls back and is perfectly aligned as you had it before, preventing you from having to realign once it's in place, which wouldn't be easy to do.

I simply set it down and it started sealing under it's own weight. You could see the air getting pushed out from right to left. It was quite satisfying. Unfortunately, there was a slight bubble left at the top left of the screen. The included bubble remover is a cheap piece of cardboard. I used it, but a credit card would work just as well. It scratch the front film, but that's what it's there for. I got the bubble completely removed and then peeled off the front film to reveal a perfectly attached screen protector.

I'll have to try to remember to update this after constant use. I read that on some of the tighter docks, the width of the screen protector can cause it to rub. I've also read that because it's glass instead of film, it can cause a slight issue with touch sensitivity. I noticed no issue with light transmission through it, which was a main selling point.

I really like this protector so far, I'll try to remember to update after some time and use have passed. It was easy to install and fit perfectly.

As soon as my son opened his Nintendo Switch on Christmas morning, I immediately scoured Amazon for a tempered glass screen protector. I came across the amFilm by TechMatte screen protection dual pack and read the positive reviews. Two screen protectors for only $8, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Two days later my package arrived and I jumped at the opportunity to apply the protection to the Nintendo Switch console. I was thrilled to find the package includes all of the items needed to prepare the screen and accurately install the screen protector. Exact cut-outs lead to a perfect fit, and as with other over-priced protectors, the amFilm covers have the tabs one each side to allow for careful and precise installation. I will never purchase over-prices screen protectors again, I am super thrilled that I discovered and bought this brand. In the past I have paid up to $40 for a tempered glass cover for an iPhone from a well-known and popular brand, ridiculously over-rated and I am kicking myself for not searching Amazon sooner. The screen protector is of the highest quality, an exact fit, and the lifetime warranty makes everything about this purchase faultless. I highly recommend and will purchase more from this company.

So far so good. It's almost impossible to put these on without getting some kind of dust on the screen while doing so. Unless you have a dust proof room of course. I thought these would come with the dust-sticker-removers, but it did not. Overall, they will work for protecting my screen, since the dock seems to rub the screen more than I'd like it to. The screen itself is not glass like most phones, so I'm not worried about it shattering. But, just know if you drop the Switch, most likely the screen protector will shatter.

Quality wise, it seems like a standard tempered glass screen protector. I have one on my 2DS as well. However, I would never use these on my phones. I just drop my phone too much. They come with 2 screen protectors, but I don't think most people would even use the second one unless you just get too much dust on the first one while applying it.

If you are like most Switch owners and don't like how the dock rubs the screen and are worried it might cause damage, get this right away! It still fits in the dock fine with this protector. If you have one of those dock socks, it might not fit with that and this, so I'd say it's one or the other.

Simply Great! Easiest installation of a screen protector ever and I've installed a few over the years. It went on like magic. No bubbles, no dust, nothing. Remarkable. If you've ever had dust or air bubble then you know how frustrating it is to install screen protector. So here is the thing, read the instructions. Sounds like a no brainer, but my first installation with this guy went horribly wrong and it was my own fault. Since I've installed these in the past I just rushed in and it was not fun. Second time around I followed the instructions and it was so easy and perfect. Dust is not what you want so do yourself a big favor and run a hot shower with the fan off for a few minutes and then install in the bathroom. The steam pulls the dust right out of the air. Doing this makes it install easily in just a few minutes. Do not hesitate to buy!

One of the easiest installs i've had for a screen protector.


The fit is spot on. i cleaned off my screen before installing and used the little "handles" to maneuver the screen protector properly and while i didn't get it just right , i was able to move it to the right spot. I did have a bubble on there even after trying to smooth it out which made me worried but i put it in a Nintendo Switch case and zipped it up to check it out the next day. Looks like that did the trick, i just had to smooth out a little more and it was perfect.

Looks great. There is no halo effect or any of that with this glass screen protector. I haven't had it on long enough to see if it's a fingerprint magnet or not.

Overall this is definitely worth getting to protect your Nintendo Switch from any scratches as it looks like the screen on this may be prone to scratches.

I've dealt with many types of screen protectors over the years, and I must say that this set was one of the nicest. In fact, given the cost, it's a steal. Everything you need to install the tempered glass sheet is included, including a second sheet, if needed.

There is no doubt that installing screen protectors is one of the most nerve-wracking activities you can do because you only get one chance to get it right (or two in this case), but amFilm does as much as a company can to make it work right. I loved how the company provided two additional tabs on the glass sheet to keep your hands off the sheet when applying it. That's a nice attention to detail.

Product is beautifully made and cut, and the packaging is top notch. I was the one who applied this to my son's new Switch, and it went on perfectly. Yes, you can't avoid that nerve-wracking moment of application, but zero problems: no adhesive irregularities, no dust, no bubbles, no hassle. Highly recommended.

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