Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - PS4 [Digital Code]

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - PS4 [Digital Code]

One of the best open-world games of this generation- GameSpot 9/10

10/10 PS Lifestyle 9.3 IGN 4.5/5 Nerdist

Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures in an exhilarating new Open World Action/ RPG exclusively for the PlayStation 4 System.

A Lush Post-Apocalyptic World
How have machines dominated this world, and what is their purpose? What happened to the civilization here before? Scour every corner of a realm filled with ancient relics and mysterious
buildings in order to uncover your past and unearth the many secrets of a forgotten land.

Defy Overwhelming Odds —
The foundation of combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is built upon the speed and cunning of Aloy versus the raw strength and size of the machines. In order to overcome a much larger and technologically superior enemy, Aloy must use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence, and agility to survive each encounter.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition includes:
• Full Game
• The Frozen Wilds Expansion
• Digital art book
• PS4 Dynamic Theme
• Bonus Weapons, Outfits, and Resources*

*Some items require game play to redeem.

System Requirements:

  • Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4         

PlayStationaccount required for game activation and installation

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Comments / reviews:
Received this on release day December 5. Started the game on the same night and it is amazing. The graphics are great. I have a PS4 slim and a Vizio HD smart tv 39 inch and it looks great, so you DO NOT need a PS4 Pro or a 4k tv to enjoy this game. I'm only about an hour and a half into the game and so far the cut scenes and game play dynamics are pretty easy to pick up - that being said, if you are like me and have never played a game like this, you might have a bit of a learning curve learning the controls since this game makes use of the directional pad, the touch pad, and the L1/L2/R1/R2/L3/R3 controls on the controller more than some games as it has several different menus you can pull up and access and many different controls/actions for the character. Talking about game mode - I chose normal difficulty, and so far in the tutorial section of the game it has not been hard, but that may change as I progress. There is a pretty clear explanation of the different difficulty settings when starting the game, and normal mode is described as a balanced game play with a decent amount of challenge, and I believe you can go in the options and change the difficulty while playing if needed, so do not worry too much about it. Definitely take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls as soon as you get out of the beginning tutorial before you venture out into the open world. One thing is the game was loose in the case when I opened it, but it was fine, no scratches, and I have heard this is common with PS4 game cases even when you buy a new sealed game, but apparently the discs do not scratch easily. Make sure to take out the booklet insert and turn it over to get your Play Station Store redeem code for downloading the theme and the digital art book (THIS CODE HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE!!)

UPDATE: To those who might not know, to get the item boxes that are included with the complete edition - check Aloy's inventory for tokens that you need to take to a merchant in the game to get the items. For the weapons and outfits, you need to visit a merchant outside of the starting area to get those I believe, not the merchant in the beginning area.

Thank you, Guerella, for putting the expanded content on the freakin' disc. The game just installs and goes, it's perfect.

The added content is more of the same - which is to say awesome. HZD is a breath of fresh air in a crowed stale room full of open-world grindfests, and this edition proves there's more where that came from.

I am more of a PC gamer girl so it has to be a REALLY good game to get me hooked on PS4 and this is one of them. I love the dystopian element of a future overrun by nature because humans have ruined everything. I love reading books like that so this is just right up my alley. And as a woman I do love playing a female protagonist. Not often that the game is based on a chick so that's really nice for me tbh. I loved reading The Hunger Games and the main character feels a bit like Katniss. I am not the best with a bow but it is soooo satisfying to get those kill shots on weak points (like shooting a watcher in the eye). And the storyline is so engaging. Every little side quest has full voice dialog and cutscenes. Everything is beautiful and interesting. The environments are so beautiful I am an explorer at heart in video games and this makes me want to play every day just to walk around if nothing else. I would say the game is a bit challenging. I keep saying I'm not the best gamer but it isn't just me. It can be a little tough at times! And some parts might need a few tries! But that's ok, it makes it fun imo. And if you don't like that aspect you can change the difficulty. I just feel like I can't go lower because PRIDE lel. I just make sure I go back and do other side quests or challenges or explore and gather and I end up leveling up a bit or getting enough shards to afford a better weapon or piece of armor and then I am able to tackle the difficult quest again and find it's a bit easier haha. But definitely going to remember this game for a long time to come and I'd consider it one of the best games of the year for me. Recommended for all RPG fans and action bow shooter fans hehe.

Updated 20FEB2018

I had actually eyed this game since the E3 convention back in 2016 and originally had the standard edition on per-order back in early 2017 but decided to hold off and wait to see how the game panned out with other gamers before I picked up a copy which now in retrospect seemed to work out for me since the complete edition comes included not only the base game but all DLC that had been previously released for it including the Expansion Pack In November of 2017.

Particulars and About the Game: This is an Open Ended world Post Apocalyptic game that takes place sometime in the 31st Century after the fall of Human Civilization from approximately 900 to 1000 years before and has for the most part reverted mankind back to the days of the 17th century American Indian and Roman Culture Society were the parts of Humanity that now exist live a tribal existence (The Only time the game is "Linear" is when the games main character "Aloy" is an infant and 6 years old at the very beginning of the game). The protagonist of Horizon is a 18 year old girl named "Aloy" (as previously stated) who along with her guardian had been outcast-ed from her tribe since her birth. Her Guardian (and parental figure) Rost, teaches her the laws of her their tribe and how to survive in a world were a new breed of animals called "machines" have for the most part become the dominate predator of the Earth (per-historic like robot animals). Aloy's main objective is to answer the questions of her past by searching for her answers in the long dead Ruins of civilization fell long before she was born to help not only Aloy, but for the current inhabitants of the earth as well.

Game-play and Technical Aspects: The game is played in the 3rd person aspect (except when the theatrical cuts scenes kick in) and the controls are very easy to learn. The very early "Linear" part the game is more or less to get you familiar with the controls and how to control "Aloy" and use her effectively in the game and combat which feels like Guerilla borrowed a page or 2 from Sony's other developer Naughty Dog, So if you have played Uncharted or The Last Of Us you should have no problem learning the controls. Guerilla also borrowed a little from Ubisoft's Far Cry (Specifically Far Cry 3 and 4) concerning the "Open World" were you have to progress through the main story at certain points for more of the "World" to be Open to you along with the "Crafting" Mechanics of the game. The graphics and texture are awesome and looks great on my PS4 1st edition and 1080p TV.

Theatrical Aspects: The Voice Acting, the CGI Actors, and Story of the game is Top Notch and makes it feel your more like living a movie experience than playing a video game literally to the point were you feel the joys and sadness of both Aloy and how mankind had originally doomed itself and the sacrifices made in order insure life after the Apocalyptics.

Included on the Media of the Game: Unlike what Ubisoft did with FarCry 4 Complete Edition and Bethesda did recently with Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition where upon all they essentially did was just have the standard base game on the media and just re-packaged their respective Season Passes DLC Code in the game case; Horizon Zero Dawn Completion Edition has not only included the original base game on the media but ALL the original DLC that had been released for this game, the only exception to this was the PS4 Theme and Digital Art Book they had put out for the Complete Edition of this game. The Big plus of course with having all the game files on the same Media including the DLC is the game is it is still playable in NO or very VERY LITTLE Internet availability. This will also give this game a better resale value unlike Far cry 4 and Fallout 4 which will lessen the resale value because the DLC Code the provide for their Complete Editions are not reusable or Transferable.

Game play-through recommendations:

1) For your first play-through, for the experienced gamer, I would highly recommend playing the game at the default option of "Normal" this will offer you the chance to enjoy the immensely immersive story line of the game but still be challenging enough to feel like you've earned your XP. For casual players who just really want to focus on the narrative of the game then choose "story" mode which will make the combat scenarios way easier or the next step up "Easy" if you don't want the combat to be to relaxing.

2) As stated the game is very Open Ended, huge, with plenty Aloy can do when breaking off from the main quest to complete any of the side quests that the game has to offer, including the game expansion "The Frozen Wilds" (which will be available to you approximately a 1/3rd of the way through the Main Quest Line) however, Once you have started the final main quest in the game after you have completed it the game officially "Ends" and starts the games ending credits (make sure to see the after credits scene), you will be given multiple chance to "finish" any unsolved business and loose ends beforehand, my recommendation is to do so including the expansion pack before finishing up the final main quest. Once the credits and the post credits end you will be given 2 choices either start over with new game + (which allows you to restart from the "Adult Aloy" point of the beginning of the game with all your previous Level, shills, weapons, etc..The Intro cut scene and child Aloy scenes are skipped) or it will drop you before the starting of the last Main Quest of the game to finish out that way (Never liked this option). The third option of course is to completely start from scratch and completely start over again (which is what I ended up doing).

Overall: If you are into Open World games in which to lose yourself with in and getting the actual whole Complete Edition in one place (The Disc) than this is the game for you, I Highly recommend buying this game.

This game is amazing. Beautiful, intriguing, and the entire set-up is pretty genius. They make you really care about the character and get invested in the story before you seek out the character's backstory, and by then you care so much more since you've had time to get to know the character.
Being able to customize your weapons is cool, collecting the skills is cool, being able to RIDE the machines is awesome, being able to override them and watch two giant machines have a death battle as though you're sitting in on an episode of Transformers? Awesome! The only thing that could have made this game better is if you could fly around (override a stormbird and ride it maybe, that would be sweet!). It also would have been cool if the bandits respawned because after you've beat the game, it would be nice to do.
With the dlc the Frozen Wilds, man the snow looks amazing, the stories are cool, and the new machines are difficult! Those fireclaws, man. Whew. Seven words: roll AT them to avoid their claws...
Anyways, this game is absolutely gorgeous, the storyline is unique and captivating, the main character is pretty much perfection, and it's definitely worth the buy. I could play this forever.

This is one pretty darned fun game. Lots of freedom to explore, and four levels of difficulty to choose from (I started with the Story level - the easiest level that "lets you focus more on the storyline") and have been moving up in difficulty since. Great graphics, very fluid movement, terrific storyline - what's not to like?

So far, nothing. I sort of screwed up in the Story mode in that I did not enter the Frozen Wilds (an add-on) before the final confrontation. The game ended, though it will let you continue playing after the official finale.

I think I'm getting my money's worth out of this one....

This game is fantastic. The graphics are hands-down the best I've played on the PS4 to date (and I don't have a Pro). Aloy is such a loveable yet fierce character and her voice actor is terrific. I loved all the characters, actually. Even without the DLC it was a solid 45+ hours of gameplay, and I'm not done with everything yet. I loved the story and how you uncover it slowly, the world is beautiful and unique, and I loved the exploration aspect. It felt like a combination of Skyrim and Fallout, with a bit of Shadow of the Colossus or Monster Hunter thrown in. But trying to compare it to all these things is silly because it's definitely unique feeling. Frozen Wilds is also really fun. I consider this a MUST PLAY!

Great game... but couldn't import my save data from the previous version, which is quite a bummer since I'd already cleared New Game + with it. I've been planning to give my brother-in-law the original game - I'm not bothering with the PSN downloadable version of expansion since the download times suck bad enough on my internet. Contrary to the Amazon Answers above, I had the exact same region version of both, and Sony Support couldn't figure out why it wouldn't load the data (took an hour long phone call). My save data still exists, I verified it. Hopefully, a fix will be released for this problem soon.

If you're buying this version to get access to the Frozen Wilds content for your existing save of the basic game, this could happen to you!

I don't like open-world games, but when I watched a couple reviews on YouTube, I felt like I might enjoy this game after all, and decided to give it a shot. What I didn't expect was that not only did I end up enjoying the game, it because one of my favorite games of all time. Deep, story-driven game with an incredible, rich, actually LIVING open world, that is absolutely full of meaningful things to do. Each collectible contributes something to the lore, and every side quest feels like it is actually worth doing, providing us with interesting side-stories and endearing characters. Not to mention, The Frozen Wilds is probably the best DLC I've ever played, for any game, and the Waterlogged story is by far the best sidequest I've ever played since Mass Effect 2's Lair of the Shadow Broker. Waterlogged gave me an extremely deep, emotional story that is both heartfelt and heartbreaking (and Concrete Beach Party is the best band in the world). A couple of the main story quests of the base game felt a little unpolished, but my complaints are negligible. I cannot recommend this game enough. Absolute masterpiece of a game, and I'm absolutely dying for a sequel.

One of the best Action RPGs ever made. This game perfects world discovery, with platforming similar to something you'd see in uncharted, the first time I've really enjoyed using a bow and arrow as the main weapon, graphics that stand up to something you'd expect from a hefty gaming rig, a narrative that could stand on it's own as a movie, and so much to do in the DLC that's included. Not only is this a game you should get if you have a PS4, this might be enough of a reason to pick up a system with a few other exclusives (Persona 5, Uncharted, Last of Us, and Until Dawn are some of my Favorites)

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Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating action role playing game exclusively for the PlayStation 4 System, developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of PlayStation's venerated Killzone franchise. Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited
Horizon Zero Dawn is an exhilarating action role playing game exclusively for the PlayStation 4 System, developed by the award winning Guerrilla Games, creators of PlayStation's venerated Killzone franchise. Take on the role of skilled hunter Aloy as you explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited