Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox One

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is the latest gaming headset for Xbox One, debuting Microsoft's new Xbox Wireless direct to console technology and Windows Sonic surround sound, plus an all-new modern style with a flip-up mic. The Stealth 600 delivers immersive surround sound plus chat audio through powerful 50mm over-ear speakers, and features Turtle Beach's renowned high-sensitivity mic that can be flipped-up to mute. For comfort, the Stealth 600 dawns the latest iteration of Turtle Beach's unique Prospects glasses friendly design, and has a breathable mesh fabric-wrapped headband and ear-cushions. The Stealth 600 also includes Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, Mic Monitoring, independent game and chat volume control, audio presets including Bass Boost, and a 15-hour rechargeable battery. All for an MSRP of $99.95. "[the Stealth 600] is a fantastic choice for a gaming headset and is a relative steal for a penny under a hundred US dollars." -Eggplante! Note: Visit www.turtlebeach.com/audiohub for the latest firmware

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Comments / reviews:
Last night they worked great. Tonight it was cutting out several times per minute. I'm hoping there is a firmware update coming to fix this.

!!!UPDATE!!! - 9-8-17
After an email exchange with Turtle Beach's customer service I learned that there is a firmware update for the headset. I was able to update this morning and it seems to be working much better, but I will provide an additional update in a few day to let everyone know if this seems like a long-term fix. Even after the update it cut out occasionally, but was much more stable. If you live in a very noisy WiFi location, these may not be for you. They are very susceptible to radio interference.

!!!UPDATE!!! - 9-10-17
I used the headset some more over the weekend and found a few things of note. On a fresh charge, it works great. After a few hours, performance starts to degrade. My couch is about 10 feet from my Xbox and TV. If I sit in line of sight of the Xbox, without the coffee table in between, it stays connected for the most part with a few dips in connectivity due to interference. If I sit with the coffee table in between, it dips more frequently. If I sit closer to the Xbox, say about 6 feet away, it stays rock solid stable 99.999% of the time. Perhaps it is time for a gaming bean bag so I can sit closer.

All issues aside, when they are working the sound performance these offer is incredible. This would be 5 star if there were no issues. This would be 1 star if the sound wasn't as good as it is. I'm hoping a few additional tweaks to the firmware make these even better over the next few months. Until then, I am going to try to be patient. I will post again after the next firmware update.

!!!UPDATE!!! - 9-14-17 - firmware 2.1.3

For the last few days I have been connecting my headset to my laptop to see if the Turtle Beach Hub application has a new firmware. Tonight, I was rewarded for my diligence. For some reason you have to pair your headset with your Xbox each time the firmware is updated. Anyway, already the performance is better. I haven't had a single interruption in the audio in the first 20 minutes of watching Netflix. If you followed up to this point you will also like to know I sat as far back on my couch as I could to see if the audio stayed stable. So far, so good. I'll report back in a few days.

!!!UPDATE!!! - 9-23-17

So, it has been just over a week since the firmware update to version 2.1.3. This week was much more enjoyable with a much more stable connection. Battery power still has a bearing on how stable the connection is, but I have gone 8+ hours without any problems. On the other side of the coin, being wireless, they are subject to interference in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum so this can result in random connectivity issues even under ideal situations. They will never work 100% of the time, but they are comfortably working at 99% of the time for me now. Also, the sound seems richer than any of my previous headphones due to the Windows Sonic Surround Sound. A tap of the power button turns on Super Human Hearing, and a tap of the function button toggles between 4 different EQ modes. A native Xbox One app to control the finer details would not go amiss. But I expect that we will see one shortly if Turtle Beach continues down this road.

RESULT: I can now safely recommend these with the minor caveat that a little but of patience will serve you well. The sound quality alone is worth it.

I wanted to add a review of this product because the reviews seemed so mixed. I purchased these on 1/15/18 and am reviewing on 1/22/18. As soon as I received these cans I hooked them to my Mac and updated the firmware and allowed them to fully charge (green light). I then hooked them to my Xbox One X as I would an Xbox controller. Since that time I have not had one single issue with them. No disconnects, no low sound, no dead time, no cutting out, no popping....just a great experience. Are they $150 bucks?? No. I have never owned a set of headphones that pricy so I can’t compare. Compared to my Polk Audio Striker Contract Editions they sound as good or better and no wires! The mic monitoring is great, and works better then the above mentioned pair. The fact these don’t have noise cancellation is evident, especially when the wife fires up the mixer in the background while gaming....but they were $80 bucks. And Turtle Beach said the 600’s don’t have this feature so I was not expecting it.

The complaints about distance and disconnects...never seen it. Multiple rooms, literally all over my house never had a disconnect. Regularly sit 15 feet from the Xbox.

I can hear people (in game) around me while gaming as good or better then before. The audio controls on the back of the cans do hit my couch if I slouch....but it’s nothing a piece of tape won’t fix if I’m having a bad posture day. I purchased these on an open box item from Amazon. They arrived with no box damage and the silica pack still inside (along with everything else. I have used them daily for the last week and only charged once...not because they needed it, but because I wanted them to last for my next session with no issues. I could not be happier with this purchase!

I'm very particular about sound, I guess approaching audiophile levels. I wanted a fully wireless Xbox One headphone, and I first tried Plantronics Rig 700... horrible crackling on many musical tracks with any kind of complexity, the replacement had the same issues. They also suffered from a random whistle noise when in the Xbox menus. Next I tried the Razer Thresher headphones. The fake leather was unpleasant, the bass was a little too boomy, and worse, the left earpiece that housed the electronics produced a constant whining noise.
Now given the low price and reviews, I was hesitant to even try the Stealth 600. But let me tell you, I am incredibly impressed. I updated the firmware right way to the latest, easily from a PC. Effortlessly connect the headphones, and was immediately impressed. First of all, dead silent when there is a silence... no weird background noises! No crackling in the music. No overdone bass. A decent fabric, no sweaty pleather (though the Plantronics had even nicer fabric). But what impressed me the most was the soundstage and clarity. For music and Dolby Atmos for Headphones effects, these completely blew the Plantronics and Razer headphones out of the water. No contest. And they were by far the cheaper option of the 3?! Turtle Beach has a clear winner here. Just be sure to update that FW!


I see from the reviews that a lot of people are having disconnect issues. I have a feeling a number of those people have not updated their headset on the computer.

I have only had this unit for a few days but have used it extensively with zero issues. The first thing I did after opening the box was plug it into my computer and install the update. I have yet to have it disconnect even once.

The sound is excellent and headset is comfortable. It works perfectly for party chat and I am quite happy with it so far. If I run into any problems I will update this review accordingly.

I have the turtle beach Xo Fours and wanted to try a wireless headset out, so I purchased these. At first I had issues getting the audio hub to work thinking maybe something was wrong with the headset. But after waiting a day and trying it again I was able to successfully plug it in and update the firmware on the headset.

There was repeating issues of the headset disconnecting from the Xbox during game play which was a nuisance but after the new firmware updates I haven't had any further issues.

The only other issue I'm having is that people occasionally say my voice sounds "robotic" or "tinny" when using the microphone. But turning the headset off and back on seems to be a solution. I'm not sure what causes that. But overall for the price of this headset, the battery lasts about one full day if you're using it non-stop. The sound is great in-game and for movies/TV, it could be a little louder at times though and there are some issues with in-game/voice chat sounds. For example if you're in a party and someone is too loud the headset gets all muffled and scratchy, but turning the volume down slightly fixes this problem. The microphone is conveniently able to flip up to mute/store when not using it.

I would suggest this to anyone who is on a budget and looking for a Decent pair of wireless headphones.

So far i really like it.
- The audio is sounds incredible. The 4 audio modes is a nice feature to let you personalize the way it sounds.
- Microphone and chat function sounds great. Mic monitoring is excellent. The Mic flip up to mute feature is awesome.
- Its also very comfortable. I wear glasses and they feel fine.
- Very easy to use and set up. You sync is the same way you sync your controller. Only thing is you have to sync it every time. Which is kind of a pain but not really a big deal, It literally only takes a few seconds.
- It looks and feels pretty durable.
- Price is not that bad. You get what you pay for and $90 isnt that bad for this. It hasnt let me down yet.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting a budget friendly Wireless head set.

Previously used the Ear Force X42’s that I used on XBOX 360, had to use the adapter for conversion to XBOX One...over time the quality deteriorated so when time for new headset my research led to the Stealth 600.

Do not be discouraged by the average stars on the reviews. I decided to give the product a try because I noticed that those who had executed the firmware update were quite satisfied. I updated firmware immediately out of the box, connected the headset afterword and have been totally satisfied after using for about 1 week (Destiny 2 & Madden).

I absolutely love how this is truly wireless and connects via Bluetooth(?), has solid sound & mic quality, and the installed batteries are rechargeable by simply connecting via USB to the console.

Best XBOX One headset ever.

Synchs like a controller with no cables or dongles. Rechargeable with included USB cord, and has firmware updates.

Mic flips up to mute. Chat and game volumes are separate and are on the ear cup and easy to adjust. Ear cups have special glasses relief and they are SUPER comfortable. The band is hard, with locking adjustments, yet the cups flex independently. It is durable and tough plastic, not rigid and brittle.

Sound is emulated surround, and it's OK but not great... and it's nothing like my old TB X41 set that had 7.1 Surround and optical cabling -- but the X41 was also a junkwagon, had a cable, needed a puck, required batteries and was made of cheap plastic... and I had to duct tape it to keep running until it finally died.

This set beats that set just based on comfort and lack of associated crap.

I got these when they were released and they had some real connectivity issues then. But now those have pretty much all been resolved. I can now roam two rooms away from my XB1 and still talk/listen to others in my party.
The sound quality is fantastic and the surround sound takes my R6 Siege game to the next level. I also like that I can customize how loud I hear myself when I plug it in to the computer for firmware updates, that feature really helps to keep me from getting too loud when I talk which makes my wife happy :-).
My only complaint is the max volume could be higher.

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