Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB

Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a movie on a 30-foot screen, grab a front row seat at a sold out concert, play games right at the center of the action, or hang out with friends like never before.

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Comments / reviews:
I've never been a gamer until I tried this - it had me hooked. It was much more comfortable than Google Cardboard and so much cheaper than devices that require high-end phones.

The "3D" spacialized sound works so well. Some apps suggest headphones but I think the built-in sound may be better.
I didn't get dizzy/sick at all, which I got from the Playstation VR, Google Cardboard, and from many 1st person xbox shooters.
Battery life Is great but I don't have much to compare it to.
The straps felt pretty comfortable on my head, and adjusted easily.
The controller is easy to calibrate, it only takes about 2 seconds and never seemed to lose callibration.
After the initial setup, I never needed my phone. Everything is doable in the Oculus Go's UI.
There's a lot of games, media viewers, web browsers, 360 videos, and more.
Even if you only use this to watch movies, it's still cheaper than buying a huge TV.

Resolution was good for the price, but could be better
Some light may be visible by the nose, but its better than the nose area being too tight
Only 1 controller

If you've used the Oculus Rift, this isn't as good. You can't move around in the game by moving IRL, the resolution is lower, and the controllers aren't nearly as advanced. Having said that, I would rather have 10 Oculus Go's than 1 Oculus Rift, and that is cheaper than the full Rift Setup.

The 32gb version was enough for plenty of games, however I went with the 64gb version. There will be more games over time and they'll be growing in size. It's also nice to be able to load a bunch of movies & games on it for travel. I plan to buy a few as gifts to family and friends.

I have tried pretty much every VR headset under the sun. I was eagerly awaiting the launch of Oculus Go since the day it was announced. It didn't meet my expectations.

It exceeded them!

It is friction-less VR at its best. I didn't need a laptop or have to insert a phone to get started. Oculus Go is also very comfortable to wear.
I had a Samsung Gear VR and I returned it back because the phone kept heating up after using it for a while. I also had to keep taking the phone out to perform updates or check notifications.

Oculus Go has none of those problems.

For $200 there cannot be a better VR device. Oculus has done a great job!

I received my Oculus Go 64GB yesterday and I have to say, as an Oculus Rift owner and huge VR/AR enthusiast, I'm very pleased with what Oculus has pulled off here. This headset fits comfortably mid-way between the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift and at $250 with a huge app library, it has a lot going for it. This could very well be the ticket to mainstreaming VR with a self-contained, wireless, affordable, comfortable, versatile and content-rich VR platform that will suit a wide range of interests out there.

The hardware is great. It's minimalistic, clean and modern. Very compact and as a Rift owner, you immediately notice how free you feel with no cables attached to a PC. The velcro-like straps are vastly more comfortable than the Rift's similar velcro/rubber set-up and quick to get on. You need far less adjustment when changing users, which is a major downside to high-end VR like the Rift or HTC Vive. Removable facial insert for easy cleaning and ability to swap in a spacer for glasses or (soon) prescription lense overlays was so needed. (TIP: Don't toss the box it comes in. Flip over the top lid and place the bottom tray into it for a convenient holder - very thoughtful for them to include that detail!) Overall, I'm glad they kept the design and form factor of the Rift. Remember, your kids/grandkids will ridicule you for wearing these bulky abominations 15 years from now, so less is more until we're all wearing low-profile visors by 2030s!

Regarding the visuals, they are surprising very good! Compared to Rift, what I've noticed is that the resolution isn't as sharp, perhaps as a result of the lenses and hardware limitations given the price-point, but what is amazing is how much better it is at finding that focus sweetspot. It takes literally seconds to adjust on your face, which I guess is the point for this device - it's pick up and go, very casual. The Rift is a bit of a pain because you have to get the straps just right, angle the visor just right, and finally get the IPD slider (inter-pupillary distance) just right. People are going to love this about the Go. It's quick to jump into when you just want to kick back and enjoy some VR. (TIP: If you've never experienced VR yet, DO NOT bother with the "Welcome to VR" app. It's a terribly dated app from the early Samsung Gear VR days and honestly feels like a Disney World ride circa 1980s. They need to pull it from the Store, free or not.) The other thing I noticed right away is that despite a less resolution than Rift, there is less screen-door effect...you can't see the pixels as easily which is common for this generation hardware. FOV (field of view) seems pretty comparable to Rift as well, so that's a plus.

One thing you have to realize with this device, however, is that you are not going to get the full immersion that you get with high-end VR like Rift and Vive. You don't have external sensors tracking your position, so you cannot move around the real-world to move within VR. So you can't move within your space around objects. But that's ok, because this device isn't meant for that. What I actually found surprisingly nice is that because you a less immersed, you never feel totally disconnected from the real world, which allows you to carry on conversations with others and be aware of your surroundings. For a casual device like this, that's a plus. With Rift, I actually don't like to use it unless I know I won't be disturbed because it's jarring to be interrupted while you're deep in a game, for example. With Go, I'm much more relaxed and comfortable.

Let's point out one major positive here: the software. There are 100s of titles at launch. And hardware is nothing without great software. I've read some folks talking about the Lenova Mirage Solo running Google Daydream, which appears to be a decent piece of hardware, but there are only a couple exclusive titles worth talking about...the rest are not much more than product demos. Oculus has a huge range of quality software from games, to short films, to documentaries, to art and modeling, education, and more. You benefit from the Samsung Gear VR library, Go-specific titles, and Rift ports and spin-offs. You just can't get that anywhere else until HTC releases their Go competitor with access to Steam's library. But what's new with the Go came as a surprise to me: it's a great multimedia tool for actually watching TV! On the Rift, watching TV is annoying to set up and just not comfortable - you'd rather watch on your TV. But with Go, it's so easy to put on the headset, start the app, and now you're watching Netflix in a theater on a huge screen. I actually can see valid uses for this, like watching shows with the kids in bed, while I'm in bed. It's surprisingly nice.

Anyway, I could go on and on and I've only scratched the surface of what the Go can do. I am really thrilled with this device and now I can enjoy VR more frequently, even when I only have time for a brief session. It's also much more accessible to my family instead of just an object of curiosity. For more intense sessions, I have my Rift. Very happy with my purchase. Go demo it and see if you agree!

I ordered this and pre ordered the Lenovo Mirage Solo to see which I'll like. I'll eventually return one and depending on what I like. Originally I had the Gear VR and this Oculus Go is a huge step up from the Gear VR. I couldn't use the Gear VR more than 10 minutes before I had to put my phone in the freezer to cool it down. This Oculus has no overheating issues whatsoever. So that's a major plus.

The controller: Works everytime, comfortable, and the trigger makes it fun to use.
The speakers: Sound much better than expected. It's clear, has enough bass in it considering their size. It sounds better than expected. I don't even need to use earbuds (unlike Lenovo's)
Apps: Apps are more pricier than I thought. I'd say on average they're more expensive than the play or app store. But there's a ton of free content and apps so you might only end up buying a few apps if you really want.

When wearing the headset there's a bit of a gap around your nose, it doesnt sit as tight against your nose as the Gear VR did. If you look down while wearing it youll see your chest a bit. But i understand why this is, they did this so when youre wearing it, it'll have ventilation by your eyes so the lens don't get foggy. My Gear VR i had to take off every minute to clear the lenses as the heat from your eyes would make the lens foggy but this doesn't do that. The solution to the nose gap was to place the headset just a little bit more down on my nose. It isn't a deal breaker.

I purchased the 64GB version thinking I'll need the space but there is nowhere that says how much storage you have left which is really weird. I can't find how much space I've already used and what's left over. I've searched all over I can't find it. That is really odd. I'm sure an update will fix this.

As of right now this Oculus Go is a go. For $200-$250 you can't go wrong. Most likely will end up returning the Lenovo altought it has more functionality with your head movement. (6dof). Lenovo's battery does last longer, but it is a bit heavier and the controller, oh it's just horrible. What was google thinking. Oculus claims a 2 hour battery life, I've only had it a few days and even when I'm so excited cause i just got it, I still don't get to use it that much that I go through the entire battery. (your usage may vary). This thing is off my head way before the battery hits 50%. By the time I put it back on I'm already charged at a 100% so battery is no issue.

How can you beat the price on this thing!? It feels great, runs great, and is quality VR for relatively cheap! You immediately get a full library of games to choose from (with a few free ones off the bat). But the real star here is the multimedia capabilities. Watching video in your own cinema in VR is quite the luxury.

Two small cons: 1) you need a mobile phone (apple or andriod) to set the GO up. 2) Oculus is owned by Facebook so it may be a little sketchy on privacy

But those two cons are not enough to even drop this device down to 4 stars. It is a great, value device that deserves its 5 stars.

I have owned every single Oculus VR Headset from the first dev kit, the second dev kit and the retail version (not that silly gear thing though). I’ve struggled with setups on the early editions but everything was streamlined by the time the retail version was released. I have also regrettably tasted the rotten fruit of the windows mixed reality tree. Now the Go is something I could give to my daughter, my father or my grandma and they would be able to use it out of the box. It is ready for the masses in its simplicity. The app store is filling up with games, there is an event schedule so you can meet other folks at concerts, multiplayer games etc... I find the resolution excellent and the head tracking with no latency. I wear glasses and have a lot more problems wearing the rift than the go. Note that to get permanent Rx lenses for the go is only $79 but then it might be a pain to wow your friends. It is amazing to not have to lug my computer setup around to use and demo the go. Plus it's more comfortable than the rift. The controller seems ok and does the job but they should have let the rift controllers be compatible. Also, you can use a Bluetooth gamepad for many games but the instructions are buried in the help section on the Oculus website. The battery goes fast as its only has a 2600mAh cell ( the controller uses 1 battery). You can watch the power tick down as you watch a movie or play a game. If you really want to go mobile you need to buy an external power bank. I bought a relatively light (13 oz) Anker power core II 20100mAH so I should be able to use the Go all day long without plugging it into the wall. I am not sure if I am ready to put this thing on my head in public though....we aren't quite RP1 yet! I hope they could come up with a leap motion interface as that would make the controlling and environmental awareness rock.
You can transfer files and media directly from a PC or Mac, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox also you can use the internal web browser to download any media off the net or personal cloud to the internal memory as well. The micro USB charging port doubles as a data port but no OTG thumb drive access (I read that is coming in an update though).

If you ever thought of getting a VR headset- now is the time. Easy setup - great wow factor-plenty of inexpensive games, media, and demos (many free). Highly recommended.

First of all, I’ll give a tips on a couple of issues others have mentioned.

1. You can setup the Go without a phone do not need a phone. Hold down the up/down volume control and you will be taken a setup menu.
2. The Netflix app allows you to watch laying down, but you have to pick the “void theater” option.

The Oculus Go exceeded my expectations of what has been achieved on a mobile VR platform. Depending on the game, the graphics are crisp, using particle effects and reflective surfaces, etc. I originally bought the Go for just content consumption and video content. I can now see myself playing a few games too. For comparison I have the Oculus DK1, DK2, CV1 and the Samsung Odysey.

The battery life is subpar, but I overcame this by velcrowing a 5200mAh powerbank to the rear head strap. Not an ideal mod, but It does balance out weight in the front. The Oculus Go is a real bargain. It exceeds expectations in games and graphics fidelity.

Didn't expect much honestly, but am pretty impressed with the quality of the actual headset, the immersive experience, and also (most of) the content thus far.

The headset is comfortable right out of the box, but it does require some occasional re-positioning the longer you wear it. It fits well, and is easily adjustable. The lenses seem high quality, and the sound is better than expected. The hand controller is pretty responsive, and seems to track well across the screen. Sucks that it's not rechargable, and uses a AA battery, but after 4 days, the controller seems to still be going strong.

The immersiveness is great. Beyond the occasional little bit of light peaking in from the nose area, there's no breaks in the quality. I did notice a few minor lags on the menu screens as I scrolled through them, but they were nothing too annoying.

Some of the content could use some work - the video quality can range from excellent and HD-ish, to blurry and mediocre depending on what you're watching. There is more content than expected, but it still feels a little empty on occasion, and after scrolling through all of it, you find yourself looking at the same options over and over. They do try to charge you for everything. Most of the apps have a free or preview version, but in some cases, the preview was only a minute or two long. Prices on apps seem to range from $0.99 to upwards of $20. A few of the apps have been downright buggy. Was disappointed that Groovr (one of the music visualization apps) still seems to be working out the kinks. And some of the news content wasn't all that current.

Overall, I'm not disappointed in this purchase, which I expected to be. It's easy to use, it's fun, and it's interesting - the whole experience is NOT seamless yet, but the Oculus Go seems to have the foundation in place to get there.

Oculus has hit a home run in a league with a lot of singles and doubles, and frankly, strikeouts. Untethered! This, coupled with strong performance and graphics, the strongest suite of apps and games, and lastly, an untouchable price.

If you’re a relative newcomer to VR, you are likely to be delighted with the Go. It delivers a solid VR experience that is superior to units that are far more pricey, and is well designed and engineered from the ground up. OTOH, if you are a VR afficianado, there’s several things that are irritating enough to keep the Go from being a home run. The battery life is short enough (a bit over two hours) to get in the way of spending a lot of time in the VR world or consuming big screen media. My unit could’t make all the way through Zero Dark Thirty which clocks in at 2 hours and 37 minutes. Given the battery life, Oculus missed the boat by not making it a slip/in slip/out user option. They would have sold millions of spare batteries. The manual warns against using the Go while it is charging, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And why the memory isn’t expandible with a micro SD card is a mystery. The display is very good...very little shutter blind effect, but I’d say we are about two years away from display technology that will give home theaters a run for the money. On a sour note, I could not keep the Netflix app from crashing which was a disappointment. Overall, the Go is a solid value for the price asked, but I doubt if there’s enough “Wow” here to represent a tipping point in widespread consumer acceptance of VR.

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Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a
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