Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

Start with a piece of cardboard and build yourself one of five different Toy-Con projects, such as a 13-key piano, a fishing pole, or even a motorbike. Add your Nintendo Switch console to power it up and you can hold a recital, catch a fish, or win a race, respectively

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Comments / reviews:
My 7YO son and I spent 3 hours getting through a few of the projects taking a break after the fishing one. The whole setup is done really well, from the clarity of the cardboard to the really detailed instructions. It’s about 99% foolproof. Kudos to Nintendo for coming up with this. With so many digital games, it’s nice to actually create something tangible. Hope they make more of these Labo kits.

Super fun for kids and Mom. Fishing game works very well - super responsive to movements with no perceptible lag. Motorcycle game is also quite good, with both handlebar turning and leaning reflected in game play - wish we could use that toy-con to control the vehicles in MarioKart! I’ll update again once we’ve done the rest.

Definitely a team effort with a six year old to avoid damaging the cardboard during assembly. I hope they release the blueprints so more durable versions could be made if desired, although no issues yet!

Tip: Watch the fishing lesson in "Discovery" to learn how to catch bigger fish.

Extremely fun! Combining the building times of all five projects, you have about 7-10 hours of construction (which is more interesting than you think) and after that some of the minigames for the projects are a blast! Not only that, it teaches kids about engineering, infrared cameras, motion sensors, as well as vibration and how it creates sounds. So yes, it's well worth the $70.

When I first saw the preview Demo for Labo months ago I immediately went on Amazon and pre-ordered it. I have a 5 year old son who is very interested in science experiments, and building things (Legos, magnatiles, etc...)
We received the Labo just last night, and immediately dove right in. We worked as a team and decided to build the house. It was a lengthy process as we carefully followed the instructions, but it was a lot of fun. My son was able to do a lot of the building himself but definitely needed some help. The process was very straight forward but it did require almost 2 hours to complete...
We've oinly had Labo for one day but here is my initial impression. It's amazing! If you have a small child our maybe even an older one, you should get this. It's a fun educational experience best shared within a group. Building the project was fun, playing with the final product is also a blast. There is even a discover mode which explain the science behind how the projects work. There is even a science lab sandbox mode where you can invent your own projects! I highly recommend Labo with 5 stars, my son gives it 6...

I was surprised to find out that building the toys is such a main attraction. Somehow, I pictured that being a quick, straightforward process! But building the motorcycle (so my very excited son could play with it right away this morning) took me like 3 hours. Following the directions is actually fun in itself. Building one of the toys is akin to sitting down with a big Lego set.

The motorcycle works very well. The HD Rumble feature really does add something to the game. Starting up the motorcycle and revving the engine really does feel a bit like doing it in real life. If you’re familiar with the �numbing’-like vibration on your hands on a real motorbike, that is replicated faithfully here.

The Switch is very responsive and satisfying while driving the motorcycle. You’ll have fun.

Don’t forget about the Discover mode, though. Going into it for the motorcycle deepens your appreciation for the technology at work — and just a fun mode on its own. You’ll even learn tricks about driving the motorcycle. And it’s all presented in an enjoyable, texting-like conversation interface that will ask you things periodically.

I haven’t built all of the kits, but my review is meant to be about “the thing itself” — what the Labo means and how effective it is. We’re going to this local surplus store today, and we’ve been coming up with ideas for things to build with the Toy-Con Garage. This is a mode where you can dream up anything you want and build it. I’m thinking that we may build some space exploration toys, and the surplus store will give us the cardboard and accessories we need to do that 👍

Nintendo could go anywhere with the Labo. They could endlessly build novel kits and have them all be fun.

5/5 — This is a very cool new way to play, especially if you have kids. Highly recommended.

It's not cheap, but it is definitely worth the money if your kid is into building. My son is 11 years old. He has been building the accessories since he got it yesterday. There are still quite a few to go. Nintendo must have made these perfect because he has not had one problem fitting pieces and he has done it all by himself. Not sure if we will be buying the other kits, but this one is great.

I spent a weekend with my 5 year old daughter putting together all the Labo items. We had a lot of fun folding cardboard and putting the pieces together to form a novel cardboard accessory/device. It is amazing to see the pieces that look like strange random cardboard shapes turn into things like a Piano, Motorcycle handle bars, fishing rod, etc. We had no problems with assembly, the video interactive instructions are clear and the pieces are surprisingly sturdy. Nothing ripped or broke.

However, after we assembled the items, the actual games that used these items are very shallow. They are basically mini games and my daughter quickly got bored with them after an hour or 2. For older kids, there is a Discovery mode that allows users to create their own music and motorcycle tracks.

This is a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids, but dont expect this to replace your normal games or devices.

This is the coolest thing ever! My kids love love love it!!!! And it all WORKED!!!
Long story but - my son had a birthday in January and he got 70.00 - he then saw a commercial for this and saved his money - do you know how hard it was for an 8 year old to do that. I was so worried it would not be worth the wait. We had the day it debuted on the calendar and counted down. His anticipation was so fun to watch. Then we ordered it and he asked every day is it here - finally the knock came. The fed ex man showed us that the package was damaged and asked if we wanted it returned. My eight year old son was so excited and didn’t want me to. I just couldn’t deny him he had waited long enough. Thought I would replace it if it was broken. The components were okay! Luckily. So he got to building. I only had to help with the bike. He did it all on his own and I am relieved to say it was worth his money and the wait. He adores it. Everything worked and was so fun! I would recommend packaging it better because that was almost a total Heartbreak!

The Nintendo Labo is one of the most innovative ways to enhance gameplay I’ve seen in a long time. While I am an adult, I love building, decorating, and designing things so Labo seemed like the perfect game for me.

The kit comes with five toy-cons you can build: two RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike (handle), and a piano. Each one has small parts to go with it as well, like strings, rubber bands, and marker stickers. It also comes with the cartridge for the game.

Most people are apprehensive about Nintendo’s use of cardboard but I think it’s actually better than making plastic add-ons. For one, it is easier and cheaper to replace. More importantly, it is better for the environment and it can be disposed of when children outgrow it, rather than sitting around collecting dust. The cardboard is actually quite sturdy and high quality. As long as it is not outright mishandled, I think it will do a good job holding up. Additionally, I love the ability to customize your toy-con to suit your tastes and make it unique to you.

Making the cardboard structures is incredibly fun--reminiscent of putting Lego together. For anyone worried about the strength of the toy-con, there are actually a lot of reinforcing pieces that help make certain otherwise flimsier parts more sturdy. Cute, witty comments pop up while you make your toy-cons, guiding you through the process while occasionally cracking jokes, making it feel very human.

The Discover section is a fantastic place to learn more about the engineering behind the toy-cons. Three characters converse and guide you through the science behind the genius of Labo. You can view cutaways of the toy-con and test the IR camera in a particular mode. There are also sections on easily repairing broken toy-con, troubleshooting, and creative ways to customize. There is even basic physics learning involved with certain joy-con--no doubt a good way to get children into physics.

Toy-con garage is the best part about the kit. It works through very simple input-output coding. You put in an input (pressing a button for example), select an output from a list, and connect the two to make the switch create the output. I love that this gives kids the ability to make their own toys, which will no doubt spark a love for engineering and design within the next generation.

There are a ton of different things to explore and secrets to find within the game. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves to use their hands and be creative!

Impressively well crafted - each of the projects actually has a bunch of features that utilize the joy-cons in creative ways (many not yet shown in the trailers) and a comes with a full educational tutorial to explain them. The garage really opens up the possibilities, especially if you have access to a laser cutter or 3D printer. The only disappointing bit is that the game cartridge is different between kits, so no borrowing and mashing the designs with the robot.

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