Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB

Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a movie on a 30-foot screen, grab a front row seat at a sold out concert, play games right at the center of the action, or hang out with friends like never before.

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Comments / reviews:
First Things First: Separate your expectations comparitively to the PC VR experience.

The one thing that this has going for it is the increase in resolution and H. This allows;

1) Less Screen-Door Effect (SDE)
2) Higher Level of detail due to higher Pixel Density Per Eye.
3) Up to 75hrz depending on the app dev to allow a VERY smooth experience, hence lower sickness feeling when turning your head.

This is a completely stand-alone system. Setup is straight forward.

1) Go to the Android App Store (Play Store) or the comparable iOS Store and download the "Oculus" App.
2) Open the App & create your account. Choose your Username that can be anything you don't mind the public seeing. It can be changed once every 6 months. Your full name will come next.
3) After Creation verify your email with the link that was sent to your email address you registered.
4) Head in to set up your Oculus Go. Very straight forward. You can use the app to "purchase" apps as well. That way you don't have to use the Oculus Go to scrounge through apps when you can do it on your phone. You can even go to Oculus' website as well on the desktop to purchase.

At the moment there are already a ton a major media apps
I.E. Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Showtime/Etc./Facebook/3D Video & Image Software

Plex Media Server also has an amazing app they are working on. It currently is avail as they wanted to push it out real quick. They are going to be updating it quite soon to work even more flawlessly with your home Plex Media Server.

ALSO! Bigscreen VR is on here as well. They are staying in contact with the public about their developments and it's coming along well. If you are interested in utilizing your PC on your Oculus Go this is the App that will allow you to do so. I wish they had some sort of Chrome Remote Desktop App but Bigscreen VR is pretty great. They are currently working on optimzing it. At the moment I believe they have 1080p @30FPS. They are working towards 60FPS and higher resolution I think.

Overall, the picture quality is impressive compared to the Rift/Vive/WMR (Lenovo/Dell/etc). This will put the resolution to the Samsung Odyssey and the HTC Vive Pro. Do note that this will not be on the same level as the Odyssey and the Vive Pro. They are hooked directly to the PC with a dedicated GPU pushing high demand 3D gaming. This device is more a fun "3D/VR Experience" but mainly a nice multimedia portable device. This is one of the best public VR experiences avail though. It is completely standalone. Doesn't heat up anywhere as much as your phone does when you used the Samsung VR HMD for phones. This allows them to gut out useless phone hardware.

The experience is smooth and more impressive than I imagined it could have been. I will say that the experiences are closer to mobile games than anything you'll get for a full PC VR setup. There is a lot of free content.

NOTE: There is no MicroSD slot. At the moment there is no support for Micro USB port to read USB Flash Drives but from what I have been told, later software updates will add in support for those. There are several decent Micro USB Flash drives avail. If you want to use a regular size drive when the support is added, check out OTG to USB cords.


I was impressed. I purchased the device knowing the limitations already. If you do this knowing the limitations you shouldn't be let down. It would be nice to have 6DoFs but this is only 200 with a decent controller. I do with they had a couple little things here and there but at 200 it is essentially an overclocked Galaxy S8 phone + Gear VR. This is by FAR cooler running and by FAR cheaper than a $600 phone + $100 Gear VR HMD adapter + Controller.

1x Downfall: Currently the only thing that is slightly disappointing is the lack of battery life. As the devices main use is multimedia (videos/pictures/"experiences"), the device only last around 2-2.5hrs if you are lucky. When most movies are >2hrs this may become quite a problem. I'm planning on purchasing an Anker 15000mAh battery to carry with me. It's been suggested by Oculus NOT to charge and use it at the same time but heat shouldn't be bad if you are using it for a movie as opposed to a 3D experience which taxes the system a good bit more.

Best Wishes to all.


5/2/18 - After a tweet by Palmer Luckey showed up, we were shown a simple teardown. He confirmed that there is an 18650 - 2600mAh battery cell. This should be quite interesting. If this is the case, someone could easily come in and make a direct replacement upgarde. After iFixit does this teardown difficulty grading we should know more. 18650s can go up to 3500mAh batteries. This should be interesting when more information comes to light. We might be able to add another 1hr of battery life if this is the case. I will keep this updated as long as people continue to find this review useful.

5/3/18 - After a bit of time with it I've readjusted my rating to a little more realistic rating. I thoroughly enjoy the device. Setup is easy. From what I hear you can hold the Vol up+down button at the same time and it'll access some WiFi menu instead of using a phone so you might be able to setup the device without a "new" phone. I am disappointed by the fact that Google is somewhat avoiding this device. There are no Google apps like Google Earth or Google Photos or YouTube. You can access YouTube VR/360 videos through the browser but they are somewhat limiting in the resolution.

I will play with this tonight some more, but from what I have read it may already be possible to use a Micro USB flash drive to transfer content. There might be a side-loading trick so when I receive my Micro USB drive I will check it out and post an update!

I will continue to update as I learn more!

I have a Gear VR, Google Daydream 1&2 with a Galaxy S8, and a Lenovo Explorer with a gaming PC. I was using the Gear mostly for media, and the Lenovo is amazing for gaming. This has a few quarks but for $200. It's amazing! I wish my Lenovo had these optics. At first I was put off by the edges of the screen but I then noticed how much the screen just filled my fov!!! Holy crap!!! Everything just looks massive! No real Goggle effect at all. Technically it's like you're looking through safety glasses. Way better than the Gear VR. The higher refresh rate is awesome when taken advantage of as well. Kind of annoyed at the need for a smart phone for setting this up. No not everyone has a smart phone. Specifically an iPhone or an Android phone. Also it's just a way for them to not have to create VR setup menus. The Gear VR didn't have that so they make you use your phone so they don't have to make vr menus. I already had a connection issue with the controller and I had to run and get my phone to fix the issue by re-pairing my controller. You can't pair controllers with the headset. The software was just lazily ported from the Gear VR with a couple tweaks . Besides that the battery life could be better but besides now when I have a"new toy". I don't think i'll be using it for more than 2.5 hrs. I never stay in VR that long. Too uncomfortable. This headset is a bit uncomfortable btw. It didn't cause any issues in long term use but it could've been better. Also the audio makes you forget your not wearing headphones. Music is not the best but with everything else I find myself thinking"I forgot I wasn't wearing headphones! Which can be good and bad. If you live with people and forget you aren't wearing headphones you may start playing something you don't want other people to hear. God rays exist a bit but it's barely noticeable at all. This headset allows video capture and live streaming, as well as screen captures like the gear vr. You do need a pc to transfer the files and edit/upload them to social media. If this thing had 6dof tracking it could replace my pc vr experience! Oh an the headset is lighter than the Gear with my phone. Best mobile vr I ever used!

Go is a phenomenal product that makes for a great family toy. I highly recommend it for people who don’t want or need an expensive tricked out pc and a bunch of cords everywhere.

And that’s kinda the deal. Reviews knocking stars for its lack of six degrees of freedom or it not being as powerful as a Rift or the new Lenovo competitor are missing the point entirely (in the exact same way everyone who knocked the iPod when it came out). It’s not built for nerds, it’s built for everyone else.

I’m a tech heavy guy married to a complete non-techie. I’ve brought home a bunch of mobile focused vr kits over the last couple of years and all of them have failed to capture interest or otherwise been a total pain in the butt to actually use. Go has captivated the entire family in short order because it’s drop dead simple, the app ecosystem is more mature and the resolution is high quality. The product itself is well designed and comfortable and is a massive step in the right direction compared to previous alternatives.

App wise, coaster combat is the family favorite but I had the chance to hang out in oculus rooms with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. It was so, so cool. The social aspect of this thing is legit. The Netflix app seems great as does BigScreen but I haven’t yet watched a full show or movie. The clarity and quality is more than enough to do so though and I could see plenty of people buying it for that exact purpose.

My one request for Oculus would be to add family accounts and subprofiles. My kids currently kinda fight over turn taking and if they each had their own “account” I could easily see us buying more than one. As it stands it’s almost too enjoyable and we may end up hiding it in a closet ;)

I got got my Oculus Go delivered, set up, and been trying it out for the last couple hours. I'm giving this 5 stars because it's more than I expected. I was expecting a low end, entry level VR system, but this is a little more than that. I knew what features it had when I purchased it, I knew what features it didn't have when I purchased it, so my rating does not reflect those known limitation of the device since they were known.

I have a larger head ("one-size fits all" ball caps are usually a little small for me, even on largest adjustment), and I wear glasses. I was concerned about the comfort because of these factors, but it is very comfortable to wear. It has nice foam padding, and doesn't try to push my glasses into my head like some cheap ones that are glorified Google Cardboard. With those, I had to remove my glasses for a comfortable fit, but then that left me without the ability to see a clear picture. With the Oculus Go, I can wear my glasses, I get a clear picture, and it's a comfort to wear.

The main thing I played around with was video playback from Hulu, Netflix, and Plex. All three are very similar - You are sitting in a room watching TV on a big screen television. Plex was the main one I used (I have my own Plex server). The video quality was very good, and the audio was OK. It's not Dolby Surround Sound, but if you want that, there is a 3.5mm jack for headsets if you want better quality. Unfortunately, it doesn't have Blurtooth, but as I stated earlier, that was known before I purchased so I'm not deducting stars because of it.

As with our Oculus Rift, the quality of the new Go is really good, well boxed and no doubt that you are getting something that will last over the years. For a price point of only a couple hundred box the could have cheated with cheaper materials and build quality and gotten away with it so I am delighted that they did all the little extras to delight.

Of course it is not as powerful as the Rift but it is so nice not to have a cord and be portable. This alone puts a smile on my face, and my 11 year old sons as he used it most of the day. Games and Apps are enjoyable and well priced, most being under $10. Again, not as powerful as the Rift but still cool. The real amazing thing though and home run is having Netflix.

In the end.... Amazon really added to the, "Cool Vibe" of the product with next morning delivery. Props there. I personally really dig it and am certain that we will start seeing this on planes, trains pretty much everywhere people travel. Where there once was a sea of people with iPads, there will now be these. Totally cool product, great build, right price point... 5 stars from me. Well done, Oculus!

I always loved the idea of VR but could never be bothered to buy a PC (I'm a Mac user). It also sounded expensive for a gimmick (I think initially the Rift was like 600 US). At 199 with no other requirements, it's an easy buy & is set up in 5 minutes. I had tons of fun and used it every day I had it so far. Great concept, great execution! I showed it to a couple of friends and almost everyone wants to get one of their own. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is just a casual user like myself

very impressive, to be honest - especially at $200. the visual clarity of the 1440p screen is so much better than my PSVR. everything I've tried so far has been nice and smooth - granted I haven't tried too many things yet since I just received it today. menus seen very intuitive as well - everything works how you think they should work. the only negative thing I can think of is how much pressure it puts on my face. but again, this thing is $200 so it's not gonna be the most comfortable headset. all in all, very impressive package.

I have enjoyed using the Oculus Go to take-in 360-degree content on YouTube & Vimeo as well as the Oculus & Within VR content that is directly accessible through the main library. There are many great videos, documentaries and surreal experiences out there for free. I also like the Oculus for viewing non-VR content on Netflix, Youtube etc - as it provides a personal theater-style experience. The games are OK for people like me who are just wowed by the minds effect of VR. But serious gamers are going to want more juice than the Go is going to give them. Not as impressed with the community spaces of Ocululs Rooms or AltSpaceVR - but I may need to spend more time getting used to it. Seems like a great way to hang out with people far away.

The only bad for me is the pressure on my face. Its not as comfortable as other VR units. I have sinus problems, and it becomes uncomfortable after about 30 minutes pressing on my face. May be able to add some padding or adjust the straps to relieve the pressure.

Summary: I am familiar with all of the ways to consume VR content, and I think this is the best option for everyone except serious gamers who are willing to pay $1500 for a complete set-up. There is so much beautiful content out there for free that is games. If you like art & video & immersive experiences... you need this.

I was concerned when I ordered the Oculus Go, because a lot of people were saying it was basically an upgraded Gear VR. I have a Gear VR 2017 with my Galaxy S8+ & it's ok, but the phone would get really hot & the performance was ok & it was a big step up from Google Cardboard. I only used it a few times & shoved it back in it's box & forgot about it.

Well, I'm here to tell you that the Oculus Go is dramatically better than the Gear VR could ever hope to be! I'm honestly amazed they were able to cram all of this into a compact device! The weight is very well balanced & not all strenuous on any area of your head. The cushioning around your the face is very soft & breathable, the straps are again very soft & elastic as well as comfortable.

The Go is very fast loading & shutting down. Tge graphics are excellent & very smooth, I have yet to notice the slightest delay or stutter. The spatial audio built into the strap guides are completely hidden & sound incredible. The spatial audio feature works very well in creating a sound envelope around you in a true 360 field.

The content is vast & there's a lot of free apps, games, videos etc. The paid content is very reasonably priced. The 360 experiences are astounding, but it really amazes when you watch a 3D 360 experience. The 3D actually works very well!

The price in all honesty is unreal, how they are selling this for $199 for the 32GB (which is plenty) or $249 for the 64GB.

The next closest thing is the Lenovo Mirage Solo which is based on Google's Daydream VR platform & it's also $399. After that is the upcoming HTC Vive Focus which is running HTC's own Vive Wave VR platform & it will be around $600+ once it's available outside of China.

I am very pleased that I got the Oculus Go, it's a lot of fun & a great way to watch TV and/or movies (Hulu, Netflix, Oculus Store etc), a great way to game & you can even interact with your friends that have an Oculus headset, like talk in a VR hangout, play games with each other or watch the same movie just like you all went to a theater!

You really can't lose at $199!

I tried 2 different, inexpensive ($12 - $15) headsets with my cell phone and was highly disappointed. Well...I'm not disappointed in the Oculus Go at all. I bought mine on the first day that it was released for sale and have been playing with it for the last week. The ONLY problem that I have encountered is that it is so new that there are not very many web discussion groups or forums out there YET. I'm pretty sure that will change as I think this headset will be very popular. There seem to be a multitude of videos available to run on this device. Very happy with my purchase.

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Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a
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