Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Nintendo Switch

Barrel-blast into a critically acclaimed Donkey Kong adventure as this beloved franchise makes its Nintendo Switchв„ў debut with a banana-bunch of new features. Traverse islands packed with platforming perfection and nonstop action as the classic Kongs in the original game, or mix things up by playing the story as Funky Kong in new Funky Mode!

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Comments / reviews:
Here are the list of changes (compared to the Wii U version):

1. Funky Mode
You can now play as Funky Kong. He's essentially the game's easy mode as he has the abilities of Cranky, Dixie Kong, and more making him ridiculously overpowered by going through levels a breeze for those who are veteran at platforming games

-Funky's Abilities include:
Double Jump
Hover in Air
Immune to Spikes (but not pits)
Have 5 hearts instead of 2 (4 if you count pair)
3 hearts in kart levels instead of 2
Can breath in water without going up for air
Constantly roll without getting tired
Use items mid-level instead of at checkpoint
Kong letter collectables do not reset if you lose a life

2. Increased resolution.

Now 1080 60fps (TV mode) vs 720p 60fps on the Wii U

Handheld/tabletop is 720p 60fps. Note that if you play in this mode, some levels zoom out and you may have to squint your eyes a bit to view the characters due to the small screen.

Lighting is slightly better on Switch

3. Faster Loading times

Loading times significantly faster regardless of what mode (TV vs. handheld, etc) you are on

4. HD Rumble.

Feels great when shooting yourself out of the cannon and landing on solid ground from a high fall.

5. New Idle animations

DK plays Nintendo Switch with teammate (playing DK TF) instead of 3DS XL (playing Animal Crossing).

6. Portable.
Can take the game outside your home, and not be tethered to the TV or home console

--Additional comments

Game is still difficult even with Funky Kong if you're not used to platforming games. It's no Kirby or Yoshi (Mellow Mode) type of game.

Controls are still super tight and it feels like it's your fault for not landing the jump instead of the game cheating you out of it

All levels are the same, no additional levels or omissions from the original. Speaking of levels, they are still amazing and hold up well, love how the objects in the levels are constantly moving from platforms rising/crumpling down/disappearing, trees growing leaves you can stand on, flying enemies carry cargo where you can latch onto, chase sequences, etc as you're moving forward

There is time attack mode with leader boards. Leader board for Funky Kong is separate from the rest of the cast

Amazing music/sound track. One of the best OST in video games.

-Pricing at Launch
$60 MSRP.
You can get the Wii U version for $20 (physical version*) New due to Nintendo Selects line. Even cheaper if you buy pre-owned/used. *The Wii U version is no longer in the Wii U e-shop which is pretty shady of Nintendo IMO

Overall, regardless of price (assuming both titles will go down in price overtime), this game is really good and hold up really well since it's original launch in 2014.

Hope this review helps in your purchasing decision

I got this game for free in the final days of Club Nintendo, and I had a blast with it. Now I can enjoy it again in a better format. I am glad to own it on Switch for the obvious reason that it is portable, and the game looks noticeably better. I personally think that all of these re-releases should not be full price, but it's not that big of a deal, especially when you're having fun.

This is the most interactive 2 player game I have played on my switch. It’s very Kong yet, somehow, totally different. The graphics are FANTASTIC and at times make me really feel like I’m IN the game. I love that we can switch out characters, ride on each other’s backs (and other things like Rhino’s) surf over spikes and on and on with the hat full of Donkey Kong Favorites (like mine train carts and swimming). In 2 player Mode this game is the meaning of cooperation and makes you work together and take turns. For that reason it might frustrate little kids but if you’ll stick with it you could use it as a teaching tool for kindness and patience. A+ Nintendo. Really... A+. As a side note, I turned my brightness down, my black corrector on high and bumped the color to 75-80 percent. It made the graphics more glossy.

Really fun game! I never played it with previous Nintendo systems because my Nintendo switch is my first Nintendo system since the owning N64. I think it’s worth getting if you’ve never owned or played the game before.

I had the Wii u but never played this game on it. This is a wonderful game with music from the original Donkey Kong Country's in beautiful modernized fashion. The gameplay is very clean and the graphics are amazing. I love all the levels I've played so far and I can't wait to dive in deeper. I'm going to go through the game getting at least all the letters then I'll go back and get all the puzzle pieces and DKs. Between this, Breath of the Wild, and Odyssey, I'll be busy for a while.

Beautiful colors and graphics and lots of fun! The game is challenging with alot of platform action. When I fall to my death off a platform or miss a vine or something I yell 'NOOOOO!!!' followed by laughter, that's when I know I'm really enjoying the game. I find it more enjoyable than Super Mario Odessey!

This game is awesome. The level of detail on the levels is amazing the secrets are hard to find and make you want to get 100% on everything. It is not for the faint of heart though. This game features a funky kong mode that makes your play throughout easier. Other than that this is the exact game as the Wii U version. Personally the best thing about this version is you can take it anywhere and when you want to play at its best resolution you pop it in the dock and get even better picture quality.

If you have the Wii U version and still play it skip this game.
If you have a switch and you’ve never played this donkey Kong game then buy it you won’t regret it.

This is the same game you know and love from the Wii U and those of you who missed out have another opportunity to experience this great Nintendo property. It's a fairly solid platformer with a special charm starring the DK cast first introduced back in the SNES era.

I don't think the new content or portability factor justifies the increase in MSRP, especially for those buying it again, but the price is in line with other Nintendo titles of this magnitude and polish on this platform so it's a minor point.

I don't agree with people praising the controls. They're not bad controls but they're not the finely tuned precision controls I would expect. There are too many little nagging issues that I find annoying, such as needing to press a button to grab onto a vine (I can't just hold the button down, I have to release it and then press and hold it to grab the vine) or continuously press the button again to re-activate Cranky Kong's pogo after hitting the ground once (come on, Duck Tales got this right in 1989 and Shovel Knight again 4 years ago). There also seems to be a very tiny input delay (or just a slow starting animation) that doesn't give me the precision that I'd like (although this is more of a Donkey Kong staple than something inherently flawed with this game.) Lastly, I think the controller mapping could have used some work. Everything could have been assigned to the four directional buttons (ABXY) but instead they duplicate buttons (A+B, X+Y, L+R, LR+ZR) with only the option to swap L+R and X+Y, wasting potential remapping or control schemes.

All in all, this is a good, above average game (and that's a good thing), but a far cry from a perfect score.

Excellent game, challenging yet rewarding. Level design and soundtrack is top notch. Not even upset about paying full price for a port after having played this, Wii U basically never existed anyway, right?

This is not a review from someone who has beaten the game, I’m just a few hours in but I’m enjoying the hell out of this game. Retro studios have have added an extremely high attention to detail and a great coat of polish to this game that shines through brightly when you play it, you don’t see this a lot in other platformers these days. It’s a full priced game and if you have played this on a Wii U or own a Wii U I would recommend you buy it for that console because of the huge price difference. I don’t own a Wii U nor have I played this game in the past so paying full price didn’t hurt that much though I do agree that this game should have been sold for around the $40 mark.

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