Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 3DS


The famed fighting franchise appears for the first time in HD on Wii U this holiday season, and on a portable system for the first time on Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 3. New characters, items and arenas add a freshly reinvigorated look and feel. Amiibo will add a different dimension to game play as classic Nintendo characters interact wirelessly in the game.



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Comments / reviews:
got this for my brother & he absolutely loves it. i myself played a few rounds on the 3DS & i've gotta give it a thumbs up. there are some differences regarding characters. yea, they added a lot of newer ones & made fox sound like he was a teen going through puberty when he sounded around twenty-five in the old version (yea, i have a thing for fox, leave me alone), but compared to wii-u which i play w/ my bff, the 3DS has a cartoony vibe to it. nothing that distracts from having a good time.

as long as my brother's happy, i can't complain!

I've been holding off on buying a 3DS for awhile but I knew once i got one,that Smash bros would be my 1st game.
It did not disappoint. The graphics are crisp and the colors pop. The animations are fluid. The roster and game play is robust. I can spend 5 minutes playing or 5hrs, its that good.
My pnly gripe is when the action gets heavy with 4 characters, the camera pans out and it can be hard to keep up with the action on a small screen.
Overall, the game is worth every dime.

I like this game better than the WiiU version. The graphics are fantastic. The gameplay is awesome and still has the classic smash bros vibe. The amiibo functionality is pretty cool and seemed like it would get old fast, but I was wrong. Great fun with an amiibo (you can play against them, team up with them, level them up, and they even earn you coins and items).

If you have a new Nintendo 3DS with the added c-stick nub and additional triggers this is one game you must have next to Xenoblade.

I do miss the old campaign style from the previous smash bros games. They replaced that with smash run which is great fun and perfect if you have five minutes to take a break when you're not home.

New updates to the software now allow you to purchase DLC characters, costumes, and more items. Love it.

At long last, Nintendo fans have gotten the portable version of Super Smash Bros., and there is no better time. With a roster of over 36 characters and secret unlockable characters that can be unlocked afterwards, this game offers different characters and variety for any player whether casual or constant. The new additions such as Pac-Man, Little Mac, and Mega Man offer unique moves and taunts that reflect on that character's game. For example, Pac-Man's moves consist of him eating dots and using ghosts to attack, as well as throw fruits like those he would collect in his Pac-Man game. This game is great, but it's only problem is online play. It's very slow and the lag as frame rate DROP gets me killed so often, and for someone who want to play for glory (smash bros' competitive play) these losses would go on record and it is really upsetting. If you own a 3ds/2ds, you don't want to miss this.

Nintendo has not made a Smash bros. game since 2008, and it's about time they made one. Well, they did. They made one, alright. Fighting characters from different video game franchises has gone to the next level. Now you can play in 3D! Honestly, the 3D effect gives me a headache but still, you can play in 3D! Alright, alright, you came for a review. So, that's what I'll give you. The game introduced some new characters to the series. And a few new stages. The combat moves are incredible to use when controlling the fighter. The controls are perfect. The game controls like Super Smash bros. Brawl on the Wii. This makes it easier and more fun to play. Now, you may have realized I only gave this game 4 stars. Yes, I hate to break it to you, but the game, unlike its controls, are not perfect. First off, Nintendo has removed the level editor, which means that you can't play custom levels that you made with your fighter. While you can unlock levels ( up to a certain amount) You are forced to play normal levels. Another problem is that it's very difficult to pick the CPU player you want to battle. A CPU character is a player that you can choose to fight against you. If you don't pick a CPU player yourself, the game will for you. The final problem I had with the game is the programing. Now, I'm not saying that it has lots of bugs, I'm just saying that at times, it feels that Nintendo was a bit, well, lazy. I came across several annoying glitches in the game at random moments. While I do complain about the game's faults I definitely have a lot more positive things to say about the game, rather than negative. While I think still to this moment that at times the graphics look like an 8 year old took a Crayola crayon and colored a big black outline around the character models, this game is definitely a game to check out yourself and share with your friends and family.

A must have for every 3DS/2DS owner!! Pretty much the WiiU version portable. Cartoonish violence, no blood or gore. People don’t die, the get knocked off the playing field, a nice touch by Nintendo.
Replays value is through the roof!!

I've always loved the Super Smash Bros series, and it even introduced me to plenty of series I never would have considered otherwise. This entry in the series combines everything I've ever loved about the previous entries, and adds even more! I'm excited to get the Wii U Smash Bros as well, but the Gamecube Controller Bundles are all sold out, so I guess I'll have to wait. As for how it plays, I really feel good about the controls and stuff. There's a lot it has to offer with game modes and stages, and the characters are all very satisfying to play as. I especially enjoyed customizing their moves, although it is a bit of a hassle to unlock all the customizable moves. As a result, I have WAY more hours logged on Smash Run than I do any of the other modes! I still liked it a lot, though.

My daughter loves Super Smash Bros, she loves Mario and when I saw this on Amazon I had to grab it. it's a great game. super fun. has a lot of different things they can do in the one game. it's totally amazing for ages I'm going to say 6 to 14 kids. They really do love this game. shoot I'm sorry I'm going to say any age can play, 6 to any, because even my adult relatives like this game.

I was looking forward to this game a lot but not trying to get my expectations to high seeing as it is the first time for a smash game on the 3ds. Glad to say I was pretty accurate, but it was a little better than I thought. My only gripes are I cannot change the movement from the circle pad to the Dpad which I was really hoping for (if you know of a way to do this that I missed PLEASE let me know). My grips on the pad are worn down so my thumb slides off easily, so this may be a personal thing. My other issue is the lag of online play. My internet is pretty good and I generally have a low ping, with a high download and upload so I dont believe that to be the problem. Also, I had my phone turned off like some people recommend. Regular play felt quite smooth through every session. I had no issues with any setting, amount of players, or items that slowed down my system or felt out of place from my play so far.

As for everything else I was very happy. There are a good amount of features and content especially for a 3ds game. Classic, all star, home run, and a few other game modes are back along with a few others. Smash run is a blast and I'm going to be playing a lot of it with my friends and family. I feel Nintendo is great at enhancing older ideas with new flare and this is no exception. Like I said, classic mode is back but you can choose between 3 paths... and you can change the difficulty based on how much gold you would like to spend. Not only that but at the end credit sequence you have a different mini game to complete, and I find this one particularly fun! There is also a new trophy rush game that I find entertaining as well. With all of the great modes you will have to see for yourself!

The character roster has grown immensely, though I felt a lot more came unlocked than in previous games. I personally enjoy unlocking them but I was happy to be able to jump in with my favorites right off the bat as well. They have a nifty customization feature that allows you to change your Nintendo fighters stats AND abilities if you desire. The ability changes are alterations of there normal ones with some enhanced effects or small differences in general. A neat idea as you can pit your Mario up against a friends Mario and see who's the better plumber :).

In battle items are growing more interesting as time goes by. There are so many new ones I can't possibly name them all (not that i can remember them anyway) but a few that stand out are the addition of the Master Ball which very often holds a legendary Pokemon in it, a 1up flag that either gives you a point in time battle or a stock in stock battle, and the gust bellows(I think) which pushes people around like Mario's water cannon.

I am sure i missed a lot of stuff in my review and made a few mistakes, however I highly recommend this game to anyone with a 3ds that loves to smash. Just for reference I have the fire emblem: awakening special edition 3ds. My brother has a 3ds XL and both systems seem to play about the same, except of course he has a bigger screen

Everyone says this, but it's much less awesome than the wii U version, and is a bit clunky to control with the 3ds controls.

But it still has the core game intact, running full 3d at a smooth 60fps, and is still just as fun to play. The major selling point here for me is that I can have this awesome game wherever I go. On the bus, on my couch, anywhere. And that's awesome!

The game itself has gone through a massive overhaul and is pretty much fine tuned to perfection with every character. The controls are tight enough that when you mess up, it's usually because you didn't dodge at the right time, etc., which leaves it only up to you to get better at the game.

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