Prey - PlayStation 4

Prey - PlayStation 4

InPrey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you dig into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you must survive using the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities.

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Comments / reviews:
There are so many reviews out there for Prey compareing it to other games or questioneing what it has in common with Prey (original) or the dropped Prey 2. All of those reviews are missing the point. This game Prey 2017 is its own game and it's great, and different from the rest of the FPS games out there.

The story is interesting and keeps you engaged well enough, but it's the environment and gameplay that shines. From choosing how you'd like to progress and upgrade your character to how you'd like to approach situations. Would you like to play it safe and sneak past everything, take everything head on, or make yourself more alien than human and fit in. Or become anything in the environment through mimic abilities.

The combat isn't as polished or quick as a FPS shooter, but this fits since your not a marine, or spec-ops trained fighter, your a random person who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. You won't survive purely on shooting through every enemy, nor will you beat this game without thinking carefully on how you'll approach some of the trickier situations.

There's many new and creative implementations in terms of gameplay and story wise here. Well worth playing for anyone looking for an out of the box unique game. If you want a non stop action FPS, Doom is what you are looking for, Prey is a must play for fans of thoughtful SiFi.

Any game that lets me recycle to win and turn into a coffee cup to run away from my problems is a good game in my opinion. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be horror until I saw it somewhere else because this game had me laughing more than screaming (unless you count the sound effects cause those could be kind of creepy and when I got my first look at a poltergeist I kind of froze up cause I thought they were totally invisible and didn't have a from but I glued one and, yeah, lets just say they're pretty freaky), but who cares when you're having fun, because boy oh boy did I have so much fun. And it's rare for me to play a game over a second time after finishing it the first, but I got right back into it to complete the story only using mimic abilities, and then I think I'm going to do it again only using human abilities. Played a lot like Bioshock too which pleased me since I love those games. Navigating zero gravity was a little frustrating sometimes control wise, but I liked the concept and thought it was a good addition at least in theory. I saw someone say they though the story was bad, but I like stuff like this. Fringe was one of my favorite shows, and reading emails gave you a lot of insight into the problem solving methods of the scientists, plus other developments on Talos other than nuromods setting up a good environment. The fact that there were also recycling grenades gave me giddy joy, and weapon wheels always make me a happy gamer. Best game mechanic ever created if you ask me. They always make it so easy to quickly access weapons and abilities. After a while I wasn't using my wrench as much, but I still used it for a few things here and there, and instead of having to go to a menu to equip it you just temporarily equip it on the weapon wheel and then go back to your other stuff when your done. Easy peasy.

And I love that it doesn't really matter what you upgrade because there's always a way. So you didn't find this key card. Hack it. So you can't lever open this door. Glue gun your way up to a cat walk and drop in. So you can't hack this door. Mimic your way in. So you can't lift these heavy things out of the way. Throw a recycle at it to clear a path. Excellent design decisions. This game totally rewarded me for thinking critically, looking around, and exploring. Just the way I like it. This one goes up in my top five games just from shear simple enjoyment. Not too hard (I always play first playthroughs on Normal or medium mode), not always too easy, and just the right amount of good clean fun.

Throwbacks to games from the 90s usually revolve around simplistic gameplay or Updated "throwbacks", trying to mimick what in our minds eye we thought the game looked like or would have looked like if we had the modern era of graphic. Prey 2017 takes heavily from the System shock series (the predecessor to bioshock) down to having a code from that original game. It however uses the nearly 20 years of gameplay advancements since that game and this game to make something that much like doom last year is both something new and interesting while making it fun and retro.

It starts off very much as the typical sci-fi horror game with your character, which you pick whether you'll be playing a male or female, as apart of a space station and witness something that makes you know things gone side ways and aliens have taken over everything. But then it takes a step to the left and challenges you with a few ideas and offers you choices, and not just "clearly right and clearly wrong" choices but ones that dip into the shades of gray. You can leave someone to die who is telling you it's okay if you do just as long as you complete the mission, You can make someone who was there to kill you and everyone else on station change their minds with a form of brainwashing.But you can also find a way to save the first person and kill the second person without a second thought. It's up to you, though know one secret ending will give you an idea of what's really going on while not giving everything else away.

The Aliens themselves are a rather interesting mix of things but all at their core is a mass of shadowy materials that can deform and transform. At first these can make walking into a new room a nightmare as several objects may be in fact the basic mimic enemies in disguise. But later can become a nuance as one directly is effected by how many powers you use to use your upgrades on, while another is all about corrupting and hijacking machines such as turrets and even some doors, and another is all about attacking you and your fellow human's minds. These enemies all require different approaches depending on their weaknesses, what you specialize in and how you want to use your ammo.

As discussed above there are specialization and powers, these come from nueromods which as the name suggest modify your character's brain. These can do everything from allow you more equipment slots, to upgrade your weapons, to throwing things or jumping around like the incredible hulk , turn into objects much like the mimic enemies and even blast several elemental or psychokinetic energies at enemies. All of which have their uses outside of normal combat as well as inside: If there's a door way that requires level 3 strenght, you can forgo that by finding a vent shaft or climbing the pipes.

The game is at very least 15+ hours on your first play through if you don't rush and try to do things here and there. The only real complaints I have are load times being long and the rare "Wait what?" bug (Example: I saved a character, but they for some reason suddenly became aggressive though I made sure NEVER to harm them.). However it doesn't take away from the story nor the characters who I felt were more human than most games that try to bulid a world because they weren't just "clearly good" and "clearly bad" with rare exception. I'd highly recommend prey to anyone who is a fan of the shock series and wants something new to tide themselves over until the system shock 1 remake or system shock 3.

This game is awesome! At first the combat was annoying since it feels kind of stiff but you have to remember your character is a scientist not a soldier so it fits in well. This isn't one of those games were you go head on with the enemy. Currently playing on normal and the enemies are tough. If you aren't careful they can kill you easily. There is a lot of exploring inside and outside of Talos 1so be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring one area. I recommend you do. Prey reminds me of a mix of Half Life & Bioshock, two of my personal all time favorites so it feels somewhat nostalgic. All in all I highly recommend this game.

I don't know how I missed this when it was released. I do like Bethesda/Arkane studios games and as a first person shooter (FPS) game it is a type of game that I enjoy.
The story is set on a space station where an alien life form has got free and is busily taking over. It's your job to escape and decide the fate of the station.
The game has great motion and a wide variety of weapons and skills to chose from as you progress. It reminded me of Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. It's not quite as atmospheric since it lacks some of the tortured howls and screams that made Bioshock such a complete game. However the problem solving, scenery and combat make up for that.
If you liked Bioshock you'll love this too. Great game from one of the best combinations (Bethesda/Arkane) around at the moment.

I enjoyed this experience. I liked the setting and the game play. The game encourages the player to find their own solutions to solve puzzles and make their way through the environments. You have a bunch of tools and abilities and are given free reign to figure out how to reach an objective. I like that. I went through the game a few times using different play styles. I keeps this interesting. Plus no matter how far you advance there's always an enemy that can offer an challenge.
Overall I had a good time.

This review is for the PS4 version.

As others have said, this game in some respects reminds me of Bioshock and other games like that. It has a good creepy atmosphere with some really nicely done graphics and level designs with the exception of the black blob enemies. This is a bit less of an all-out action shooter and blends some elements of using the environment and stuff around you to progress through the game (which reminded me a bit of the Dishonored games). It can be frustrating at times trying to progress due to the lack of clear direction of what you need to do though as well as the limited supplies can be a bit frustrating. A but too many, notes, books and the like to read, which tend to slow things down a bit too much. Load times are a bit long and slow. I am not sure at this point in the game that I am, that I like this better than the Bioshock or the Dishonored series, but I do find it fun and entertaining, especially the holiday sale price I got it for.

4 stars

I'd been contemplating picking this up for a while. If you like semi open world games, FPSs, and some thriller/horror elements, I'd recommend the game. I enjoyed it while playing, but as a person who does lots of side quests in games like these, it almost seemed to end before it began. There were a few that I missed for sure (don't wait until the end of the game to go the Bridge!), but overall it felt like there were less side quests than I would have hoped, and by that point I was already at the final mission. Overall, it was a good game for the price, but I don't regret waiting for it to go on sale.

I really enjoyed this, although I did find myself lost on frequent occasion, and having to walk long distances back. Probably put 35 hours or so into it through completion. Well worth the cost of admission.

The game is fantastic. It is kinda of like Bio Shock combined with Dead Space elements. Feels very much like playing Bio Shock, which is one of my all time favorite games, with controls and battle interactions. There are many different approaches to situations and the game rewards creativity. It has several ending so the replay factor is great. I currently am trying to remain more human than "typhoid" (alien) with my current character but my son is going more "typhoid" with his abilities than human. It has a great story that will keep you guessing on which side to believe. LOVE IT :()

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