Nintendo New 3DS XL - Black

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Black

THE NEXT DIMENSION IN ENTERTAINMENT. The New Nintendo 3DS XL system combines next-generation portable gaming withsuper-stable 3D technology and added control features. Take 3D photos, connectwith friends, and enhance your gaming experiences with added amiibo support. The New Nintendo 3DS XL system plays all Nintendo DS games. Nintendo DS games will not appear in 3D. AC Adapter sold separately. New Nintendo 3DS XL uses the same AC adapter as Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. 3D Mode recommended for Ages 7+

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Comments / reviews:
The best version of the system that I've found so far, but you have to be careful with the model that you end up with. More on that later.

In comparison, I have owned a 3DS, 3DS XL, two New 3DS XL's, and a New 3DS.

Everything works seamlessly, little to no lag loading games as is typical for a cartridge-based system. The C-Stick is generally useless except for the few games that actually require it, not really a reason to upgrade for most people. I consider the change from SD to Micro-SD a big improvement in terms of availability of cheap upgrades, but you might be disappointed with the extra work going into unscrewing the back cover instead off just popping it in and out.

Now, on to the pros and cons of the New 3DS XL versus the following:

Original DS + DSXL: Night and day, no matter which model you end up with for the N3DSXL, it's a massive improvement unless you're worried about keeping the system small for travel. More on that in the next section, but in general better viewing angles, improved 3D, better button placement. One thing to note is that the stylus on the NXL is smaller than the XL's, which makes it slightly less comfortable to use.

VS New 3DS - I recently purchased the Animal Crossing bundle to try out the New 3DS (non-XL). The XL has a more premium feel to it, and fits much better in my hands personally (5'11 male). The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet and not quite as grippy as the standard N3DS, but less prone to hand cramps if you're an adult. The standard N3DS also feels more like a toy than a $200 console, just generally feels like a lot of corner cutting on the system itself. The smaller N3DS still feels better in the hand than the original, so props to Nintendo for just slightly increasing the size to fix that comfort level. Really, it's up to the way you hold the system in which you'd prefer, I highly suggest going to a GameStop and asking to hold one of each in your hand before making a purchase.

Finally, N3DSXL vs N3DSXL. Yeah, a comparison between two models of the exact same offering. The first one I purchased from Target brand new in November of 2015 had a TN panel, or something similar. I ordered a second one from Amazon, same color, but it came with an IPS-like panel. For those of you not familiar with the difference, TN stands for twisted nematic, a cheaper technology used on lower-end LCD screens. It is also used on the original 3ds, xl, and the n3ds small version. The downside to this technology is that you have drastically reduced viewing angles, meaning it washes out when not viewed head-on and can distort the 3D effect more than the IPS model. The IPS screen is viewable from nearly any angle, and generally has a 'cooler' tone to it than the TN panel; an IPS tends to be more blue when the whites are visible, while the TN tends to be more yellow.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell which type of panel you will receive before you open the box. There is a simple test to tell which type of screen you received for your top panel however; the bottom panel of the N3DS XL is ALWAYS a TN, there is no IPS version. View your 3DS from either the far left angle or the far right, and if both screens wash out equally, you have a TN model. If the bottom screen washes out while the text is still visible on the top panel, you have an IPS model. Your best bet is to play the lottery a few times via Amazon by returning for a replacement until you get the best screen, unless you don't mind settling for the TN (which renders the 3D tracking useless).

Attached is a comparison photo that I hope will help in showing the difference between the screens of the 3DS XL, N3DS, N3DS XL TN, and N3DS XL IPS.

I bought this because it had access to virtual console. And what I thought would be a better game selection than nintendo switch. All is true, but all games available for the 3DS XL are only somwhere not far over 1,000. The virtual console only has like hardly any, like 7 different pages of ten games or so per page. And after i bought i found out there will be something similar coming to nintendo switch along with their online service in september.
Most of the games of the 1,000 available for the 3DS are like low budget weird japanese games. I have bought 2 mario games, and really the only other one i plan on buying is an older pilot wings resort. Beyond these, there really isnt a lot worth mentioning, unless you're easily entertained. Im not being mean, i'm being honest. From what i have seen of 3ds games over my lifespan in stores is seeing nothing but mario land and mario world awesomeness bursting at the seams, but sadly this isnt the case, the majority are skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip probably not skip skip skip next page. But for the games that i do have i must say it is like a portable N64 with a 3D screen that you dont need 3D glasses for ..and it can fit in your pocket if you want.
All in all it is rad, i had just hoped for a few more mario games and games that make you feel amazed like a kid. I would gladly buy again. It is a nintendo. The only other set back was that after coming from a nintendo switch and xbox one s and ps4 pro, the screen resolution feels like its from the 90's. After all the ds family is like 7 or more years old and honestly i didnt do enough homework before buying, because some people say it may be on its way out. But with all that said, you know nintendo isnt really about graphics and processing power, not so much as the awesomeness of the game itself. Sometimes less is more though i must say. I love the side scrolling stuff. Sometimes with a trillion things to do, you dont get a single one done. And then you quit. But overall great system, just wish someone would have told me what i could have only found out for myself.
We only live once, and with everything wrong with it, I would gladly buy it again. Nuff said.

It is the 3DS XL, but better.

My biggest complaint with the original XL was the 3D feature was difficult to position correctly and could be hard to look at for too long. The redesign has solved that issue and 3D can again be enjoyed - even in the dark!

The nub controller works well enough for what it is, though I did enjoy the full controller on my circlepad pro.

Yes, it is a pain to remove the back cover when you need to remove your microsd card to transfer files, but that is the price you pay for progress in technology and making everything smaller.

If this is going to be your first entry in the 3DS world then great, buy this. If you use the original and don't care too much about the 3D features or find they work for you then great, no need to upgrade. I don't regret my purchase one bit even as my original XL sits unused in the drawer.

I was pretty unsure about this product particularly since I already owned a traditional 3DS. However my old one broke and I decided I may as well buy the most recent model. I am pleasantly surprised at how all the little differences actually do make it a better product. For one the screen size is huge compared to the original 3DS. Makes any game more enjoyable to look at. I never used the 3D before but with the N3DS it has a head tracking system so while you can shake your head around like a madman (and why would you?) you don;t have to keep your head rigid for an entire play-session to use it. To help you visualize I can use 3D while lying down which was impossible for me on older models.

The only real complaint I can think of are all the extra buttons that seem to be only useful for a very select group of games (Smash, Kid Icarus and Monster Hunter as far as I know.) Also, charger not included which is pretty lame, especially for thos who didn't own an older system like me.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is amazing!!! I got it in charcoal black. The device large screens is what makes everything, nothing better than playing great games in the biggest posible screen on a 3DS. The 3ds effect is amazing, it is superb and completely worth using this time. Unlike on the old 3DS models that the 3ds effect was a bit annoying and wasn't always great because of the viewing points. Until now the C stick is completely useless to have because non of the games I have used the C stick function, and I believe there are only a couple games that actually use the function for now. Let's just hope more games start using the C stick. Overall an amazing device, and worth the purchase.
P.S. I decided to order the New Nintendo 3DS XL on Amazon because it was $25 cheaper than it normally is. The delivery time was great as well.

I absolutely love the increased size as I have large hands and have a hard time using the normal sized 3DS, so this was a definite improvement! The graphics are fast and clear which make the experience all the better. The controls are perfect in that they glide easily and the buttons don't stick making for a great gaming experience. On the other hand however, the sound is atrocious unless you use earbuds or headphones. Furthermore, it has a lot of problems connecting to the internet even on my own home where few things are connected making it hard to play online games efficiently and/or at all.

What's not to love?

The 3D is spectacular and the gaming is high-quality.

The dual screen concept continues to make the gameplay unique, compared to other systems that often simply port console games onto a portable platform, or dial-down those same console games to match the portable system's capability.

Nintendo DS games are designed for the dual screen system, so the gameplay is really special.

Adding in the 3D effect just takes that to another level.

I bought a (NEW) New 3DS XL, but when I received the product it was clearly USED. The Box was torn open & was covered in finger prints. This was definitely a "like new" product. So far it seems to work fine. But when you pay $275 for a NEW product you expect it to be new, no matter what condition the product is in.

This new 3DS XL is just great!
I have loved it ever since I got it.
If you have had other 3ds before, jumping to this one could be a good option if you do use the 3D view.
Loads games a bit faster than before, but nothing too noticeable. Too bad they didn't release it in blue color.
Feels good in hand.

If you haven't gotten any 3DS before, getting this one is a must!
the 3D follows your eyes so you don't have to hold it at certain distance, I found it really pleasing, I'm still amazed by the 3D effect and often show it to friends that are not into Nintendo games.
My favorite game is Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon!

I got this to replace my old 3DS XL. I'm glad I did. The one feature that I got it for was the 3D screen eye tracking because I have a tendency to move my hands a lot while playing games and it would cause the 3D effect to go out of focus. The new 3DS XL does an excellent job at keeping the 3D in focus by following your eye/head movement, now I get little to no focus problems with the new 3DS. Great job Big N!

One negative feature, they moved they stylus from the side to the front which is not as convenient as it was before. Minor but still a design mistake.

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