Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case compatible with Nintendo Switch - 20 Game Cartridges Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories, Black

Hestia Goods Switch Carrying Case compatible with Nintendo Switch - 20 Game Cartridges Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories, Black
High Quality Case - High Quality Durable hard shell Protect your Nintendo Switch Console free from scratches. A Hook&Loop secures the Nintendo Switch inside the case (We have replaced two elastic straps with a Tab,It is a lot easier to put in and take out the Switch with a Tab), make your switch more stable and convenient when you're traveling or not using
Unique Zipper Head Design - We use High Quality Nylon Zipper Head, not like the other Nintendo Switch case's Iron Zipper Head will scratch your precious switchпј€We show this contrast in the 5th pictureпј‰. Zipper ensures your small items do not fall out
Large Storage - A large zippered mesh pocket provides secure storage room for some small Nintendo Switch accessories like small Charger, charging cable, slim power bank, ear buds, and 2 extra Joy-Cons, Easier to Close and Easier to Carry. It also build with 20 game card slots, allowing you to carry and change your favorite games anytime & anywhere
Multiple Protection - Our Switch Carry case is big inside but small outside. There is absolutely strong enough for plenty of daily protection. Designed to make your new Nintendo Switch Console even more portable & travel friendly
Service - We offer free replacement or full refund if you are not fully satisfied with our case, Hestia Goods adhere to the high-quality products and services for the purpose

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Comments / reviews:
This Switch carrying case is what I was looking for. What I pack in here: Switch console, Hori compact playstand and joycon straps. I leave some space for a pair of ear buds as desired. The case design is smart, shaping to the curves of the joycons, allowing the console to sit flat as well as helping to identify the top and bottom of the case. Worry not, the console is strapped in using a Velcro style fastener as well as the playstand and joy con straps being contained in a netting which can be zipped up so you don't have to worry about anything falling out upon opening the case. The console screen is protected by two pads which double as holders for game cartridges (Г—20) and the case is a decent hard clam shell with some give upon applying pressure.

The case is reasonably priced, does have a slight off smell but isn't noticeable unless handling the case. I Recommend airing out the case, keeping a couple dryer sheets in contact to soak up some of the scent.

Excellent case! It's sturdy, holds my switch, two extra joy cons, 2 straps, and a screen cleaning cloth! It has slots for up to 20 game cartridges which is nice...if you have a lot of physical games. The tab really helps with getting the switch out so now I don't have to flip the case over with a chance of dropping the console on the ground and I don't have to pry the switch out by any other means. The upper part being a zipper is great because it allows me to put little things in it with no fear of them moving on the screen of the switch or falling out when I open it. The carrying handle is also strong! It withstood my one year old daughter nabbing it and swinging it around "like she just don't care". My only issue, was the smell which others mentioned in the reviews. It was horrid! I did let the case air out for a day then sprayed it with an air spray to be safe and I haven't smelled that horrid smell since.

Overall, sturdy case and loving the top part having a zipper to close! Would recommend!

The absolute best Switch case I've seen on the market (having personally owned 3 now at this point) for a fantastic price (cheaper than most alternatives)

As pictured, the case includes 2 flaps to hold Switch cartridges. Each flap has 2 rows to hold 5 cartridges each making for a total of 20 cartridges with easy access and storage. This was something I was happy to see, as most of the other cases I've seen that have one of these flaps only ever have one row to hold games, and just leave empty space instead of making another flap. Finding a case that actually has 2 rows, and 2 flaps was very nice. What's harder to tell from the pictures is that the cartridges aren't fully underneath the flap. You can see about a third of the cartridge's picture showing which game it is, so as long as you know the games you own well enough then you can tell which cartridge is which game. The elastic to hold each cartridge is rather tight, so they hold the games very firmly in place, but without being so tight as to prevent you from putting the game in each slot or taking them out.

I was also very glad to see the top half of the case being fully used with the shown zipper on mesh so I can reliably hold my extra pair of joycons, charging USB cable, headphones, and the 2 joycon dust/shoulder covers for the joycons attached to the Switch itself. This is one of my favorite features that I've seen in surprisingly few other cases. The official Nintendo Switch cases offer nothing to secure anything in the empty space of the top half of the case, and my other case only used small meshes on the left and right side to hold one joycon each, leaving the middle between the both of them as unused space. Very happy to see that this product instead fully uses this empty space to secure whatever you may want to carry with you for your gaming needs on the go. Hestia Goods showing that they had changed the usual metal zipper leads with softer ones to prevent damage on the joycons clearly showed to me that they're actively thinking about how to design this to be a superior product over its competitors'.

Lastly the bottom half with the Switch itself clearly was well designed to hold the unit itself very snugly. The Switch fits just right in the provided space, has (as pictured) a small tab to help you pull it out easily (although you will have to make sure you hold that out of the way when you put the Switch in, as well as the velcro tab), and uses the bottom cartridge flap to both protect the Switch's screen, as well as hold the entire unit in place. One noteworthy thing that you can't seem almost at all in the provided pictures is that there's small cavities in the bottom half specifically for the ZR/ZL trigger buttons. This means that the bottom half of the case holds your unit very securely without wasting more space on the bottom half for padding the empty cavity that would be left by these extensions otherwise. They've also left a second pair of these cavities so you can place your Switch in while turned around backwards (but not upside down, which I don't think you should be doing anyways) And my last note about the bottom half of the case, is that having used a case that wasn't wide enough to store the Switch with both joycons attached, I'm delighted to have another quality case that I can now use to quickly store the unit away safely. As someone who doesn't often use the tabletop mode, but more often uses the gamepad mode, this is a very helpful change to some other designs.

My only small gripes with this case are that it has absolutely no design-work on the exterior (it's just a black case, with the only protrusions being for the ZR/ZL triggers on the bottom), and that it had a noticeable odor when it first arrived. The exterior issue I'm very mixed on, because I don't want someone to recognize my case as something holding a Switch (potentially making it something someone may want to steal), but I also didn't realize how much I did like having at least some design on the case rather than just having a plain black exterior. However the odor (I think it smelled something like fish lures) was a very small issue that was quickly resolved by leaving the case open to air out for about an hour. I stopped noticing it by the end of the day that I received it.

Overall, this is my third and (almost certainly) final case I'll be purchasing for my Switch. It has every feature I've been actively looking for in a case, has space in excess to give you a better on-the-go gaming experience, fits my wants and needs for a case, and clearly shows how the creators of this product have thought about everything they can do to make this a better product. All of this for a better price than you'll find most of the other cases at. I cannot recommend this product to almost any Switch owners enough.

Great traveling case with a hardshell exterior for good shock absorption and protection for your Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the exterior has a textured finish to provide an additional grip to prevent any accidental drops while carrying it. In terms of storage, this case can carry up to 20 game cards and has a mesh compartment to store some other accessories such as a small charger, charging cable or an extra pair of Joy-Cons.

The zippers are a hard plastic and you have to be careful not to have them accidentally come into contact with the screen while opening the case, as they can scratch the front of your device and a softer material would have been more adequate. However, the interior has a soft padding and will protect your device and accessories but I would still recommend a screen protector just to be on the safe side, as the Switch's screen can be prone to easy scratching. Overall, it is a good case especially at this price point and I would recommend it for anybody looking for a decent and affordable carrying case.

This was the very first accessory I bought with my Switch because I knew how much I was going to use the console in handheld mode. I am very glad to say that it was an excellent purchase and I am very happy with it after about two weeks of use.

The case is well designed and not too bulky considering how much it can carry. The handle is very satisfying to hold since it has a nice rubber grip. The outside of the case itself is a hard shell that is tough and should have no problem absorbing short drops. Even when it is packed to the brim with bulky accessories it maintains a reasonable profile and does not take up too much space in my backpack.

The inside of this case has a great amount of space. The upper compartment can hold plenty of accessories as the picture suggests and has the nice benefit of being closed off in a zipped up net. I am a big fan of this feature since I know they won’t be moving around and bumping the console. There are almost too many Switch cartridge holders but it gives a great layer of protection from the accessories to the Switch.

My favorite perk of this case is that the Switch fits perfectly into the bottom part and sits snug. It has a really well designed strap that velcros underneath the console and can be used to effortlessly raise it out when needed without having to get fingerprints all over your screen. There is another strap that secures the bottom cartridge holder firmly over the screen. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that the screen has an immediate cushion.

I would strongly recommend this case to any new Switch owners. So far it has met and went beyond all my expectations.

This case appealed to me because it was cheaper than others but still had everything I was looking for in one. It seems sturdy enough to withstand falls and the Switch fits very snugly inside with or without a bumper on and stays in place nicely. My only complaint is that the little strap to strap the Switch in is weird and I don’t understand the Velcro placement.

Also, the packaging cautioned against an odor about the case and I definitely did notice this. The packaging suggested you open the case and leave it out and this did seem to help.

I was also impressed by this item and the seller that sold it because I got an email from the seller before my item even arrived, with a link to contact them should I have any problems. They didn’t bombard me with emails asking for a review, they just emailed me once to thank me for my order and let me know how to contact them with any problems. Customer service is a big factor when I’m considering 3rd party sellers and I feel the customer service I received from Hestia was exceptional. I will definitely keep them in mind for future purchases.

I came across this when looking for a new Nintendo Switch carrying case(since my current one was rubbish), and I fell in love with it right away--partially due to it being on sale through Amazon Prime, but mostly because of its overall design, and layout. I proceeded to order it after reading a pair of reviews, and I have to say, I've never felt this good when holding a carrying case before. Most of them aren't meant for long-term travel, or so I've noticed, but this one was obviously designed to go anywhere, and everywhere you wanted to go with your system. It has storage space for two extra joycon controllers(if you have them), as well as several other accessories as well, providing they aren't too big! And, the best part? It's EASY to get your system out; no complicated straps you have to pull on in order to slide the system in, just two velcro straps. A shorter one meant to attach to the lower game-card holder to secure the system comfortably inside, and the lower, longer strap attached to the floor of the case. This strap is meant to rest underneath your system, with a little part exposed; why is this? Well, it's to make removing your system easy! Just tug on it to unfasten it from the bottom of the case, and it raises your system up, so you can easily take it out. It even has indentations in the bottom for the joycon attached to your Switch to sit comfortably, and level inside the case, which fits beautifully, and doesn't feel as if I'm forcing my system to fit inside. I can't recommend this enough, it really is an awesome little case that offers SO much, and it truly does blow you away when you see it in person. My only input on the product would be the instructions that come with it are a little too...short. It took me a few minutes to realize what the two velcro straps were for, since the images on the instructions simply showed a glimpse of what each step looked like after being completed. My other complaint, while somewhat minor, is how the two card-holding folders are pretty stuck together. You have to practically hold the case in a somewhat folded way to be able to fasten the securing strap to the lower folder, else the alignment will be off. The top folder practically tugs the lower one along, and it makes fastening things easily a bit cumbersome, to me. Other than these two issues, this product truly is amazing to me, and I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of it in time!

I've been using this case for several months and it has now become my favorite switch case. It holds 20 cartridges, handles the switch even with a mumba tough case. And the upper compartment is spacious enough to fit my hori playstand, 2 extra joycons, 4 joycon straps and some screen cleaning wipes.
Definitely recommend this to those who want to carry extra joycons and a stand, or maybe a usb powerbank for charging.

Edit - 6 months of use:
I still stand by my original post. The case is holding up well and is my main transportation for the switch. It's nice to have my playstand and an extra pair of joycon when I go out. It holds my switch even with my case on it. One of the best and cases at this price. Other cases are either larger in physical size, more expensive or don't hold as much. Definitely recommend this case.

Great case for travel and everyday use. In the top compartment I can store my gel con guards, my smaller usb c charging cord and Apple 12w adapter, aux cord for my headphones and 2 joy con straps. It holds everything well and keeps a nice shape.
Perfect switch accessory!

This is a beautiful case that holds the Switch really well!
Since I have a screen protector, I even shook the case, just a little, with the Switch in while it was open, and it held the Switch in place anyway. I wouldn't recommend doing that, but I was curious, and those are my results.
It has many game holding slots, which I like.
This will be a gift in a few days, and if the receiver doesn't like it, I won't be returning this, I'll be keeping it for myself.

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