Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

Play LIKE A PRO-The STRIKEPACK F.P.S. Dominator is a controller adapter that provides on the fly button mapping and shooter mod functionality to your PS4 controller without any permanent modification or voiding of your warranty. Snap it into your controller, plug in the 10ft cable, and get ready to experience lightning reaction times and unlimited control. Fully Mod Your Controller-Hundreds of controller MOD combinations are built right into the device. Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Auto Run, Hair Triggers, Rumble Control, even Turbo 2.0. MODS like Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Anti-Recoil, Quick scope, and Turbo 2.0 have fully adjustable variants so the gamer can customize to their liking. Game specific MODS including Battlefield: TM Auto spot, COD:TM Easy Double Jump, and COD:TM Motion Reload are also built in. Activate or combine any MODS right from your controller without requiring a PC or APP. LAG Free Tournament Play-The 10FT WIRED connection provides a lag free connection without the Bluetooth interference present in wireless play, giving you that needed edge and consistent performance in tournaments. A dedicated MOD FREE mode Paddle Only mode allows for tournament play. Paddles-Get the ELITE edge on gaming with Ergonomic Magnetic Paddles that follow the natural controller contour and allows for future custom paddles to be easily added. Precise haptic paddle feedback provides the expected result every time. Paddles can be mapped to the face buttons, the shoulder buttons, even the analog stick buttons. Mapping control to the paddles removes the need to move off the sticks and triggers to access face buttons. You simply become a better, more responsive gamer. Advanced MODS like drop shot with rapid fire, can also be mapped to the paddles. The revolutionary Turbo 2.0 system uses the paddles as activators allowing turbo functionality on any button, but only when you need it, allowing compatibility with more of your favorite games.

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Comments / reviews:
Disclaimer: I wanted to wait and really put the item through its paces as an option for the semi-serious to competitive gamer and for concerns of longevity.
I've had the item since May 2017 and have put many hours into using the paddles add on. The device fits very comfortably on the Dual Shock 4 controller and I even have controller grips on mine that I was able to trim down to fit around the paddles. The paddles themselves are in a slightly different position than what the standard SCUF controllers are; As in, the Strike Pack requires almost a "trigger" pull like that of a gun trigger, but with the middle finger. Mind you I have slightly smaller hands than possibly some users so this took some adjustments for me. If you have long fingers I don't see this presenting much of an issue. One thing I believe you'll notice with this device that I believe far exceeds that of the traditional SCUF controller that may have been worked out through the newer SCUF models is the ease of remapping your buttons to each paddle. Whichever function you need the paddle to serve on the controller can be mapped to the back paddles. Also, while this function is active your traditional buttons still remain active should it take longer than normal to rewire your muscle memory to rely on the paddles. After about 1-2 weeks of using the device I found myself relying on the paddles very comfortably during normal play. If you're a seasoned gamer you should be familiar with the controller mapping known as "bumper jumper" wherein you jump and melee (in FPS) using the left and right bumpers or R1 and R2. A large problem I've found with this function is that it still requires the user to remove their thumb from the right joystick to perform certain functions that may be required in your particular game. With the paddles however, You can use them in conjunction with this Bumper Jumper in mind, or as I use it myself, with a standard control scheme; Therein, allowing the the user to lose control of the joy stick as little as is possible. After several months of use with the device, I've found it to be very durable and very comfortable to use. The device allows for some very high level game play allowing the user to perform maneuvers and skills very quickly and comfortably.
Some of the downsides I've noticed with the device are some connectivity issues. Occasionally the device can disconnect its self wherein it requires a constant connection via the micro USB cable. When using the device and plugging it in using the cable you must additional "activate" the paddles by pressing the PS button on the dualshock 4 again and registering it to your current user profile. Typically you shouldn't encounter any issues doing so, but I found that on the off scenario that the device wasn't coming on, simply removing the micro USB and reconnecting it would resolve any issues. The paddles themselves are attached via magnet so there's no need in worrying about breaking the paddles, although if you're not careful you may accidentally remove one of your paddles from its magnetic slot.
Overall I would greatly recommend the product though it isn't without its flaws. Mainly any problem you may have with the device will be a minor inconvenience that is rather easily fixed. I would also recommend the product in conjunction with some good controller grips and thumbstick mounts via KontrolFreak or others if you're so inclined!

Works perfectly! Really smooth paddles and the mods work perfect if you are capable to understand how to. I've tried the rapid fire and the anti recoil and works amazing.

Definitely worth buying if you want paddles, but don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a controller. I have been using them for almost two weeks and have definitely seen an improvement in my game. Programming the paddles is extremely easy and setup was no problem. As for the comments I've seen regarding the durability of the USB connection, I have only had to disconnect mine once and have thus far not had any issues. I will update my review accordingly if any troubles should arise.

I initially wanted these to try and eliminate an issue with my controller, My DS4 kept disconnecting for some reason even when plugged in and this helped significantly.
I also wanted the paddles for Gran Turismo for which they work brilliantly for switching gears.

Lets not kid ourselves here.

I also wanted to see if these "worked" in FPS games.
I have been around the block and remember the DIY mod kits for PS3

Not gonna sit here and blow smoke up rear about how i would never use in game or that youre a cheater and a bad person if you do.

The fact is so many people, imo, use devices like this that you would almost be a fool not to use it.
I know the tell tail signs when people are using modded controllers, some streamers/youtubers are more obvious than others.

The days where modded controllers were considered taboo are long gone.
You can thank Scuf.
You can also thank them for ripping off naive gamers for years.
I find it hypocritical how Scuf get embraced by the sheeple but you frown on this?

The reality is Scuf has been getting away with overcharging in a market they have full dominance over, you should be happy these guys chose to stick their middle finger up at them by giving us an affordable solution.

You can make your own mod for under 20 bucks (with leds)

The reality is the whole competitive gaming world is using anything to get an advantage, that has been the case since the dawn of gaming, more people use Scuf/modded controllers than you might think.

I myself am not competitive enough to care BUT was very curious as to functionality Also i have to admit i have gotten a kick out of testing these against try hards.
These do work in WW2/Destiny 2
But to certain degree of "success"

Certain things like Jitter do not (yet)
The "rapid fire" show almost negligible results when using auto weapons and will not surpass output programmed in game because the controller does NOT have control over game commands (code)
Stop acting like one will get a huge advantage using these, the advantages are somewhat slight.

Incursion of Software (fairly new) is great, you now have direct control and visual representation of configuring the mod using pc ect.
Software easy to use and a Huge Plus.

Instead of having to press trigger multiple times you can hold it for rapid fire in single shot weapons BUT it matches max speed possible by human fingers (again thats coded in game)
For me thats more of a "quality of life improvement" and saves wear on controller.

Auto run - same thoughts

Drop shot is also something that can be done in game but this offers that process to be done with less input - slight advantage due to less time.

Anti recoil - so here is where it becomes grey BUT from what i have seen the results differ with game and gun.
Can have a big advantage here but not with every gun.
Didnt seem to work well in Destiny 2.

Quick scoping is another QoL feature but the advantage can be argued to be non existent.

If you want to buy em for reasons like me, have more options especially for games like Elite Dangerous (paddles are a god send)
These are worth every dime.

If you chose to use them for games like CoD well im not gonna sit here and preach like im better than you or some moral high ground, this is because firstly im not your dad but also because i know the competitive landscape is filled with scuf/mods and secondly the extent of the advantage you will get is not a game changer imo.

This isnt aimbot.

A must own device imo regardless of intent.

Cons - No braided Cable

So its not quite what I was looking for but it is great in its own rights. Pros: Cheap and easy to understand after watching a video tutorial. Cons: They don't tell you that you can just plug it into the computer and preset the settings without having to click all those buttons. Also I was looking for something that if i press a button it would just rapid fire that button without me having to click it again. The purpose for me buying this was to have the X button click multiple times without me having to click it. But for this to work you have to hold the trigger that defeats the purpose.

I've had this for a while now, maybe close to a year. I use it for Destiny and now Destiny 2. IT does what it advertises and is easy to get used to. Want to jump or slide without taking your thumb off the stick and not pay $100+ for a new controller? This is the device you need. It has it's own headset port so it has a few quirks. Unlike the DS4, when you log in it will ask you who you are then and ask you who is using the "new" mic it found. If you use the official wireless headset you will have a little dance you will do. You will first have to "login" to the mic on the controller and then turn the wireless headset on and off until it takes over. If you use a wired headset it is a bit easier, though you will need the converter that joins the separate mic and headphone cables like a PC. If you don't use a headset then no worries, just remember to tell the PS4 OS to output chat only to the headphones otherwise you hear nothing. All in all this device is a cost effective way of using the DS4 as a "pro" controller. Also, the back flippers can be re-programmed on the fly, just push the program button and the button you want to map, easy.

Ok, I only gave it 4 stars because of the con's. Packaging is well done. Instructions are in depth but didn't see how to adjust certain mods with controller and what each mod increase or decrease does. For the money a really good product instead of paying 60 to 80 on a titan or 120 plus on a scuff modded controller. Pros: good instructions book but its easier to watch youtube tutorial, easy inner face with turning on and off mods and button configuration, side paddles are comfortable and come in variety of colors and has different shapes. (Did not purchase the other paddles), Auto run and anti recoil feature is really good all mods seem to work but have con's to them. Another good feature is it snugs up against controller and seems well made and supports most headphones which is better than some other products. Con's: the rapid fire really isn't rapid fire it will only shoot as fast as the developer has the highest setting for the rifle class. So it starts spurting when using it I sometimes miss my target when it double clutches sorta speak. The second mod is secondary rapid fire for your swapped weapon I.e pistol etc. It works really well but only if you have your primary rapid fire mod on which sucks because what's the point of have a secondary mod on if you have to have the primary mod on. Seems pointless to me as maybe someone wants to run only secondary weapon rapid fire. Another con is like I said the booklet doesn't tell me how to adjust anti recoil. The quick scope mod is not a quick scope or quick draw at all, its only a timer for when you pull your weapon up to look down the site and has a delay when a shot is fired automatically which can be adjusted. The biggest problem I had is that collective minds did make a cinfigurator to go in and adjust your mods. Thats awesome, problem is I'm running windows 7 like it says but am unable to do the update or have the configurator or update box detectect my strike pack. I talked with a online tech but the zip file he sent did nothing at all. Very disappointed in these features that don't work. As far as reassigning buttons to the 2 paddles easy and works well. Just the rapid fire for secondary don't work unless primary works and the anti recoil adjustment are my 2 biggest problems

So far this seems very good, I have had only a small amount of time to use it but getting it set up was easy and the re mapping is very simple and straightforward! Paddles are comfortable to me as they as near where you would have your middle fingers resting on controller and easy to click with good feedback when pressed. Will update with further usage!

Takes a little time to figure out how to manipulate it but once you get used to it you can play your favorite FPS games with a huge advantage. The paddles have a natural feel and is shaped perfectly with the controllers design. Personally I use the kontrolfreekz grips, I cut out a portion of the grip and it makes for a more comfortable fit so it's flush in your hand rather than further away from the controller. The click of the strike pack is nice and easy to get used to, adapt your playing style to this thing and you'll never want to play without it.

This add-on to your controller give you just that little bit of an edge to move around with your fingers and just sit there and don't do anything . Very easy to use easy to set up . You can set us up to do simple things like run without having to push in stock all the time to make your semi automatic's full automatic I use it just for the extra finger use and that's about it it's well worth a couple extra bucks

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