Store and protect your Nintendo SNES Classic or NES Classic system in this 100% Nintendo licensed case, manufactured to Nintendo's stringent standards by RDS Industries. The Nintendo SNES Classic and NES Classic Deluxe Travel Case has a durable hard-shell exterior that protects against accidental drops or knocks. The vacuum formed felt-lined interior holds either system securely in place. This case is designed to hold the full system, including controllers and cables. By far the best quality SNES/NES system case on the market

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Comments / reviews:
First, let me say that you need to pay attention to which case you are getting. There is a case for the NES and a case for the SNES. Both consoles will fit into the SNES case, but the SNES does not fit as nicely into the NES case. The consoles are slightly different sizes, so this causes the cases to hold them differently. Now, that being said, I love the look, feel, and fit of the RDS cases for these retro consoles. There is a place for each component and everything is held in securely.

The exterior of the SNES version is a grayish silver color that resembles a carbon fiber weave. On top is a rubber emblem with the SNES logo. The zipper on the case is nicely detailed with the two toned purple (dark/light) that the original SNES utilized in its design. The NES version had red and white details on the zipper. The zipper pull is a nice rubber tab which features the Nintendo Classics logo and the SNES controller on both sides.

Inside the case, there are mesh pockets on the top and to one side of the bottom compartment. The top section holds the controllers nicely and even has a small pouch inside to hold and manage the cables. On the bottom section of the case, the right side houses the USB adapter. Next to that is a small pouch that holds the usb cord, and underneath that is the HDMI cables storage area. Then finally on the left side is the console itself. The bottom section of the case has a hard shell that is form fitted to hold the console nice and snug.

Overall this is a very nice case for the SNE Classic, and it looks awesome. I think this is a must have accessory for anyone that owns the mini console. After buying the case for the NES, I was hooked on the RDS brand and couldn't wait for them to release the SNES version. I have had it on pre-order for a few weeks and was excited to finally get it in the mail.

If you have any questions, ask and I will answer as best as I can.

What drew me to this case was how compact it looked compared to some of the others listed on Amazon. This one is also officially licensed by Nintendo, and I'm so glad I went with this.

Aesthetically appealing. I didn't notice from the preview pictures but I loved that the zippers were two toned, silver and purple, to match the SNES color scheme.

The case is hard and feels pretty solid that it would be able to adequately withstand some hard knocks without the contents being damaged. The handle feels solid with a nice feeling grip to it.

Inside the case, the slot where yuou insert the console fits nice and snugly into a smooth fabric lined interior. Next to the console is a mesh pouch that I used to store the HDMI cable, and next to that is a slot for you to fit the a/c power plug. There's room to fit the USB cable in the pockets but it fits well enough tucked underneath the HDMI pouch without getting in the way at all (see pic).

The other side of the lid is one big stretchy mesh pocket which I used to store the two controllers. In the middle, inside the pocket is another mesh pouch that handily stores 2 six feet extension cables (I'm sure it can probably handle 10 feet as well but I haven't tried). And the whole thing packs neatly away with a nice big Velcro to protect that stuff from coming out of the pockets, and scratching up your SNES Classic.

I'm glad I made this.purchase and would highly recommend to others!

This is the perfect case for the SNES...perfect color scheme and snug excellent fit! I watched YouTube reviews and chose this one because it was a perfect mold for the system itself and the padded mesh pouches were capable of fitting different additional cords. Shell is soft enough to absorb impact and yet hard enough to keep a protective shape. I also have two 10-ft extension cords attached to the controllers and they still fit nicely in the upper pouch. The zipper has the exact purple & gray colors of the SNES and the zipper pull itself has a nice classic controller logo on it. The shell itself has the old SNES four button/dot logo as well. I highly recommend this case vs the foam rubber filled ones, because of it's quality, look, and capacity.

Almost five stars but it stinks of chemicals. I’m gonna air it out and hopefully it’ll be fine later but wow it smells!! Otherwise I really like the design and layout for holding my snes. Leaves little else to be desired.

This is the perfect Nintendo-branded case. I was waiting for this one. It does not disappoint. Like the NES case before it, this case is durable, light weight, easy to use, and has space for everything. It will even work for the NES if you want to use it for that. The zipper and handle are excellent quality too.

Super solid case. It looks slick and appealing from the outside, and fits the SNES Classic Edition like a glove, along with both controllers, the USB and HDMI cables, the USB charger, and I was also able to fit two i-Kawachi extension cables. Nintendo cases fit Nintendo products like a glove. Highly recommended.

The case has space for everything that came with both the NES and SNES classic editions. We purchased one for each of the systems. The only items that are pragmatic with storing are controller extension cables. There is space for the controllers, AC adapter, power cord, HDMI cable and game console.

THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY. Fits SNES system perfectly, even with the 10 ft controller extension cables. I enjoy how Nintendo has branded this product- knowing this actually helped me decided compared to other cases available through third parties on Amazon. Shipped to Canada in a reasonable time frame.

One of, if not, the best travel case for the SNES Classic.All of the openings for the items fit well and snug and nothing feels too tight. The inside has padding so the system or other part would get scratched or damage. Overall, I'm impressed with the design and quality with the case and it should last for quite some time.

Much like the RDS Cases for the NES Classic and the Nintendo Switch, this one is sturdy with perfectly cut inserts to keep your device safe and snug. This case has a grey color, which matches the aesthetic of the SNES itself. Plenty of room for the console, both controllers, extension cords, and HDMI and power cables.

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