Comments about Car Toys with Play Mat, 6 Toy Cars, 3 Road Signs, 14" x 18" City Playmat, City Vehicle Set, Mini Pull Back Vehicle Toys

Car Toys with Play Mat, 6 Toy Cars, 3 Road Signs, 14 x 18 City Playmat, City Vehicle Set, Mini Pull Back Vehicle Toys

This car toys are equipped with a variety of vehicles, as well as road signs and city playmat.
It is very suitable for learning traffic knowledge in games.
And after careful study, the size is easy to carry and store.
You can make your children enjoy themselves on car trips.

1 x Play Mat
6 x Toy cars
3 x Road Signs

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This is a fantastic set for both girls and boys! The anti slip rubber really does work and allows my two boys to pull back the cars without having the mat bunch up underneath. But the best part is that it's super easy to roll up and take with you anywhere! It's the perfect size to fit in a diaper bag or large purse and then lay out on a table when you go out to eat and your littles are waiting for their food to arrive. The cars/trucks are good quality as well and fit just right in their hands.

I bought this little set for my son to play with in the car on longer trips. We have one of those tray tables for his car seat and this mat fits it perfectly. We had an 6 hour car ride that we just used this for and it worked out great. He kept coming back to playing with it and stayed entertained longer than any of our other usual tricks. I think I'll be keeping this in the car just as a back up if we need to bring it in to wait for a doctors appointments or anything. It seems this will work out great.

This set is so cool, I wish we had these kind of toys when were kids . My youngest son is two years old and he is so obsessed with car toys . These are very safe for his age , not expensive at all , and very entertaining . We play together a lot , these cars keep him busy a lot and now he has started to cross his index fingers as a stop , lol, and let me add happy with their quality as well 🚕🚗

I got this toy for my daughters as a birthday gift and she loves it. It kept her entertained for almost the entire day. The cars are made well. My daughter loves to run the cars into each other and all the cars are still in perfect condition. I like that it comes with street signs because when I play with her, I try to teach her what she needs to do with each sign. It's a great teaching lesson.

This is so cute! My family travels a lot and with kids that can get troublesome at times. I got this to help keep them busy on the go. It is small enough to pack away and take with us, but large enough to keep them busy without fighting. The kit comes with plenty of cars and signs for them to share, and they each have space on the mat to play. I have my eye on the firetruck set as well...

Great car set for my little boy! Initial I bought this set to use as a travel on the go set to take with us to the doctors, park, etc. my little one loves the cars! It comes with a generous amount of accessories that spark imagination. The cars are sturdy and nicely made! I highly recommend!

I got this for my nephew who is turning one. The kid loves it. The mat is a really good quality. The cars are not hard to activate the pullback function at all. The signs are so cute. I would recommend this car set to for anybody who's looking for a gift for young child.

This is the perfect little set for my toddler. He loves the variety of cars and they pull back and go. The car mat is perfect for the diaper bag. We love this for soccer games and dr appointment entertainment.

This set is a great small set to pack and play. I gave it as a birthday gift and it was a huge hit. It’s a great size for young ones to play but can be folded up easily for transport.

What a beautiful set! Great quality, well made, lightweight, beautiful bright colors, easy to take everywhere, so much fun! Love it!

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