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Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit
Epic thrills are right on track with the 2-Lane Launcher accelerator—part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder System! The 2-Lane Launcher connects to their set to expand the system. Kids can launch 2 cars at once for thrilling racing action! Kids will love testing their skills and timing while racing
Part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder system Combines with existing track sets that let kids design, create and customize their own race and stunt challenges Comes with a two-way booster for multiple ways to play; includes one die-cast Hot Wheels car Includes car-activated and action-oriented stunts
Track Builder Stunt Bridge is the ultimate set in the Hot Wheels world of track and stunts Fuel kid’s imagination with bricks that add a new tool to customize their builds Test your timing skills by taking aim and launching cars when the motorized bridge arm is mid-way up! Complete an epic jump
Epic track Builder set where you launch a car to jump off the ramp and land in the sky hammer, dropping the hammer, sending your car racing and lifting up the victory flag. This set is great for experimentation— you can raise the ramp up or down and adjust the track length to see what it takes to
Build your own racing world and accelerate off to adventures! Add four extra feet to your existing track for the ultimate, mega straightaway! Also features new, improved connectors. Vehicles not included. Ages 3 and older.
Hot Wheels city track pack assortment adds customization and creativity to existing sets with an collection of straights, curved and intersection track pieces to enlarge and connect sets to help build an epic Hot Wheels city world. Each sold separately.
Hot Wheels Track Storage is an easy way to store your Hot Wheels cars and tracks. Perfectly sized to fit into most modular storage units. When empty, the cube can be collapsed flat for later use. Main section holds up to 300 Hot Wheels cars and separate track storage section pops out for easy track
Treat young racers to a thrilling world of building, crashing action that ignites creativity and inspires hours of challenging play! The Hot Wheels Construction Crash Kit combines multiple builds with bricks, track, launchers, levers, and connectors for creating outrageous stunts. Want to take
​Test the limits of your Hot Wheels vehicles with the super boosted performance of the Track Builder System Power Booster Kit! Add insane speed with power boosters when competing with friends! Build up to 4 different races with this versatile set! The stackable boosters are shaped like an arrow
With a whopping 15 feet of track, it's Hot Wheels custom action like never seen before! One Hot Wheels car is included so the revved up fun starts immediately. Includes 12 pieces of 9-inch track, six pieces of 12-inch track and 18 track connectors. Send your Hot Wheels car blasting along the track