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Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit is nearly 50 inches tall so kids can take their stunts where they've never been before with three awesome configurations! The set is easy to set up and the innovative vertical track secures against the wall with 3M Command Strips. Done playing? The set uses minimal space so kids can leave it against the wall AND store track and cars in storage areas on the wall bracket! Perfect for single player action or challenging friends! The Vertical Launch Kit connects to the rest of their sets for endless possibilites - build and expand the Hot Wheels Track Builder world of stunts by combining even more sets and track.

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I'm not ashamed. Not even a little bit...well...maybe a little bit. The truth is I like playing with Hot Wheels. I remember lugging around crates of toy cars when I was a kid and I got a kick out of helping my seven year old son build this thing. However, my childhood memories of these assembled tracks are littered with failure. The cars never seemed to do what the sets promised.

So I was thrilled when we got this baby set up and, upon my word, it worked...both options!! It does take some trial and error to get the hang of launching the cars. One has to give it a decent whack to get it up the wall, but too hard will knock it off the track. That aside, to be honest, the double loop is cooler than the spiral drop. The latter slows the cars down, while the former allows for extensions and a good run-out. But it's quite easy to switch the piece that selects between the two options; my son did it no problem on his first try.

As it pertains to set up, my son was not quite up to the task without help. Putting all the track pieces together is easy enough, but getting the "Command Strips" into the right places on the wall takes some care. One has to tape a big, glossy sheet (that comes with it) to the wall and afix the strips to the wall using holes in the big sheet as a guide. It's not that hard, but it needs to be precise. The whole process takes some time because the strips then need to be on the wall for an hour before one attaches the track support structures. But it's quick once they are secure.

There needs to be at least five feet of space from the base of the wall for the track to operate correctly, and the two options send the cars in different directions after they've completed the runs. So, to really get the cars going, one needs more than just the five feet (in two directions) to make it fun.

The one thing that concerns me a bit is getting the "Command Strips" off the wall when my son outgrows the toy. While the instructions include detailed tips on how to remove them, I'm a little worried they will peel the paint off the wall. While I will hang on to the tips and hope for the best, I won't know for sure until I do it. In all, it's a minor worry for what is otherwise a very cool Hot Wheels set.

One of the things I like best about the whole set is that the Hot Wheels Corp. was thoughtful enough to include a template for you to tape to your wall so you can get everything set up at the correct height/width and in the precisely right place for everything to work together as it should. It is a tremendous time-saver!!! It is especially helpful in placing the blue spiral track where it should go so that the car will drop out of the chute and onto the blue track in the right place. As a woman unfamiliar with hot wheels tracks, I am so grateful this template was included in the box!!! So if you feel a little nervous about getting everything in the right place, just know that this wonderful template is included to hellp you install things correctly.

The second thing that I liked about this set is that putting the tracks together is pretty intuitive and you can figure out most things by looking at the box. Of course, there is a very detailed set of instructions included with this set.

I also like that about ten extra command strips were included in this set. If you want to. you can set up several different places around your home where kids can play with these tracks and cars. The whole set is bright and colorful so it really looks nice when it is set up. There is only one car included with this set, so I would recommend including several more cars in the box or separately if you plan to gift this for Christmas or a Birthday.

NO BATTERIES INCLUDED. NO BATTERIES NEEDED to have fun. Yea!!! Using only gravity, the cars absolutely whiz around this track. It is a lot of fun to play with this Hot Wheels set.

I highly recommend this Hot Wheels set. It is extremely well engineered and the extras like the template and command strips are thoughtful and useful!!! Boys and girls will love to play with this set!

loud toy but, even louder 5yr old nephew when he saw what we got him!! boy did i get lots of hugs and i love yous..

well guessing this huge launch kit is a win. from the looks of it in the video BIL sent us after they took it home, it takes a lot of room and is really loud, i could barely hear my nephew telling us about this launcher while playing with it. BIL said they had no issue putting it together and cars stayed on fine ( i told him about following directions like other buyers/reviewers stated beforehand). nephew was slightly disappointed when his favorite two hot wheel cars (not part of this set) would not stay on wall tracks but, he quickly forgot about that..

given quality and huge size, gotta say this is one hot wheel set that is worth its almost $50 price. clearly little boys (and yes girls too) that are into cars love it!!

Funny story... I had shown this cool toy to my wife on Amazon - and mentioned how fun Hot Wheels always we’re for me. She snuck on to my account and ordered it, but didn’t tell me.

A few days later, a large box arrived with my name on it. I opened it and was thrilled. I think I said “Awww maaaaaaan!!!”

For old times sake (it’s been probably been about 35 years since I’ve played with HW), I opened the set and assembled it. It’s nice that it climbs up the wall so high.

This was great to play with - even got my teenage son involved. Lots of good old-fashioned Hot Wheels toy.

We have kids over at our home all the time - can’t wait to bring it out again soon to see the kids’ faces light up!!!

Fun toy - recommend - great Christmas gift!!

We sat this up last night and we are impressed. Any hot wheel lover will love this toy. It’s a quality designed track and it’ll last my kids as long as keeps up with the pieces. He can pull the pieces of the wall and rearrange several times using the 3M hooks and they work again n again. The track itself is super fun. Two nice big loops to run, lots of race action. This is a great gift for a birthday or Christmas too! Highly recommend.

This is MASSIVE! Sets up on a wall and wow it takes up quite a bit of space! My 4yo daughter has a blast but it sure has been a hassle setting up and breaking down since we don’t have all the room in the world to keep it out. Would be an awesome gift!

Let’s face it, who doesn't like hot wheels? The 4 and 6 year old love it. However, it does take up some space and it is loud. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Set up was easy provided you follow the directions precisely. If you do, the cars will loop as normal and do not fall off the tracks.

If you have the space and you don’t mind the occasional loudness, highly recommend it.

This set is huge! A well constructed track set with lots of cool colors and easy assembly. My grandson and his friends had a blast with this set. Seems very durable and will last for a long time. Great addition to any hot wheels collection.

My boys definitely approve! This is really fun, and the on the wall track is really big. It's really fun to try and launch the cars up bnb the track, and there are endless possibilities. My kids have been busy all morning playing this. It is an excellent gift, just make sure you have ample space because it's quite large. It comes with velcro so it sticks to the wall with command tape.

My grandson absolutely loves this! It's huge and fun. The cars do stay on the track, and he tried lots of different cars!
He's 9 and put most of it together himself... his Dad started to put it together, had to walk away for a business call, and we he came back the 9 yr old had it put together well!

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