Comments about NQD Remote Control Car for Toddlers RC Cartoon Race Car with Music and Lights 2.4GHz Radio Control RC Toy Car for Kids Blue

NQD Remote Control Car for Toddlers RC Cartoon Race Car with Music and Lights 2.4GHz Radio Control RC Toy Car for Kids Blue
【Gorgeous lighting and cheerful music】: This RC race car will play cheerful music and flashing light, your kids will find them interesting. It will not only be a remote control car, but a education tool to develop your children's aural comprehension and music talent.
【Easy control for toddlers】: Here are only 2 buttons on controller: forward, backward/turn around, really easy control race car, so, little kids can operate this kind of toy cars easily. Prefect size for small hands.
【Automatic performance mode】: The automatic performance mode allows the baby to watch the show without controlling the toy car. Suitable for babies of different ages, accompanying the baby to play.
【Harmless to the baby】: High toughness ABS environmentally friendly material, Harmless to the baby, Shock-proof and anti-collision. No angular concept throughout the corner of the car to protect your baby from injury.
【Battery】: (Package is not included battery): 3 * AA battery (1.5V) for car, 2 * AA battery (1.5V) for remote control

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 Super cute little car. I was really surprised on how fast this little car could go. The controller is the perfect size for little hands and easy for them to control as well. I like that the lights stay on while it driving, my son loves things that light up. The one the one thing I do not like is how loud the music is, it would be better if there was some volume control on that but the plus with the music is that you can drive the car without the music on just don’t push the driver to activate the music and the music won’t play.

 This car is so cute. My kid very like it and have fun with it. When u touch his head the music and light will come out. But one thing is hard for my kid to play is the controller when he play he doesn’t know how to move back the car. So everything is good for this car.

First of all, I'd like to say this is the first remote control car I bought for my granddaughter. She is almost 4. I have to admit that I played with it first to see if I thought it would be good for her. I think the car is made of very durable materials and will stand up to a toddlers rough play. The remote control is very easy to use and just the right size for small hands. My granddaughter loved it. Her dad has a remote control car that she has tried to play with and just couldn't get the hang of it and he is so afraid she will tear it up. After she played with this car for a while she looked at me and said this car isn't daddies? It was a question and I said no honey it's all yours and she then continued to play with it saying over and over this car is mine, mine, mine. I love my car. She also loved that it played music and had pretty lights. I definitely recommend this car for children 4 and under.

 We got this for our toddler. This is her 1st remote control car. She saw a remote control with one of her friend and she wanted to have her own. So we got her. Everything is good about this car. It comes with a remote with 2 buttons as to turn and go straight. also it has lights and music which makes it look more pretty to drive during late evening in the park but the only problem is 1st of all it requires 5 batteries 3 for the car and 2 for remote and the car battery was dead only after 1hr of use. So Definitely buy rechargable ones for this toy or else you will end up with battery price more than this car price itself. Otherwise good.

 My son has a collection of these remote control toys. He loves to use the steering wheel remote. He has a good go at it but takes some time and frustration to try to get it moving forward. Wished it moved in a straight line instead of around in circles.

First if all I would say this car is nice in appearance. The material quality is good. Remote is light in weight and very easy to operate. My two years toddler is playing with this. I would recommend to buy it for two years to 6 years kids.

Perfect little car for my now 3 yr old nephew’s birthday. Easy to control and very stimulating both visually and aurally. It makes a great first rc car. It can take the beating a small child is obviously going to give it just by playing with it and keep on going. It has survived several tumbles down the stairs.

this type of remote is easier to learn for a 2 year old . Mine had a lot better time adjusting to it than other remote control cars we bought for him. car is fast and fun, with music and lights. so i'd say buy it, your kids will like it.!

 I cannot wait to give this to my son. After testing it out I know he'll be able to operate it. It is easy to use and bright and fun.

Made very well, very reasonably priced, arrived quickly. Both of my kids (1.5yrs old and 3.5yrs old) love playing with it. I didn’t love that this one was shipped in its original box with no outer box. It was snowy the day it arrived so the box got wet and swelled a bit. Instead of gifting it, I kept it for my kiddos and ordered another one, and that one came with an outer box. Overall I was very happy with the purchase both times.

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Feature: This product is a toy which is safe, fun, healthy, environmental! Every child can find their own childhood joy, release their first curiosity! You can see your child has smile everywhere with this funny toy! To stimulate the vitality and imagination of children! Material:ABS environmental
Product description Product Feature: Material: ABS Plastic Recommended Ages: 3 years and up. RC car dimensions: 13.5*10*18 CM Package dimensions: 29*11*20 CM Weigh:1.1 pounds Control Distance:20-30m Package included: 1 x Cartoon car 1 x Remote control Features: 1.This rc car is bright, colorful and
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Note: If you buy more than one car, you want to be able to use it at the same time. We recommend that you select a different control frequency. We have 40MHz, 49MHz, two control frequencies available to youDescription
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